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  1. I was watching that on the stream. Shit was hype.
  2. I talked to you about it at Gamecenter in mid-June, and you said you would run it.
  3. So I've received verbal confirmation from Chun that we'll be running Brawl Minus at NCI. But then again, verbal confirmation from Chun usually doesn't mean shit.
  4. No shoutouts to entry fee pizza?
  5. Well, damn. I guess that means my attendance is heretofore undetermined as well.
  6. Belated shoutouts to Chun and Myung for the wonderful event (as always)! Belated shoutouts to Shining Aquas for giving me a ride to and from the event (as always). Belated shoutouts to BBZ for blowing me up in the first round. Belated shoutouts to both my opponents' skill and my own lack of skill for getting steamrolled so hard. Belated shoutouts to the common cold for making me its bitch on the day of the event. A Baiken that's more free than a shitty old couch that someone left on the side of the road, that's me!