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  1. Seems so, for either drill or trick fish. And if you cross an Aulbath up, there's a good chance you'll force him to get an unwanted charge move. Letting go or changing directions doesn't seem to stop this, but that could just be emulator/online delay. Same with BBHood, although the missile fire is very likely to hit them anyway since it's so fast. I couldn't get a case of jump-charge (hold), crossover, land, charge fire to work. Didn't seem like there was enough charge time? Could just be me though. In looking for weird wakeup crossover tricks, BB can step forward, oki s.HK mine (needs to be deep), 4MKx2 (crossover) hit punch will get you a missile.
  2. RandomALT

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

    Morrigan has air dashes/overheads and a fullscreen fireball. Lilith has a shortrange fireball, ground dashes and no fast overhead game. They have similar looking ground normals and aside from both having a DP and command super they play very differently. Generalizing: it's a fast paced, offensive game drawing from the fundamentals of the SF2 era (footsies, spacing, etc) with offense balanced by somewhat difficult defense (it takes practice). But unlike other fast paced games that have lots of air dashing and quick overheads, you don't need to memorize 50-hit combos.
  3. RandomALT

    [VS] Video Thread

    Has anyone managed to download this yet? http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16534595 It's TKO's DVD Combo Video. Actually as I write this post, Firefox stopped being retarded and DownloadHelper started getting it.
  4. RandomALT

    [VS] General Discussion

    What does it mean when your character flashes white but you get neither a tech hit nor a GC? Does that actually happen or is this just a studder/rollback thing on GGPO? Because it's F'ing constant.