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  1. spark help your avatar is cuute

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      Indeed it's great.

  2. i have a friend who was having trouble with mu / ragna matchups the other night, but i suck at giving matchup advice. is there anything in particular you look out for with those (especially mu?)

  3. I just tested it too. Surprised. Didn't think you would have time to land anything.

  4. i tested the hop agito > j.B on block thing and it works just fine. you have to hit B a little earlier than is intuitive but i could get it out no matter what part of the hop i used agito on

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    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    there isn't a simple answer to this question as obviously pressure is not one of Hakumen's strong suits, and as of CP they've chopped up his pressure tools' frame data even more than they already were. there are two basic things you need to accomplish while pressuring the opponent: 1: get them to respect your pressure. As stated, Hakumen does not have the tools other characters have for creating solid pressure, at least not without spending meter. simply put, if your opponent is mashing or jumping out of any gap they can find, then you need to establish that you are going to punish them for these tactics. there are a number of responses for various actions the opponent might take: mashing out. if they are mashing between gaps in your pressure with jabs or other moves, you can respond to these tactics with frame traps, hotaru, or parries. The latter is the least safe option out of the three, since if you read them incorrectly and they do not mash out, not only does your pressure end but they can hurt you very badly due to the long CH state. frame traps are the safest option, but Hakumen has probably the least ease of access to it in this version than any other (thought I haven't played CT much) due to several of his pressure tools now being -frames (6A, 2B being the main ones.) that said, if you want to frametrap, you are going to have to look at special cancels. moves like 2B that a good opponent is aware are -frames may be a good place to attempt this, as special cancelling takes the frame advantage out of the picture. Hotaru is also more difficult to use at this point than in previous versions due to its vertical height being increased. a lot of senior players have been reporting it is more difficult to use in this regard, but doing it after a hop (detailed later) may work in some situations that the opponent is mashing out of pressure, but keep in mind that it takes a minimum of 6 frames for Hotaru to go invulnerable out of a hop assuming you input it perfectly. DPing is a pretty basic concept, and if you suspect they're going to DP you need to be able to make an educated guess where and try to block it. Hotaru will beat a lot of DPs, but keep the aforementioned hitbox changes in this version in mind. You can also use parries on DPs if they have enough meter to RC it, which typically will beat that strategy, but there may be some difference in CP compared to old versions due to the fact that the attack portion of parries are now blockable. backdashing. Gurren has always been a great answer to this, but Enma works as well and has a higher reward. I haven't experimented with this lately, but Gurren is the cheaper alternative, and possibly the more reliable one. Enma generally is going to turn more damage. jumping out. You can respond to this by attempting to air throw them or using air unblockables. 5a, 5c, 2c, 6a, and sometimes 5b are all good options for this. If they barrier block, you should be able to do a delayed Gurren as they are falling to continue pressure without them breaking out, especially if you used a high-level normal like 5c or 2c (and conversely not so much with a lower-level normal like 5a.) Counter assaulting and bursting are strong but expensive options for the opponent, and there's not a lot of responses for them. baiting them, similar to DPs, will usually get you a free combo, but understand that they are often used mid-blockstun, making them harder for you to bait without certain cancels (Kishuu and parries, or even jumping if they are using their CA or burst on a JCable move like 5b) or rapid cancelling your own pressure. Know how to identify what options your opponent has to escape pressure are unsafe so you can line up appropriate punishes; it is a shame to punish a DP with something like a jab when you could get a 6c fatal combo out of it. 2. the other aspect is obviously mixing them up. typically you can do this with high/low or strike/throw; the latter isn't as strong in CP as it was in previous versions due to the universal throw range nerf. due to changes in CP, these tactics are not quite as effective as they were in previous versions, but generally hakumen's hops are his strongest mixup tools. you can do a number of things from a hop based on what you think your opponent will do: Hop Tsubaki if you think they will not block high. This can't be followed up without the additional two stars for Hotaru. This is one of the easiest places to snag a huge OD combo, and a lot of opponents will panic burst in response, which can make performing non-OD combos out of this unrealistic if they have a burst. Hop Hotaru if they are disrespecting your pressure. This is the option that was possibly hurt most in CP, as many users have been reporting it whiffs a lot in CP compared to previous versions due to the way Hakumen floats upwards now. Unfortunately, this method of mixup is difficult to enforce if you are unable to punish mashing with Hotaru. It would then require the opponent to really be respecting your pressure in that case. Hop Renka if you think they will react to your hop and block high. If I am correct, the earliest you can get a Renka out is 11 + 9 frames (frame at which hop stops being airborne + renka startup.) This is a few frames slower than Tsubaki so could be a little to a lot riskier depending on if you input it perfectly / whether or not it is actually possible to input Renka on frame 11, and someone more familiar with the nuances of how the frame data works like Spark may need to verify this. Hop throw is another option for this mixup, but again is one of the slower and less safe options. This was also a much stronger mixup prior to CP due to Throw Reject Miss, which works far less well due to the aforementioned throw range nerf. If you can get a 2a > Throw to actually connect, you can use this to switch quickly to a strike/throw type mixup. there's also other various forms of pressure that don't involve hops like jump-ins (generally weak ish due to Hakumen's slow / floaty jump,) ground mixups (renka and zantetsu; to get mileage off these you have to be pretty creative sometimes due to zantetsu's 21 frame startup, which is also very pronounced/projected.) in previous versions you could do IAD Hotaru for a crossup, but Agito actually makes this a lot easier and a lot more ambiguous due to how Haku continues to move during the startup of the move. getting a CH will lead to a combo. stagger pressure (such as delayed 2as) can be effective, but only if they are not disrespecting your pressure too much. there's other possible ways to open an opponent up but is hopefully some basic information / this post is already too long blah blah. as a disclaimer, someone else with more hands-on with CP may want to make some comments/corrections to any information presented here as it is pretty unpolished ... will also convert to a decent combo on RC non-CH, which is more plausible in CP due to his excessive meter gain.
  6. dioxideUniversa

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    you can use normal Ds on those as well as they are fully invulnerable, but beyond that there is not really an option. keep in mind hakumen's parries make him one of the few characters equipped to deal with that since it's a safe option for amane and even if they could DP out of it he could just punish them for it
  7. dioxideUniversa

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    6B is fine for an occasional mixup but not good advice for a newer player since it's -4 with no option to repeat pressure if they block it. since you are a newer poster, generally posts that do not bring content to the table aren't usually well-received on character subforums. normally you should just forego introduction posts and simply join in whatever discussion as is relevant. feel free to ask any questions, but simply posting that you are going to be reading the thread is not necessary.
  8. dioxideUniversa

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    throw option select would be inputting 1ABC. as far as i'm aware this actually got less dangerous to use in CP due to the throw range nerf.
  9. dioxideUniversa

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    it's definitely worth considering when choosing whether or not to enma the slight risk involved in using it, since it is possible to be CH out of the enma part. in most situations it is pretty safe-ish (and also the reward usually outweighs that risk,) but if you're not sure it can be better to just stick with a plain D without the A since the former is invulnerable while the latter is not. beyond that you pretty much have to commit one way or the other as spark said
  10. my internet died down til next friday for now