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  1. NGOrder

    ASW Releasing a Handful of Fighting Games on Steam!

    But what about Melty Blood Classic? That game as a story mode, unlike Actress Again Current Code. It would be great if Arc System Works did an official English translation of Melty Blood Classic, together with the Story Mode, so western gamers would get to know how the story of Melty Blood even began. I enjoyed the heck out of mirror-moon's fan translation of Melty Blood Classic, but I'm not sure if an official translation would be any better.
  2. NGOrder

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Oops, I almost forgot something. Though what I am saying is not gameplay related, there was a Color Edit feature (previously found on GGX Advance Edition and GG Isuka) and we might want it back on the AC+R update. If this happened, then I would make my Sol look like Terry Bogard on my future matches.
  3. NGOrder

    Guide: How to Change Music in GGXX Games (PS2)

    I am really sorry regarding this bump, but I have to say that doing the "dummy" part of the ISO does not make the game work at all; in fact, it freezes before the Sammy logo animation appears. This whole tutorial works without messing around with the dummies.
  4. NGOrder

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    If the AC+R patch gets released, I would like it if the following were contained (by priority): 1. Custom Soundtracks (via XMB and/or Xbox Dashboard) 2. Vastly improved online play (usage of roll-back save states) 3. A "Practice" feature (from Guilty Gear X Plus) to practice pro combos 4. Soft reset (Not when loading, saving or online playing) 5. Controller vibration function 6. Screen fix for 4:3 TV setups (No letterboxing and/or windowboxing) 7. Arcade/Wii quality voices and sounds 8. Make GG and GGX modes available at start 9. Korean Soundtrack DLC
  5. NGOrder

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    For 9, I meant the Main Menu. "Exit Game", like in BlazBlue, takes you back to the title.
  6. NGOrder

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Here is things I noticed in the PSN port of the game: 1. Voices are low-quality and are taken from the PS2 ports (I-No's voice clips that contain censor beeps have been edited so she would not call out explicit language) 2. GG and GGX modes are not available at the start. 3. 4:3 screen mode is always letterboxed (windowboxed if using black side panels), unlike the arcade, Wii and PS2 versions' forced full frame. 4. There are no "Short Cut" options; therefore, players are forced to use the regular menu all the time and go though Arcade Mode cutscenes. 5. There are no pre-made defaults for Virtua Stick and Sega Saturn controller schemes. 6a. There is no personalized music feature (as in replacing the game's background music with the player's own MP3/M4A songs). 6b. Korean sountrack is completely ditched, unless a DLC gets released for it. 7. Software reset is completely gone; pressing L1, R1, L2, R2, Start and Select does not take the player back to the title screen anymore. (This could be to avoid rage-quitting, but I dunno) 8. There are lots of noticeable lag during network play. Guilty Gear XX is not meant for slow gameplay. 9. "Exit Game" does not appear in the menu for the PSN release. I would feel much appreciated if Arc did a patch based on what I explained (most notably custom/alternate music and online net code fix).