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  1. yo tristan it's steven if you want to get involved in our community and improve at the game i'd recommend conversing on our facebook group and keeping an eye on facebook in general, as that's where we plan all of our meetups/tournaments/whatever as well as just generally socialize. good job doing training mode, but it'd be nice to see you at a meet soon :3 let us know and it'll be no trouble to pick you up.

  2. It's better than doing nothing, but I don't really have all the time in the world either. I'm hoping for some PvP practice against Dan soon, so I can get some real improving done.

  3. Welcome to dustloop by the way =P that probably should have been the first thing I said? How's training mode coming along? I know Dan hasn't had much time for it yet :

  4. I'm Dan's cousin, Tristan. I just made this profile recently.

  5. Yeah feel free =D also this is our scene facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/BlazblueKelowna/ our scene is based in Kelowna but we have members outside of Kelowna though :3

  6. Can we post names on here? or is it forbidden?


  8. I'm dipping my toes into dustloop. I'll get used to it soon enough... hopefully.