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  1. the last 2 weeks have been hectic and I just finished a major business presentation and my science final along iwth shit loads of extra credit to ensure my "A" and I still have my business final on monday not to mention my arcade stick buttons are shitting out on me and I havent made the time to rearrange them and whatnot

  2. Its likely that I'll be getting a new box in a few days so be sure to get on and help me shake off the accumulated rust

  3. Way to be so good your xbox killed it's self! WTF MAN!!!

  4. my xbox seems to be breaking down -- it refuses to read discs as of last night so it might be awhile till I can get on again - let the others know. If i do get on itll probably be on my bro's rig

  5. You sir are a troll that is all....=)

  6. Sorry bro I'm pretty sure I'll have time tommorow

  7. You should get on tonight!

  8. We need to think of new games to play with people's heads when we go player room crashing -- that last one of "who can astral kiddxkhaos the most" was good too bad i had to go though.