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  1. It was bound to happen to be honest, I'm just surprised it took this long. Hazama has always had great damage potential from a houtenjin confirm. Lol
  2. On top of all the stuff I said earlier, there are just a few things I'd like to add: - Ragna's ground bloodscythe is positive on block, so you really don't want to be mashing once you've blocked it, especially given the fact that his normals far out range yours (Hazama 3C could contest but its not a good idea to use that after having blocked BS). The push back on ground bloodscythe positions Ragna in the best way to get a 5B/5C CH should you be mashing buttons. At that range your normals will most whiff. - There was one thing you did in one of the videos (can't remember which one) where you used an air chain CH followup into Houtenjin, which was pretty good hit confirm. Overall though, I think you could work a bit on your hit confirm. There are several times where I witnessed you throwing 2B in combos when you could have gone straight into 5B > 3C for example. There were also times where you got a 2B hit but didn't confirm a combo and instead went into 214D~A. - Personally, I think your chain movements could be a little more ambiguous and seem to be a bit predictable. For example, you got anti-aired quite a few times against that amane (tbh you should have actually been anti-aired more, if the amane was more competent). More B/C chain followups are good to use once in a while. Personally my favourite movement is j.4D~immediate D followup, which can cross up at the right distance. Use varying chain movements to throw the opponent off and be less predictable. Also when you throw a chain out, don't feel as though you have an obligation to use a follow up. Try and use mind games and make your opponent guess when you'll approach. - Lastly, I think you could do a bit more to catch your opponent when pressuring them. You aren't really making use of Hazama all of hazama's tools (frametraps, command grab, tick throws). Your main mixup seems to come from stance overheads and lows, which is not reliable at all. It is good to use that once in a while, but I just feel as though you could just be doing more to pressure your opponent. 2C jump cancels are pretty good too.
  3. Yeah blocking seems to be a major issue. You just seem to be mashing so much buttons on wakeup, after blockstun and after hitstun. Practice blocking more, no better character to do that against than Terumi. He isn't as big a threat as most of the other characters. Also I'd suggest learning more optimal combos. Watching some Japanese gameplay videos will most likely teach you some of them, and you'll have to pick up the rest on your own through lab work. The combo thread isn't exactly update to date and contains only a few optimal combos that you'll actually use, so you might have to rely on other means for other combos. Another thing I wanted to touch upon is the fact that your opponent disrespects your pressure too much by mashing you out consistently. Hazama has all the right tools to keep your opponent honest, so you really oughta make use of them. Hazama has frame traps including 2B > 5B, 2C > 5C. Once you get them to block more, you can then start using command grabs. This won't work if your opponent doesn't respect your pressure. Hazama has really strong normals overall, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  4. I live in the EU and use Hazama, although it sounds like you are having execution issues, so playing someone may not be the best at the moment. Best thing in your case will be to try to overcome the execution barrier by just practising things in training mode, like the 214D~66B > 5A link and the loop combos. Also sounds like you might just have to play with Hazama more since you said you've been using him for a couple weeks. As for zoning, that'll come later, with more experience. If you should still want to play against Hazama, I guess I don't mind giving you a couple of games sometime. Online kills my Hazama though.
  5. No, it wasn't a typo. I think I said 666D as in dash 6D. I might have to dibble check that. Meh, BS is still crap :|

  6. BS really pushes you back , 666? or was that a typo ?! haven't tried it yet - been on hazama for a while But See! BloodScythe is the future!

  7. Yeah Ragna's ok, feeling a lot more comfortable with him now that i've put in the time. I just have to learn BK combos. This is the combo I do in the corner if I were to get a BS fatal. I forgot how much damage they do though: BS (FC) > 666D > j.D whiff > 3C > 22C > DS > 2C > delay 5C > hjc j.C > BE > 5C > 5D(2) > DID BS (FC) > 66CT > 666D > j.D whiff > 3C > 22C > DS > 2C > delay 5C > hjc j.C > BE > 5C > 5D(2) > DID 2C > delay 5C > jc j.C > jc j.C > BE > 5C > 5D(2) might work as a more optimal route but i think i tried it and it didn't work.

  8. After like a good 2weeks of ragna. How's the training and thew hardship. Bumpy or smooth? Like how has it been in terms of match ups ? Give me dat Review !!!! Also type the combo you use off BS FC corner lol

  9. -Kid

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    I managed to find a way to milk more damage out of that. 6B FC > 5C(2) > 3C > 6C(3) > RC > 22C (Max mash) > 666D > 5C > 3C > 236D > Orochi Damage: 5044 Heat: End up with 0 if you start the combo with 50 heat. * I found that If you delay the 22C slightly, you'll gain enough heat at the end to use Orochi. Must be something to do with heat cooldown. You can also delay 6D
  10. ;o Kid's On Dustloop......He's probably got his fedora on too looking at the hazama sections o_o

  11. -Kid

    [CSE] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    Tick throws, TRMs, 2A > 2C frame trap, 2C > 5C, 2A > 5C. Try to work with those. Once you get the hang of how Ragna is meant to be played, you'll find it easy to keep your opponent honest.
  12. -Kid

    [CSE] Ragna Combo Thread/Discussion

    Thanks a lot KayEff. (4422 dmg / 45 heat) 1st combo (5153 dmg / 38 heat) 2nd combo What you could focus on at the moment is actually going straight into playing people once you feel comfortable enough. You'll find that most of the things you learn and do in training mode won't work against people or work the way you want it to. You'll also find that you're having to adapt to the way people play. Fastest way to learn is to play against others, as it'll teach you want to do, and what not to do. Combo wise, just look at this combo thread for the most optimal confirms off certain moves. Proration is a good place to start when it comes to understanding combo routes though. You'll need to learn Ragna's most damaging starters. (Dead spike, 22C, 2D, 6C etc)
  13. -Kid

    [CSE] Ragna Combo Thread/Discussion

    The D inferno divider is the problem here. It's the reason why the cross under 3C is not working properly. You need to use D inferno divider (1 hit). Don't make the inferno divider hit twice. Alternatively, if you are having problems with making the D inferno divider hit once, you could use C inferno divider instead. Other than that, this combo you are doing is not the most optimal damage combo you are using off HF rapid. Try this when you feel slightly more comfortable with Ragna: 5B > 5C > HF(2) > RC > TK GH > 5B > 5D(1) > DS > 5C > sjc > j.C > j.D > jc > j.C > j.D > BE > 5D > DID(1) > 236C > 236C > CU 3C > 22C. (4392 dmg /49 heat) A slightly more optimal combo would be: 5B > 5C > 2D > RC > 5C > 5D(1) > DS > 5C > sjc > j.C > j.D > jc > j.C > j.D > BE > 6B > 5D(2) > DID(1) > 236C > 236C > Cross Under 3C > 22C That's like 5k or 5.1k, I'll confirm later when I get on training mode.
  14. -Kid

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to DLZ, Bakahyl and anyone else I've played recently, including the online scrubs. People, stay free to 6B throw bait.
  15. -Kid

    [CSE] Ragna Combo Thread/Discussion

    It is a typical wall bounce ender, but he asked which combo you are doing it off so he can give you the best piece of advice. Some combos like the optimal throw corner combo that nets 4.1k requires you to do the cross under 3C quickly before the opponent techs. As for other combos, the 3C may blue beat or the opponent might tech because the combo is too heavily prorated. This is why we needed to know the combo you were doing. For example, if you are starting a combo with 2A > 2A > 5B > 2B > 5C, the cross under 3C at the end may not work depending on the combo you do, because you've prorated the combo with all those additional hits.