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  1. JacopeX

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Ggs to all I have played last night. Would anyone mind critiquing my Faust tonight? Im still trying to get the hang of this game, but I feel like there's something i'm not doing. Most appreciated.
  2. LOL it didn't matter. I'm pretty rusty and was trying to find long sets with someone that did not just walk away after one loss. XD ggs

  3. GGs jacope. I hope you didn't mind me switching between Arakune and Tager

  4. Fuck Online Tournaments...-_-'

  5. Saw who I am probably facing. Opportunity for revenge in tournament match. >=)
  6. GGs. Feel free to play me again anytime you see my grinning ass in the lobby. XD Fun matches, I was caught off guard by some of the things you doing like 2A > 2D > j6c > dj c > IAB j. 4b> repeat XD lol

    1. MetaWaddleDee


      Will do. Glad I did something to catch you off guard, haha. Your Arakune is on a completely different level than mine, but I picked up on a few cool tricks throughout those games. The 2A> 2D> > j6C > etc. is a bad (or good?) habit from playing Tager a lot, since it can lock his fat ass down pretty easily if he doesn't jump out at the right time. Most other characters can mash out of that pretty easily, though.

  7. "64 People" "Damn...When is this gonna happen again?" "Next weekend" "Shit...gotta practice. -_-" And not to make up excuses but...I felt my performance was sloppy at the first online tourny because I was very sick that night and had no idea why I felt so fatigued and nauseous until morning when my body totally just gave up on me. LOL I'll try to do better if I make it on stream. Good luck in advance to everyone. :D Also, is there a bracket yet?
  8. Preparing for EVO...

  9. GGs my friend. I do however avoid the mirror matches. Sorry if you wanted otherwise.

    1. JacopeX


      GGs. And no, actually the last thing I wanted was a Kune mirror last night. Was already having a bad night anyways. Nice Tager-ing as always. :)

  10. My neutral game is sooo bad. -_- I gotta stop not playing Blazblue for several days. Especially when I have to enter a tournie tomorrow. lol

  11. JacopeX

    Put yourself on the COMPETITION MAP!

    Link to OP no longer works. Why not just use the new google maps thing without having to share PSN/gametag names? Asking around gets pretty exhausting. lol If anything, can I create the map + thread for it? I'll do it if no is willing to.
  12. No, no. I don't use a pad. How would I be able to do them 360's and 720's with a pad, eh? lol

  13. I don't believe it...you don't use an arcade stick? I'd be more shocked and in disbelief if you have been using pad this whole time...:\

  14. JacopeX

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    Why do most of you guys welcome new versions/releases/revisions so complacently and easily? How do you do that? :\ Do you love spending money? Some people can't keep up and is part of the reason people lose interest. I'd be pissed if this is the way it gets handled, which of course will happen but I hope not too soon.