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  1. Do you know how we will receive them? I bought the digital magazines already and im like... where do I look for the DLC codes?
  2. Nemesis

    [CF] Match Finder

    wow I love this fucking game -- ggs to laggy netplay today even though I only fought 2 peeps and 1 of them wouldnt ever stop mashing shit - was still fun
  3. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Oh you dont have to force it, but Its late and Im tired... terumi is about 1000x easier to play than Mu. Sometime if your on and I wana apply some new tech, I'll give it my all
  4. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    PSN has been on the fritz for everyone lately - it isnt just you guys
  5. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    GGs to ppl that Ive fought over the past several weeks, I usually try to say it after our set is done but if I just walk away you can blame salt or cranky tiredness or hungry. No black Ive never heard of this guy either, your just gonna have to live with experiencing "the one that got away". Happens to the best of us....
  6. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Don't you mean the world?
  7. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    GGs to ppls recently showing me how rusty I am... Also why are profile pics so shitty now?
  8. Nemesis

    BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Thank you very much for all the time you've taken to RIP all this stuff for us and our various needs, if for whatever reason you feel like you need an XBONE or PS4 version of the game to finish your rip I would be willing to sponsor it for you. Also ENG VOICES WHEN OMG I HAVE MODS TO MAKE
  9. If they are smart they are gonna have Nine as Pre order DLC and Jubei as day one purchase DLC to earn a SHITLOAD of money cause omg would literally everyone buy into it - including me
  10. why arent we seeing Half black beast ragna - and also damn Nine is a slammin hottie and did anyone else realize what a rip off Naoto seems to be of Carmine?
  11. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Rachel took some serious nerfs... and as Mu players it has always been pretty seriously in our favor - what're you talkin about?
  12. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Some player may use the abbreviation DL but other than that your gonna have to remember who ppl are
  13. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    GGs to AniClash Team tournament and its participants! That was one of the WORST team formats in the world lol but fun games and probably one of the most nerve wracking moments of my BB career and holy shit there are ppl playing this game now? you mean easy to drop right? No but seriously - GGs man - your lambda.... Is really really really... mobility driven.... Its pretty crazy from my perspective - actually leme restate that : Fighting your lambda convinces me that there is no way in hell the matchup is in Mu's favor - even tho like everyone tells me it is lol the goldchampion special is one of the best jukes in the game~ also GGs @ you dark for recent like... last few weeks- games lol
  14. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Yea today was a very laggy day Which was unfortunate cause there were a good few ppl on.... @triver/shin - yea... yea...
  15. Nemesis

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    hes always done that despite his room named "lets chill" or "anyone" then he drive spams you with unlimited hakumen and kicks you if you win