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  1. you going to log on anytime soon? : /

  2. hey have you been lately..?

  3. *sigh*...

    1. TheYukianesa-01
    2. DevilTrigger


      Oh just kind of depressed over something. Nice to meet you btw whoever you are ^^;;

  4. Ugh, I hate the new DL =_=. Guess what day it is :3

  5. So btw, my birthday happens to be this Wednesday...if you care that is

  6. Will I hear from you soon >:

  7. Some of these relationships are silly lol. Also I finally get what you were talking about with Henry a while back.

  8. No I haven't actually ^^;;;....Im a fraud I know IM SORRY. On chapter 5 now though. Yo, I paired Chrom with My Unit and Im not gonna lie, that close up of him going I love you made even me blush >_>;;. Ive played RPGs 5 times in one month, so not that bad. I have it but I havent actually started it yet...god IM SUCH A FRAUD (Plus thinking of getting a new avi but not sure what)

  9. you not be lazy about a PM? >.>;; Wait, so you never got anything for it? Thats slave labor D: (and not the good kind!)....Umm 2nd grade math is like....stupidly easy. Her kid must not be bright if he cant figure it out (I tutored once btw, I coulda given you tips, though really you'd just explain that like dividing is taking that much out of it or multiplying is just like adding this x amount of times). I promise, I did not laugh at all at the grade 6 comment....really I SWEAR. Though hey, women hate being called old so maybe it was a compliment!

  10. Btw I finally started playing through FE:A. Im on chapter 4 atm ^^;;

  11. Also your skype says its murkibaky

  12. Its ok ^^;;...did you like my gift btw? You never said anything about it is all. But wait, I thought you had a job? What happened to it? And did the interview not go well? What happened? If you need money you could ask btw. Btw, my Birthday is coming up if you happen to remember the day :3

  13. Umm...will I hear from you soon...?

  14. Ok..>: . Are you mad at me though? I'm sorry v.v

  15. Hey you feeling better? I miss you, I'd like to hear from you soon...

  16. Hey, so how are you today ^^;; ?

  17. Umm...did I do something to upset you?

  18. You feeling better at all? ) :

  19. What's been going on? Did something else happen now? And : x, I hope you feel better soon. You know I'm more worried about just the fact you feel like this in the first place right? Please talk to me about it, if you can PM me so we can talk about it and maybe i can help.

  20. Derp I somehow double posted : x. Anyway I saw it said it was delivered on Saturday, it was a bit early but I'm glad it made it before Valentine's Day ^^. I hope you like it. https://i.4cdn.org/v/src/1391973768800.gif

  21. So any chance you got my package yet btw? ^^;;

  22. But I wanted too D: (Though you are right, it is a terrible holiday, but doing this is the one thing that doesnt make me depressed on it, but I'll get to that in a few weeks) English cover of which song? And you shouldnt scrap something you've worked so hard on. And even if you cant sing (I seriusly doubt that) it could still be fun to try, and Id love to hear! I'm still waiting v.v (and for that PM >: )

  23. Call it a V-day gift then (Cuz I have no idea WHAT is going on with that dumb necklace v.v) What kind of song? you should sing it for me, over skype, which you should add me on (HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE)