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  1. GGS to every1 I played so far
  2. GGS Mane nice Jin,haha I see

  3. GGs on Saturday man. I think I got a little mind fucked and impatient from the constant 214Ds lol.

  4. NCI gets bttr and bttr each time had lots of fun and met new faces Shoutouts to Tone for the trip and always being there to support me,ur a really great friend to have Shoutouts to Coopa for being GDLK,was glad to actually hang out with u in person and had fun seeing you&Taoln fail horribly in Super Mario Allstars lol Shoutouts for the traffic for making us super l8 to NCI Shoutouts to Rai for for the laughs and always being a chill guy,congratz on taking 3rd in Catherine again Shoutouts to all of the newcomers in AH3 that I met yesterday looking forward into ya'll becoming bttr Shoutouts to Walljumpman for always being that fun/hype person look forward in seeing u at every NCI Shoutouts to Dacid for being GDLK in Catherine, I swear u get bttr and bttr in Catherine each time I see u play keep it up Shoutouts to stream monsters for being random as hell Shoutouts to 2GB for being a cool guy to chill with, congratz on taking 1st u did very well with Mak Shoutouts to Solex for getting his salty runback against me lol Shoutouts to Chun for being my bro, us Cathys gotta stick together mane and always a pleasure tlkn wit u and seeing ya Shoutouts to Aqua for thinking I was trolln in AH3 for picking Kira lol Shoutouts to Orion for always having my back and cheering me on that helps out alot bro Shoutouts to Crossell for being such a bro Shoutouts to NCI for being entertaining&hype like always Shoutouts to Norcal being strong we're not as free as ppl claim And shoutouts to every1else that attended NCI always could use more players
  5. Programming sounds pretty hard to learn if u don't understand it and u know ur stuff pretty well oh yea no doubt bro looking forward into playing with you aswell im aiming for top 4 this time =3

  6. I'd be better if I were doing good in my programming class. I don't understand shit. :( but other than that I've been good, I hope to face your Lambda/Bang in BBCS!

  7. Of course im goin if Tone drives us there my ninja =3 btw how have ya been bro?

  8. You comin to NCI on the 1st?

  9. ahh I see well hopefully we can meet up again soon

  10. Probably not. Next time I'll be up in the area if I do go is Dromstruction in Davis. We'll see. Sorry. :

  11. Yea it did sadly think u could make it to the next one?

  12. Damn, I hear RAMnation got cancelled. :

  13. Awesome bruh can't wait yup imma definitely be there =3

  14. I'll be at RAMnation tomorrow night. I hope to see you there!