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  1. test reply from shtkn test edit from shtkn
  2. render

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    I dig the green/brown/red scheme. :D Has anyone already suggested/tried a Haruko Haruhara (FLCL) palette on either Parasoul or Valentine? o_Oa
  3. render

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    Holy crap, best Valentine palette I've seen ever. Looks awesome. I've never played Trauma Team, but those are great color choices.
  4. render

    WANTED: Translators for BBCS2 Mook

    I'm not volunteering to translate, but I thought I'd offer up the Excel sheet I made when I translated the frame data for CS Jin so people could use it as a template. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FBG04M0I
  5. hey Render. Do you think its possible that you "might" have a chance to come to wisconsin for an Anime convention? They are hosting many video game tournies such as SSF4, Tekken 6, SSBB, Halo, TvC, MvC, alot of other good games including MvC3 and most importantly a BBCS Tourney. Yes there are prizes for the top tournament players . But yea man if you decide on it please let me know. Its a good opportunity for me to be able to get some help and a fun experience. But your so far away.. Well its just an option. Its next month february 18-20. Here is the information : http://www.animemilwaukee.com/VideoGaming.html http://www.animecons.com/events/info.shtml/2076

  6. Shoutouts to Render! Haha, yeah dude, it was a blast! I felt awesome playing with you guys, and overall BB was the highlight of my SCR trip. You played a HUGE hand in making me realize how welcoming BB people can be! Hit me up whenever and I'll jump online to play or try to get to wherever stuff is happening! Again, it was an honor to meet and fight you! Hopefully our match will find it's way to teh internets someday.

  7. It was a pleasure to play you at SCR, man. You were a TOTAL gentleman hooking me up with water and such to make sure I didn't lose my voice. Can't wait for the chance to play you again! Really sad that the recording of our match got screwed up and wasn't uploaded :( I was hoping to study the hell out of that vid!!

  8. Hey Render. Check your inbox Dx .

  9. shoutouts to render

  10. :3 No i'm render and Ragna5B at the same time!

  11. Now that I've met you, I feel like... I'm render.

  12. For those that are unaware, BB had the 2nd biggest turnout at SCR. I think we had around 50 entrants. 2nd only to SSFIV (obviously).
  13. hahaha, when Tokido was asked to saw a few words to the crowd after SSFIV grand finals (where he got 3rd), he just said: "Too salty!" I fuckin lol'd.
  14. y. see wut i did there? GGs you guys. I was doing way better in casuals than I did in the tourney. Wish I could've stayed around to watch the rest but I had a bad headache and my wrists hurt from playing GG. ;P
  15. Shoutouts to getting raped online last night