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  1. NC has a state tax. So yeah, always gotta pay it, even on digital.
  2. Time to get my inner Sonic on whenever I do that spin thing.
  3. But do they change the color of his effects? I guess we'd need footage of those color palettes to be sure.
  4. Haha. I really do hope Susano'o has a blue color palette. That spin he does reminds me of Sonic. I'm going to say "Gotta go fast" every time I do it.
  5. From the sounds of it Susano'o will be something like a snowbally character. Starts off slow but gains considerable momentum. Sounds cool. Also those pants of his made me think of MC Hammer when ImmaYuukiTerumi mentioned the guitar.
  6. November 1st hype! I wasn't expecting it to be that early. Compared to the previous versions, it's like CT localization level. Though I guess we had to sacrifice the dubs to Izanami to make it happen. At any rate, I can't wait to get destroyed by everyone who imported the game three weeks ahead of time. Go easy on me.
  7. I'm thinking maybe her anti-airs could function like how Nu/Lambda anti-air. She just throws the spear to anti-air or something. I know in P4U, Ken wasn't that great at anti-air despite having a spear, but anti-airs in that game were weak in general. This makes me wonder if the NA version will just come with Mai day one. I think they did something similar with Adachi and Marie. But two different companies so who knows. I did like Ram's combat system when I played her. The funny part was that I didn't play Xrd that much, but when I got the sudden urge to play Ram again, she was patched and none of the stuff I liked about her worked anymore.
  8. The import fees are gonna kill me. I might as well move to Japan at this rate. Temptation will not get the better of me this time!
  9. I guess I can be the cynical one here and say because the console version was more profitable in the past. I don't really buy that early release for EVO thing. The west will still be far behind Japan regardless of when they release the console version and most will just import for that competitive edge. Suffice it to say, I will still buy the NA version so I can follow along with the story. I suck at the game now so there's no need for a competitive edge.
  10. I never considered that. Thanks for the heads up. That makes Es a tad bit more interesting. She does have that stoic look about her after all. I'm still thinking about something for Mai though.
  11. What they're trying to portray as characters. In Izanami's example, she portrays a deity, or godliness (they even add a bit of flair with death). Nine portrays sorcery and magic. I can see that in their gameplay and character art. Right now I can't see what they're going for with Es and Mai. I hope that makes sense. It's like a concept I understand but have difficulty explaining haha. That's part of it. I also go with how they look and things like that. Basically what the character is trying to show "us" without telling "us."
  12. Theme isn't really speculation though. When Nine and Izanami were introduced, I knew immediately what theme they were going for. I don't get that feeling with Es and Mai. So for me, my interest in them is somewhat subdued. Though I suppose you could make the argument that their theme is "outsiders." I get where you're coming from. I haven't watched the Fate series or played any of the games but I can see the appeal. I said earlier that Ken from Persona didn't interest me because he used a spear (or something to that effect). So that's probably why I'm not sold on Mai. Es has a sword and face stomps. Maybe if she used a yo-yo like Killua in HxH she'd draw me in haha. I hope you're right, fine sir. Theme is important to me when it comes to new characters. They have to stand out from the rest in some unique fashion or I won't have much interest. I guess that's why I'm all aboard the Izanami hype train haha. But if Es and Mai have a strong pressure game, setplay, and corner carry I can ignore the theme. Fun trumps all and those three aspects are fun to me when it comes to Blazblue.
  13. The problem I have with the latter two is that I don't know what theme they're going for. Izanami and Nine have some unique flair to them but Es and Mai feel somewhat generic to me. Es is probably a tier higher than Mai on the interest level simply because she can stomp your face in haha.
  14. Well, we don't know about that yet. We haven't seen her battle intro. A lot of the female characters in game enter the battle with pre-battle attire.
  15. That's cool. Brings Mai closer to the story. I don't know much about her though. I really should check out the Blazblue spin-off material sometime. I suppose I'm just used to how Ken used his spear. Tossing the spear just makes me think of someone throwing a knife but they only have one knife.
  16. Mai's design does remind me of Noel for some reason. The hair antennae remind me of Nu/Lambda. The spear makes me think of Litchi since they both use long thrusting weapons that you can throw for some reason. I'm not really into spear characters though since I found Ken boring in Persona. I like that she's a flashy from what I've seen. Right now I'm thinking of Izanami and Lambda for mains in this game. They both have strengths in the pressure game, which I like.
  17. Sweet. I'm glad we have a release date now but I hope the NA/EU version is reasonably close. I'm not hardcore enough to keep up with the series like I used to but I do want to see how Ragna's story ends this time around and I can't do that with the Japanese version. Here's to hoping Aksys pulls through.
  18. technically i derailed the thread since i was the one who decided to quote and go after the anime. so i apologize for that.
  19. not gonna lie, that anime put me off anime for months and made me rethink why I liked Blazblue in the first place. i still have nightmares about the pace of the whole thing.
  20. to continue the blazblue story they would need to cut down on the cast and power creep (story stuff). basically they need to reset everything which is normally done with a reboot. i'm not sure if asw is willing to risk a new next-gen IP so i could see the game getting the xrd treatment or something along those lines.
  21. AchedSphinx

    [CF] Λ -11- Video Thread (Updated 7/18/2016)

    [5/6/16] Yoshiki (LA) vs Spinoza (Tsubaki) Tachikawa Singles [5/6/16] Yoshiki (LA) vs Giketomato (Arakune) Tachikawa Singles [5/6/16] Yoshiki (LA) vs Yuuto (Nine) Tachikawa Singles
  22. Truthfully, he's just annoying. ASW just keeps teasing him over and over and people get tired of it. I don't think there's anything wrong with Jubei as a character (though he feels kind of Rachel-y at times), I honestly think it's all outside the game stuff that make me dislike him. People have been going on about him for so long its just madness. ASW will probably make Linhua a playable character before Jubei just to keep the charade going.
  23. Planning on maining Lambda again when CF launches. How about you?

  24. That's just the flaw with narrative structure like this. You have so many characters it becomes impossible to tie everything up nicely. To top it off, there's even space, time, and multiverse plot elements in this game, which makes it even more funky. They could have fixed some of this by killing characters off, but Nu and Lambda are the only characters I recall biting the bullet. And those deaths were temporary.
  25. I had a feeling it was an acronym or a nickname of some sort. Two letter names aren't exactly common. Now I must ponder how its pronounced.