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  1. president

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Motivation for Xrd is coming back つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  2. to clarify this point: try comboing aba. you will immediately understand
  3. You have the best signature ever.

  4. president

    Rei Megathread

    Does crossing up even matter? I have never seen them drop out of this. I used the bounce setup with 236E~C j.B where I would very obviously cross them up at this part but for some unknown HNK reasons they would still get flung into the corner 100% of the time.
  5. president

    Rei Megathread

    I believe it has to be strict on 5 jabs, boost, 5 jabs, 623C. The part with the shield afterwards is optional, you can also do 623C, 236E~C, j9, j.B, 5C into bounce which is easier.
  6. president

    [Xrd] King Ky - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    If you cancel 2D into CSE it will be too early, the game will still register hitstun and no YRC is happening.
  7. There are characters with great defensive options which aren't very obvious when starting out. Millia doesn't have a shoryuken type special but great upper/lower body invulnerability moves, strong normals, high jump arcs, a fastfall move for escape, etc. All this is worth more than, for example, Kys shoryuken you can crouch under. I'd personally recommend May, she's jumping around with j.2H pretending she's 13 Kyo.
  8. president

    Kenshiro make your head asplode

    Does your Rei bounce work on Shin? Toki bounces these two with the exact same setup and I'm wondering if that's just a Toki thing.
  9. president

    Anji vs. Johnny

    essentials haven't changed (johnny having big issues with fuujin and gp by design) but Anji got more tools and became overall more solid. if Anji had the advantage in AC he got slightly more of it now.
  10. president

    Eddie Q&A's

    The most important thing about Eddies comboroutes are the enders; good enders will lead to unblockables. For the regular summon there's 3 things you should start out with: 5H 22S ender leads into an unblockable if you have 25% tension, groundslide and sweep ender lead into an unblockable if your shadow is still alive. These are the first things you grind into your muscle memory. 5H 22S you can learn from a puddle combo. i.e. mawaru stuff -> sweep at some point while walking the shadow forward -> otg puddle, drunkard shade x4 n.5S 5H(2) 22S. The spacing and timing allows you to follow it up with a backdash, 22H frc (this will be meaty as hell), iad j.S -> unblockable as the j.S and 22H drill hit at the same time, combo off that with like 5P j.K etc. If you end your combos with a groundslide (after an SG loop) your opponent will slide to a perfect 22H range. you do a couple SG loops (after mawaru mixup hits... -K-[1] 2P -K-[2] 6P 5H(1) 22S -K- 214[K] 41236, walk the shadow a bit forward, 22H -D-, both will hit meaty on the other side of the screen (optionally FRC the 22H, run up & 5P j.K combo) If you just at any point get a sweep during your mawaru pressure and don't wanna go into puddle (i.e. you have a second bar charged up with 236D for example) you can do a meaty -D- 5K and combo off that accordingly. This also works after you get other forms of knockdown, like a damned fang or a 1hit SG after dust in the corner. Takes some time learning the spacing as to not get reversal thrown out of 5K. Other things to work on once you're more familiar: corner SG loops with -S-, learning mawaru j.K flight mixup blockstrings, Once you're really familiar with your regular summon and can do all this stuff you can go work 214H into your game but I wouldn't recommend it early on. 236H summon is a lot easier to handle and combo with.
  11. I used to play BB at the CS1/CS2 era. When I had look at BBCP I ended up with a re-worked Hakumen whose new combos don't appeal to me at all. I really liked his old corner juggles involving re-launches and airdash links, especially how strong they were against bursts, but that's apparently gone now. I don't know anything about the new characters or the changes to the other old ones, but is there a character who feels more similar to GGAC Baiken/Slayer in terms of combo execution now? Link-oriented, preferably with airdashes and re-jump links in them. Alternatively someone who's just really good at baiting and punishing bursts mid-combo, if that even exists?
  12. president

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I need an explanation on the Venom issues, if you would be so kind. I seem to be living under a rock because I thought he was really strong in AC and only got better in AC+R with the addition of his new moves. I absolutely cannot imagine him being worse than Justice, so either I'm spoiled by Fiino/HEVEN making him look strong or I haven't seen anyone actually play Justice properly. Pretty much what Amadeous said, on top of that a lot of problematic matchups for Chipp had their damage and/or stun buildup nerfed. This really improved his matchup chart overall, for example Jam vs Chipp was a particularly stupid matchup in AC, now Chipp can allow himself to get hit once without it being simply over.
  13. president

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    The latest tier list I've seen was from Kiisha after he won the Arc Revo Cup. S+: ZA S: CH, FA, DI, BA, MI A: JA, SL, MA, AN, OS B: TE, AB, AX, KL, IN B-: JO, JU, PO, ED, SO, KY, RO, VE, BR Which... is sort of questionable as to how Venom and Potemkin are as bad as Justice, and how Johnny ranks so low while Anji is high up. Don't think too much of it, but the tops are fairly accurate.
  14. president

    Anji vs. Chipp

    Leaf throw used to be horrible in AC, as pretty much everyone could just jab him out of the air on reaction for free CH. Imagine how it went for Anji and his monster AA 5P convert. AC+R gave it invincibility, now this move is actually fairly strong.
  15. The 6H -> cS link advice is great, thanks. I had most issues converting high wallsticks (ex: raw 236D from midscreen) into wall loops.