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  1. Kanashimi

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    I think it may have some (very sitautional mind you) purpose as a mid to corner combo ender leaving enough time to lead into a corner setup. THough this is just theory as I haven't seen anyone use SE yet and can't physically play Xrd Ky yet. (inb4 EU get screwed again!)
  2. Kanashimi

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    ^ Finding someone to test this for us.... Do you know the video you saw this in? Link if you could? (If you haven't posted this already.)
  3. Kanashimi

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    That is true but I think more for people who like the game and play for fun, a mojority of peopele I know and who I play with aren't people who don't play fighting games that often really like Ky over most of the cast. DAT INSTALL IK doe. (Ky's animation for his IK is so much more hype now.) Meh I been following players like FAB and Ain Any one got any info on Sacred Edge? Is it bad or good but very little utility or decent?
  4. Kanashimi

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    More than likely, I still think Sol will rule in terms of numbers online. How do peoeple feel about the Valentine match up? I haven't seen too much on this around so this is the next best thing. And on a kinda off topic note speaking of Buppa, what happened to Game Chariot guys?
  5. Was good to you see you person at EGX, hope we'll run into each other again at more events, let's have some games online some time too

    1. Kanashimi


      Yeah man it was fun meeting you, Nippon, Kiba, DragonLord and everyone else that I ran into at EGX. I have to come down to Astral Heat to play some BB and GG if you have sometime after I get some practice down, it's not easy though due to work and collage. :(

    2. Zoular


      Sure come down any time you can, be sure to like the facebook page to get all the details for any events happening in UK

  6. Kanashimi

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    Does anyone know the properties of Aerial Ride the Lightning and how viable it is as a combo ender? After watching the recent Mikado stream I noticed that a few players would finish their j combo with Ride rather then VT and it seems to do a decent amount of damage.
  7. Kanashimi

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Hey I would recommend scouting the UK and EU threads, as there is quite a few of us looking for matches. Add me you like.
  8. Fancy some more games later on?

  9. Kanashimi

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    Is anyone here familiar with eight arc sticks and are they any good?
  10. Kanashimi

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Shout outs to Fenrir Werwolf for bodying my day 1 +R Ky and then in GG2 Ky as well. :D
  11. Not that I know of. Some of us are still waiting for EU release (Its not out yet for people without a Region US/JP xbox right?) If I know any more people i'll drop them your XBL if that's okay with you?

  12. Yo Ex do you know anyone who play's GG on XBL? I already who a few like: Ash, Chaz and Ninja but I'm looking for some more matches and I've ended with nothing. :L

  13. Kanashimi

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    So when I play Chipp?
  14. Kanashimi

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Trust me Ash Johnny isn't that simple, one of hardest things to learn is the spacing game and neutral game as both can lead to some sweet stuff but without mastering both it's so difficult to play him.
  15. Kanashimi

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    At least we are finally getting it so we can get some games going now finally.