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  1. VonFox

    [CP] Order/Shipping Discussion

    Mine said that as well, and it just eventually went through anyway. Didn't need to use that change/make payment button.
  2. If its 12+0 then it's 12 frames until the super-flash, and then the grab technically hits on the same frame as the flash. So if they're still on the ground during super flash, you got 'em.
  3. 6A has the "repeat proration" comment twice. Valiant Crash says it's an overhead twice as well. BHS says it has no invul, and then goes on to say it has one frame of invul. Just a few weird bits I happened to see while reading through. So nice to have numbers now :D
  4. You can actually use C+D for every bullet except for the first one. Since D takes precedence over C, it'll just cancel your aim stance if you try it for the first bullet, but after that you can just mash C+D and then input 236236 somewhere near the 5th bullet, and once the bullets finish mudo will come out. Just make sure you're actually hitting both buttons every time, or you'll get a surprise hamaon >.>
  5. St1ckbug's channel on twitch should have it.
  6. VonFox

    [CSE] Relius Clover Q&A Thread

    You have to make sure she's higher than you are when you use j.214B, and that you're both reasonably high off the ground, otherwise you'll land too late, and miss your shot. Other than that, just make sure you hit what you're trying to do as soon as you hit the ground (possibly some exceptions to this, but in general its ASAP.You can start playing around with this once you get the general timing down). I know when I started learning his combos I was waiting a little too long after he hit the ground to attack, and was missing the link. Just play around with the timing, and make sure she's high enough above you whens she starts the drill.
  7. You mean if they delay their tech to try to tech "through" 236D? Since all the would-be hits whiff, I guess all 32 active frames would stay out, at least until they block one, or get hit. Neutral tech has 32 invuln frames, so unless they're godlike it should catch it and make them block. Or I messed up reading the frame data lol, but that's what I see when I look at it. Can't test it right now so its all I can go off atm.
  8. I played around with that a bit too. 2D is much faster than 214C, so trying to hit at the same timing means you input the command much later, which means ignis has had time to start moving towards you. She seems to end up either in the corner with you, or right inside the opponent where the move completely wiffs, depending on how early/late you do 4D which controls how much time she has to move forwards. So I don't think you can get that sandwich you were looking for. On the other hand, a sandwich with 2D would pull them away from you in the corner anyway, and I feel like 2D with her facing out catches roll outs better anyway. Problem is, it feels harder to get a meaty timing with 2D. 214C's slow-ness kinda makes it do it for you. The other problem is that 2D is a much lower level attack, which combined with it having only 2 hits instead of 3, gives you less time to work with, and makes it harder to combo off of. Still worth looking into though, I didn't spend much time on it lol. EDIT: More experiments with run under 214C. If you use 5B instead of 2B it works much better. Not sure why I didn't try 5B before lol. If you catch the roll right away, all 3 doll hits connect, and you can just run under them (char specific? was testing on carl, maybe other ones are too fat, but he was fairly high off the ground, yet still 5C or 6B-able) and re-corner combo them. If you catch them late and only 1/2 doll hits connect, I feel like you can set up the side switch combo, but I still can't do that combo so I haven't tested it yet.
  9. So I was playing around with Kaigu's 4D->run under -> 214C setup. I haven't had time to completely verify this, as I've just been kicked off my PS3, but after the Val Tus, you can definitely 2B to catch roll outs, and the doll will pull them back towards you with the rest of 214C. I'm not sure if you can get them back into the corner after this point, but you can still get a pretty beefy combo just because of the 214C starter. But, to keep the mixup if they neutral tech, you need to dash 2B to get momentum, and then cancel with 236A to get the pass-through for the left/right mixup. Oh, and I only got to try this on Carl before being kicked off, so char specifics might ruin it a bit. I'll play around with this again when I get time, but if someone else could check in the meantime that'd be cool. Double Edit for clarity and new info.
  10. Wow, I must've left just before you guys finished up :D Thanks again for doing all this st1ck, looking forward to the next one.
  11. Oh yeah, that combo was pretty cool. I even favourited the video but forgot to post it lol.
  12. From what I can remember off the top of my head , and type up before class: We talked about neutral for a while. Controlling space with 5B/2B2C/situational 6C. How to get in with 214A close-ish range, or add a 6D if farther away, since 214A from even mid-ish range is unsafe. Why 214A is good at nullifying projectiles, and can be better than 214B for getting in on zoners. Spent quite a while on oki. Stuff like 6D after j.214B enders to catch back rolls, risk of led led to bait DPs if they think of wakeup throw. Spent quite a while experimenting with Kaigu's 4D -> run under 214C in the corner, and found that everyone but Tager can just roll out of the corner. If they don't roll out though, its pretty solid mixup, lets you get them back in the corner with an ambiguous block on the 214C. Can led ley to pass through or just jump over. Jumping over might let you catch the forward roll with J.B or J.C, but I had to leave my computer for a bit here and missed this part. And then it was combo time. BNBs like the midscreen airdash, and the el-cheapo TK corner combo. Kaigu posting swag/troll combos that I unfortunately didn't get a chance to write down. Then St1ck started talking about combo theory, although I dont think we got any farther than what you posted in the chat. THat's about when I had to leave, so that's all I saw. That's probably very incomplete, but its what I can remember and type up before class starts lol. I'll add stuff later if I remember anything notable, and nobody else beats me to it.
  13. I did that once by accident when I crossed up my opponent by mistake in the corner while experimenting with weird stuff after 4D, so 236C~214A came out as 214C -> Led Ley. Ignis is still on the side of the opponent away from the corner, so when you do 214C she pushes them towards the corner, and Led Leying makes them pass through you, making a weird left/right block mixup, and putting them back into the corner. I meant to play around with it but actually forgot about it until Siefer brought it up.
  14. You mean like when you finish a combo, and they just lie there, and then when you oki them, it turns into a blue-beat hit of the same "combo" since they didn't tech? If they're doing it all the time, you can just wait a little longer after the knockdown, so that it counts as a new combo instead of the same one that you "dropped". If they start only doing it sometimes you need to call them out. If it's still happening (mistimed the "reset" or something), and he isn't barrier guarding, since he's almost certainly in the air, you can call him out with an air unblockable after predicting which way he techs, or even try an airthrow or something.