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  1. Mr.Minionman

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    They remained virtually the same, with only a few real changes: - 5K counterhit will float now instead of wall-stick, so you can combo off of it at midscreen now. - Drill Cancel Kick combos are slightly easier because 5P is now one frame faster. - You have expanded metered pogo combos, because you can combo FB j.236D after a pogo hop now. lots of new opportunities here. - Rerere no Tsuki combos are a bit better too; *236D followup no longer costs meter, but also no longer wall-bounces at midscreen. if you are near the corner you can get an air combo off of it. *of course the 236D followup to 236D is better because the net cost is now 25 instead of 50. That's about it really, though I may have missed something. Faust probably needs a new combo thread too, but there isn't that much to include. :P maybe a new bnb section on the front would be nice at least.
  2. Solid. I appreciate the detailed explanation on the mixup, it puts it at a much clearer perspective for me. Working on implementing this, and I've noticed an immediate improvement. Thanks!
  3. Mr.Minionman

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    Well it is virtually impossible for it to be a tv thing, rest assured. I suspect one of 3 things: Trying the combo on a different character then you are used to; I have a hell of a time doing j.2k overhead combos on Millia for example because she's so tiny on the ground, while a character like pot and sol are really easy. Altering the timing on some moves mal-adjusting your perception of the combo. Perhaps it isn't quite as low to the ground as you think? Also you have probably checked this, but are they crouching? it's alot harder to connect if they are standing. EDIT: Anyway, I would just try to practice the combo with the run forward 5p. you don't always need it, but most of the time it improves the positioning for the rest of the combo, namely the 2S later in the air combo will whiff if you aren't close enough.
  4. k, I'll shoot; 3 questions: Is the AC combo thread still a good resource for ACR combos? Trying to this combo (hover dash j.s, 2k, 5s©, 6p, 5hs JC j.hs S dive) on Ky, but it's pushing him too far away for the j.HS to connect. Am I doing something wrong? And what are my options for pressuring against the backthrow OS? Mixups I'm trying have been falling into somewhat of a hitch; If I go for an empty jump throw/low, I'm getting grabbed first, and I'm also getting grabbed after blocked j.S'/j.H' close to the ground. Sooo I need I need to figure out the options to prevent this.
  5. Mr.Minionman

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    k. that's helpful then.
  6. Mr.Minionman

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?3417-Learn-Faust-in-1-minute%21-%28If-you-are-new-Come-Here-First%21%21%21%29 Refer to this for most of those questions. You don't necessarily have a "The Anti-Air Button" but you have many good anti-airs to implement against different angles of approach. If one doesn't work, you usually have one that does instead. And his 6p has above-the-knees invincibility for all but 1 frame of it's start up, so it's a good choice for many things. 2H is a strong poke against ground approaches, but has almost no hitbox above the ground and has a long whiff recovery, so it is vulnerable to air approaches if you aren't careful with it. Similarly, his f.S covers good ground range but can be slid under rather easily, and will whiff completely against many character's 6p for a counter hit. 214P/K/S however, really only have nominal use. They are all very slow on startup and easily blocked/responded to with fairly easy OS's. 214K~D adds some new function to it, but you can only use it after the cross up one, so it's a bit on the predictable side at times too. you can FRC them as the door is coming out, but even that doesn't add too much use to them. If the opponent is blocking because of an item, you may be able to catch them, but you are usually just better off using more conventional means of mixup. Will catch and/or frustrate many new players, but be careful not to fall on bad habits.
  7. Mr.Minionman

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I'm having troubles finding information on version 1.11. What did they add/change from version 1.10? Is it important?
  8. Mr.Minionman

    [P4A] Shadow Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    This may have been discussed before, but can someone explain the gulp-trap variables a bit for me? Was testing it on a friend playing Aigis recently, and he was able to get through everything with an Aigis shorthop, unless I did j.B(which doesn't seem to have any followups). Meaty 5A & 4~6D seemed to function, but perhaps someone could go into more detail on it? What sort of things do characters have to do to get out of it? Also not that you'd really want to try gulp trap against Teddie, it seems like he can 22A to avoid the trap completely.
  9. Mr.Minionman

    A Beginner's Guide to Training Mode

    This one seems to work best for me, though it's a bit more work lol. thanks for the replies all.
  10. Mr.Minionman

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    If it's not literally stealing heat from the opponent, I suspect it might be more along the lines of getting more meter the more meter your opponent has.
  11. Mr.Minionman

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    Mmmmm that's unfortunate I knew it didn't work for everything, but admittedly I didn't do too much testing on the matter. I didn't know about the knockdown after FRC GMU either, that's awesome. Unrelated, I've been filling out the move descriptions on Faust's page in the dustloop wiki, and would like to see them fleshed out before +R hits (though I haven't done anything on that page yet). I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most knowledgeable Faust player who could be doing it, so I'd greatly appreciate if someone would look over what I had written and maybe add something I didn't know about, or edit something that doesn't look right. I've written descriptions for most of the normals, and basic strengths and weaknesses, but I'm not to versed on the specific stuff for the specials so maybe I can call an assist there. When I get done writing stuff in for the AC page, I'd like to migrate much of the information to the +R page, so it'd be best if it were as accurate as possible from the get-go. Much thanks :D
  12. Mr.Minionman

    A Beginner's Guide to Training Mode

    I figured this was a good place to ask, what's the best option in training mode to test frame traps in Blazblue? Kof had 1 Guard jump, but I don't see anything similar for this game.
  13. Mr.Minionman

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    I suppose I answered a bit in the other thread, but the answer is... sometimes :P It's usually pretty gimmicky, but if you don't use it often it can catch people off on a bad foot while being relatively safe. Good in conjunction with some items, but I wouldn't rely on it. If you use it raw it will run into the same sorta problem regular door mixups do, implying if they can jump forward and block it will nix most of the options.
  14. Mr.Minionman

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    The Scalpel pull FRC is exclusively there to bait bursts, it seems, and can be highly rewarding if pulled off right, but perhaps you might use it for a reset of sorts. Almost literally every opponent I face bursts right after you pull them in (every time they have meter for it too), so if you catch them bursting one in the first round (or in previous matches) you can nail them doing it again. Bomb Bag frc's only apparent function is if they somehow get too close to you when you are throwing it out, you can FRC to avoid taking the damage. So as an "abort mission" if nothing else. Bomb Bag on it's own puts you at an advantage anyway, so there's often no point, though the frc makes it easier to combo after the hit. Like the above, my favorite FRC's are for the door gimmicks and going my way, but Faust really doesn't have any that play a major role in his strategy. There's a large FRC window after his swim super that can be used to avoid taking damage (though the super isn't really good to be throwing out anyway), but that's really about it. You can learn them when you have the time, but you aren't losing much going without them. Faust really doesn't need his meter but for Rapid Cancels for some combos and Blowback attack to supplement his weak defense.