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    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Another example: DLC characters (EU region) from BBCS (Platinum, Makoto, Valkenhayn) didn't work with US release of BBCS.
  2. Verdgilion

    [CSE] Platinum The Trinity Video Compilation

    a-cho BBCS2 第59回関西ランバト(2012.8.30) (from zero3japan) Rachel vs Yumekami Yumekami vs Matoi (TA) Yumekami vs Rachel - so much fun with 6B in 2nd round, heh. Ragna vs Yumekami - wow. Just... wow. Valk vs Yumekami BBCS:EX Tachikawa 8/31/2012 3on3 (from jourdal) Part 6/6: Aru (PL) vs jaku jaku (RE) Part 5/6: Aru (PL) vs Dora (BA) Part 3/6: Dora (BA) vs 8C (PL) Btw, Dora takes 3rd place. On 3on3 tournament. SOLO!
  3. Verdgilion

    [CSE] Platinum The Trinity Video Compilation

    From zero3japan: a-cho BBCS2 第58回関西ランバト(2012.8.16) Yumekami vs. Nezu(?) (BA) - painful to watch a-cho BBCS2 第57回関西ランバト(2012.8.2) Yumekami vs. Bang Rutent (TA) vs. Yumekami - LOL, 1st round. Again, brilliant tactic from Yumekami. It's okay to do something like this, or it's just Rutent's mistake? Well, 2nd round partially answers this. Litchi vs. Mami Circular (LOL) - Kikuchiyo vs. Yumekami
  4. Verdgilion

    [CSE] Platinum The Trinity Video Compilation

    a-cho BBCS2 第56回関西ランバト(2012.7.19) Yumekami vs. Taokaka Yumekami vs. Bang Yumekami vs. Noel
  5. Verdgilion

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Ok, everyone, it's quite embarrassing situation, but i need to tell you: i tried to record first day of loketests, too. It was my first try to record stream and i do this in hurry, because i was late for work. It's in a poor quality. I mean a really poor quality, like my poor english. It can be played only with Windows Media Player Classic. To be more clear: first and second parts of video (video2 & video 3) - it's fine. Not so good, as records from second day of loketest, but anyway - it's ok. Together it's ~6 hours. You need only skip 00:00:00-00:02:00 of first video to watch it normally. But another parts - it's another story. They looks like "VideoXXFIX" (XX - number of video). While recording, because of some error, they were broken and unwatchable. With some kind of voodoo magic (as i see it) they were "fixed". It can be played with Windows Media Player Classic, but i recommend to press "Decrease speed" button, it's too fast. I recommend to watch this, if you are a Bridget- Potemkin- Jam-player, because they quite rare on this loketest, but they appear in this video. Of course, you can read this list and decide to download or not: http://www.sendspace.com/file/29vwih Torrent: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c51npx And if you write here "AHHH! MY EYES!" or "I WISH I'D NEVER BEEN BORN AT ALL", after you download and watch this, i will make my special "I-told-you" dance.
  6. Verdgilion

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Because it was my first stream-recording expirence, lol. (Actually, second) On serious note: it works with Light Alloy and Windows Media Player Classic, too. At least, at my PC.