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  1. DonnieRye

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    So I'm actually able to do TK Agi's fairly consistently. I think its about time I start moving up to EX Agi combos. Can anyone give me a few? And about how much more damage can you get by extending your combo with EX Agi juggles?
  2. DonnieRye

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    I use boost after blocked/hit full screen fans and I try to get a chance to use break during awakening. edit: I seem to be having problems playing Yukiko. I just guess wrong all the time, lmao. I can't keep people away from me. For example, at the start of the match, say the person is really aggressive and he'll either IAD at me or just dash at me from the ground.. For IAD I usually throw a 3B or 2B and for a ground dash I'll throw 3B or 5B. Often times 3B will just fly over their head if they dash at me and suddenly I'm in pressure. Or I'll just guess wrong and do 2B and they ground dash and I'm pressured. Or 5B when they IAD and I'm pressured. I don't know, I just never seem to be on the right wavelength and its real easy for people to get in on me. Anyone have any tips on how you keep people out? Perhaps I'm using the wrong normals at unsafe ranges? I know pretty much any B attack has terrible recovery.
  3. Can anyone give me some basic oki setups? I
  4. DonnieRye

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    How do you other Yukiko's deal with pressure? I can't help but end up getting cornered and eventually losing because I can't get out/get the guy away from me.
  5. DonnieRye

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    wtf am i reading
  6. DonnieRye

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    Concerning Yukiko's Dia, is it actually possible to take damage and then use Dia to heal it back up and have it still count as a perfect? That would be slightly humorous.
  7. DonnieRye

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    *cough* Don't mind me. Just obsessed with dat midriff