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  1. Scottie Yosh

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    ggs netpray
  2. Scottie Yosh

    Texas Showdown 15 - May 8-10

    see ya guys there
  3. Scottie Yosh

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    is ft3 rounds a thing now :v
  4. good to hear. are you just getting into BB or are you just fooling around with Relius? i've been looking for the right time to break in my Freelius, but it's hard for me already to play ragna, i'm too hung up on bang as it is. there's so much to cover when learning a new character. i've had eyes on Relius and Tsubaki in ex, but i hate dealing with the initial struggle. whenever you want to run some relius mirrors, man, i'm down. what better way to learn a character than through mirrors, right? right? x_x

  5. Oh, herro and GGs! Still working on relius stuff. Still kinda unfamiliar with them, controlling both well. I wish his 2b was faster :c. But progress is there.. I think! :p

  6. hey, GGs the other day! have you tried out some of the Relius stuff i suggested? (this is h4nz0 or feux, as i'm known offline)

  7. you nig

  8. Shoutouts to the kanjis going to evo. Good luck guys!
  9. Scottie Yosh

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to ranked~
  10. this char can be pretty fun
  11. Scottie Yosh

    ECT V ASW Results and Shoutouts!

    "Toilet Amongst the Trees" what a poetic name
  12. Mario Party? I ain't seen one forty.