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  1. Is anyone with a Jp copy having issues viewing USA player rooms? I got this big 2+gig patch (not sure when it went up as I hadn't been online for a while, it's version 1.5 for ps3) and now I can't see player rooms or PWs but I can still meet people in the online lobby. It's such a weird issue.
  2. There's some type of fire skull, a glass screen that seems to counter stuff while traveling forward, a weird nature/leaf spell where she throws something looking like a brown creature on the ground and it sprouts into greenery like it's Okami or something, a tracking or aimed firestorm type thing, a triple or quadruple purple laser and finally a ritual-type thing where she places some form of glyph on you which has a clock on it and as the hand of the clock turns flames appear on the glyph (colors matching her elements) and once all 4 flames appear the entire floor explodes into energy blasts that are spaced about a char length apart from eachother and go all the way up like sword iris but darker purple and flamey and evil-looking.
  3. Balance is a tricky thing since CSE was most balanced by far out of all the BBs but people spoke ill of it due to that back then for being too boring due to this balance. Can't please everyone. Every time you please someone someone else will find something to complain about. This being the case, I just want them to do what they think is best for the game without actively trying to please anyone since at least when they do that they are giving us what they honestly think is their best effort.
  4. Well we have combo time systems still in place (and I believe the scaling is more severe as combos go on now) so it shouldn't be longer in any case.
  5. I don't see that at all. The loops are generally lower damage than what was doable prior for most chars. How easy it is to do them doesn't really matter since in the end people will want to do the optimal stuff which likely isn't easymode lulz loops like the thing Tager does with 5A 2C GF 4 times in a row. I'm sure he can get combos that don't include 4 5As to kill damage with lol.
  6. Huh, good eye. Too much stuff exploding everywhere! Nine seems very well fleshed out, the time they took was worth it.
  7. The beam seemed as a followup to that glass screen that looked like a projectile counter. It reminded me of Saber's counter shield Avalon from Unlimited Codes if anyone has played that lol.
  8. It's prolly a water + wind combo spell.
  9. I am fine with this format of F/Wi/Wa but maybe if there's multiple elements we should use a number. So like, instead of 236236D(F/F/F) put in 236236D(Fx3).
  10. I originally thought you had to input the 6 for Hibiki's clones together with the D so as to decide where he ends up, apparently you have a lot of leeway to decide if you want him to end up forward or not, leeway that's expanded upon in OD too. His drive sounds really good.
  11. Ishiwatari said in an interview (talking about Johnny's case) that the storymode models do not actually matter towards inclusion. He said they had to redo all the work and that they didn't use any of those models. The reason being that they shade the models frame by frame when they become playable so they can't just plop them in and have them look as nice as they want them to, it would still take about just as much work as it would if there was no story model at all, since the majority of the work is in this frame by frame shading.
  12. Dreiko

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    I was thinking of doing something along the lines of doing a BnB which ends in the parry rekka (46P-P) which you can't really do much more off of, then rcing that and getting a max card. I see a lot of Jam players RCing various things like a regular ryuujin for minimal extra damage (and sometimes no knockdown either!) so I'm thinking if instead they had been using this meter to procure max cards they'd be doing much better. So far the only really good use of rc I've seen is off of a grab since she gets a card and a combo that can lead to more cards and knockdown from it or rcing j2K for a good 50-50/confirm.
  13. Dreiko

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    I have been looking into Jam and I'm liking what I'm seeing, I didn't use her before so I don't know all the differences and I see people having a mostly negative image of her, I guess she was really great before cause she seems pretty cool to me now. Speedy but stubby so always needing to be close to do anything. I like that kind of playstyle. The standout of what I have learned so far is that 6H is apparently low-invuln according to machabo. It also seems to lead to a ton of damage on CH. It brings back memories of my HOS fafnir that make me wanna use her lol. Also the way her parry works now is interesting too. Are the MAX level cards any good though? I almost never see people go for them. I guess they're just too hard to amass. Maybe RCing a combo ender for one would be viable? Her meter gain seems pretty good.
  14. All I have to say is that everyone cares about their main being in the game so if you have your main or if you want your main to be in, the fact that they're not an "alternate version" doesn't actually matter. I see story significance being used to justify why some chars "deserve" inclusion more than others but that doesn't mean anything to people who don't play them. Your main is your main regardless of storyline so everyone should empathize with everyone else and either be glad people got their main in the game or sympathize if they do not instead of justify it with reasons that don't really make the blow any softer at all. I think Baiken should have been in already, in my eyes she's way more central to what makes GG "GG" than a lot of currently included chars (like Venom or Axl) and I'm saying this as someone who has all his fingers and toes crossed that HOS makes it in lol. Doesn't mean I don't want my main in the game, I just won't be salty if HOS doesn't make it in and instead I'll be happy for the people who main whoever does. Everyone will be back eventually. Even Robo-Ky...maybe. I'd love it if he was back though, he's hilarious. Oh and say what you will about the new chars but they've all been awesome and different but somehow still fitting. I like most of them a lot more than I like a lot of returning chars. Nostalgia is fine and all but you should also judge chars on their own merits.
  15. It's funny that we kinda play the same chars, though in Xrd Sol was kinda dull and I went the Ram way for a sub after a while, he's more fun in 1.1 though, those 6H combos are hype. As for HOS, I want gunblaze in my life again. Also, I hope they do some magic and make Fafnir into a move in Xrd too.