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  1. test reply from shtkn test edit from shtkn
  2. render

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    I dig the green/brown/red scheme. :D Has anyone already suggested/tried a Haruko Haruhara (FLCL) palette on either Parasoul or Valentine? o_Oa
  3. render

    Skullgirls Palette Request/Creation Thread

    Holy crap, best Valentine palette I've seen ever. Looks awesome. I've never played Trauma Team, but those are great color choices.
  4. render

    WANTED: Translators for BBCS2 Mook

    I'm not volunteering to translate, but I thought I'd offer up the Excel sheet I made when I translated the frame data for CS Jin so people could use it as a template. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FBG04M0I
  5. It was a pleasure to play you at SCR, man. You were a TOTAL gentleman hooking me up with water and such to make sure I didn't lose my voice. Can't wait for the chance to play you again! Really sad that the recording of our match got screwed up and wasn't uploaded :( I was hoping to study the hell out of that vid!!

  6. shoutouts to render

  7. For those that are unaware, BB had the 2nd biggest turnout at SCR. I think we had around 50 entrants. 2nd only to SSFIV (obviously).
  8. hahaha, when Tokido was asked to saw a few words to the crowd after SSFIV grand finals (where he got 3rd), he just said: "Too salty!" I fuckin lol'd.
  9. y. see wut i did there? GGs you guys. I was doing way better in casuals than I did in the tourney. Wish I could've stayed around to watch the rest but I had a bad headache and my wrists hurt from playing GG. ;P
  10. Huge thanks to Id and striderzero for their hard work!! I had a good time. Aaaaand I'll be in San Jose for the next one... ;__;
  11. I'll be there tonight. Bringing a PS3 setup, even though I don't have Makoto or Mu12. XD
  12. Good to see people willing to help get this going. I unfortunately can't make it tonight as a really close friend is leaving SoCal for a couple years and he's not coming, but I am planning to make it next week.
  13. http://kotaku.com/5613592/scott-pilgrim-vs-some-badass-animated-gifs
  14. Alright, guys. Time for some actual discussion to happen in this thread. Level|Up presents an opportunity for the BB community to grow, but it doesn't seem to be really striking a chord with the community and I think we need to be vocal about why, and see if we can change that. The first week was in conjunction with Game With Heart, and was more of a PR event, so there wasn't much for the community to go on. We got some stream time, and Aksys Games was there with a couple setups - one of them with the new character Makoto - to keep us all occupied. Also, food was free. The second week had 1 setup for a couple hours, and then another setup (2 total for the night) later on. Those that showed up started a round-robin style tourney, which came nowhere close to finishing, as it was run on a single setup for the majority of the time. Those that made it on the stream for a while played some casuals, since there was no way to determine any sort of "winner." I did not attend the third week (last week, 8/11), and I may not attend tomorrow either, but I still see the potential for this to be a way for the community to grow, and I know that it's not going to if we don't figure out WHY it isn't just taking off on its own. Here are the gripes that I have: - Not enough setups This is difficult to address. I know they can't just pour thousands of dollars into providing this kind of thing. - No structure Level|Up is not providing anyone to run tournaments, which means the community has to, and so far only James/Xie has been willing to take the banner and make anything happen. Even then, we had to cut it short so we could get people on the stream, so the tourney never finished. It's not clear to anyone what is happening or what is going to happen. People show up and just start playing casuals and... that's about it. - No incentive The idea is to provide a competitive environment for everyone to step up their game, but as far as I can tell, that's not the case with anything but SF4. Having the top 4 players play on the stream would matter if a real tournament was taking place that was allowed enough time to finish, and there was a reason for people to care. Otherwise it is essentially just another casuals station for like 30 min. - Little value I recognize that there's a cost for hosting at that venue. However, with no food provided, and no real incentive besides the prospect of playing some casuals, there's no reason to spend $6 each week to go to this event. I don't see how it's much better than 4-5 friends gathering at someone's apartment and practicing there. Here are some of the things that I think could help improve the situation (some are meant for the people running Level|Up, and some are general suggestions for things the community should do): - Designated space for BB Depending on how many setups are available, dedicate a whole table or two to JUST BlazBlue, and physically separate the tables from the other games. Make it clear that THAT'S where BB happens. SF4 is completely separate from everything else, whereas the rest of the games are basically on other tables in what at first glance seems like the BYOC area at EVO. (This also ties in with the not-enough-setups problem.) - Someone run some goddamn tournies If someone stepped up to run a tourney each week that started at the same time consistently, and was given plenty of time to finish, then I think people would start giving a crap. It would be even better if there was some sort of incentive, like free entry the following week, or a free drink, or free food or something. I would suggest a single elimination 16-man bracket. Make the tournies happen before worrying about getting stream time. If there's no hype, the stream won't be hype either. I suggest the tourney start around like 8:30 or 8:45. LA traffic is a punk. - Setups Bring setups! Last time I was there, there were around 12-15 people and 1.5 setups (1 for a while, and 2 later on). Unless you're winning every time, you're not going to be playing many matches. If you're not playing very many matches, that $6 isn't going to be very worth it. Okay, other people post up! What does the BB community need to make this thing worth everyone's time and money?
  15. ( `)3')▃▃▃▅▆▇▉ブブブーブォォオブオーブブ
  16. Sounds fuckin' HYPE. I really want to go to this. Please make BB start in the late afternoon on Saturday, so I can stay out late on Friday night and still get some rest. :3
  17. yo Dacidbro's sig is easily the best meme on the internet get at it
  18. yo Texas easily has the most blond girls in the country get at them
  19. What are you guys putting in the new cabs? And how many are there? Are they head-to-head?
  20. You can thank DacidBro for that one. Also, I was pretty impressed with your Jin, man. You played much more solid than I did. Thanks for all the tips too!
  21. You hear what this guy's saying about you Jason? You gonna take that shit? Also, boo @ the lack of Cali love from NorCal players. Sorry to break your hearts, guys. But it's fate. Probably the last chance I'll have to post on DL before the qual on Saturday, so see guys in TX! Dacid and I will try to drop by ArcadeUFO sometime tomorrow if time allows.