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  1. OK so I just got back from the loketests. I was watching people play for like 4 hours lol. I'll post whatever notes I have jot down. Sorry if some of these info have already been posted. Plat: New item, a boomerang. You max stock is 1, flies out horizontally when you use it, then returns to you. Becomes transparent when it contacts the opponent, indicating it doesn't have a hitbox anymore. Izayoi: j.236D throws out 3 sonic sabers, kinda like jin's old j236D. air seraphim is angled downwards, floats opponent up. Ragna: j.214C > follow-up sends them flying away. Corner stuff > 623D 236C 236C > 2C blah blah still works. GH+follow-up > 5B still works. Tager: 5C works after using the new grab (the one that bounces them off the wall). Looked like it has invuln, invuln'd through jin's 5C cleanly. Gadget leaves them just outside of 5A range. 6C floats. GETB does 5522 Litchi: if staff is flying, drops if you get hit. still returns to you if you go into block. DP staff ends up a little further away. corner stuff > DP > haku works. itsuuA is one hit only, sends them flying up and away. Kokonoe: can do bunker without 2nd hit. has a fire spin move that moves like may dolphin/plat's C-mami. Usable in air. Affected by graviton. 6B more startup. Jin: 623C corner combos still work. 5B in the corner leads into ~4.4k meterless. I'm guessing his 3C got replaced by a sword trip? Functions the same. Naoto: DP animation looks like volcanic viper lol has a stationary dodge move with invuln, cancelable into special/normals? (don't know which of his moves are specials or normals. Has a dash where he briefly disappears, crosses up. Chargeable moves that guard crushes, one useable in the air. has a long-ish poke that hits low. Original Character Do Not Steal. Hazama: New special that staggers, goes into stance stuff blah blah, you guys probably already know this one. Command grab sends them flying straight upwards, does 600 dmg. Air throw bounces them higher, maybe? Raw stance-A > 5C works. Stance-B sends them flying further away. stuff > 6C > 5D > stance-A > 5C works. Hibiki: Has moves like makoto's 214x. Works as a high/low mixup. Has several moves that sends out a clone image of himself to attack. Can choose which he ends up as. Has a cross-up clone-image-sending move. Has a move on the ground where he spins in the air and strikes like an OH, but it's not an OH, people around me were surprised by it too. Active curse depletes on a timed basis again. Regular curse BnB still works. cloud doesn't disappear after contact. Instead, curse gauge fills up over time if opponent stays in contact with opponent. Homing cloud and above-the-head cloud are still present, don't know about the other one. jC > jD works. New grab-looking move is a hit move. They tech very soon after the final hit, high in the air. Noel: 6C doesn't wall stick. They tech before you can connect with any ground moves. Hakumen: New move that dashes kishuu-like distance, with 5D (or 5D-like?) active during the dash. If it catches a move, slams opponent as seen in the trailer. Renka 2nd hit kicks upwards, jump-cancellable. Lambda: New act parser kicks opponent in the gut, followup with a low (old 236B) or a launcher. Shoulder tackle (236C?) still goes into big damage. Gravity floats on hit, they float slowly backwards. Kagura: Flashkick doesn't wallbounce. 3C floats lower. Can't 3C > 2DC. Saw people do 5BB > 2C in the corner instead. 5DA hits them further away. Bang Midscreen relaunch combo still works. Saw people do high damage combos 4-5k with web nails and daifunka. Nu Sends out a black orb above her head that pulsates for a bit, then shoots out a sword (downwards?) Can also quickly (about the speed as regular D moves) shoot a sword from above her head, sword shoots angled downwards. j214D is a lot slower. Can feint. Can airdash-cancel forwards/backwards when you feint. That's all the information I have for now. Again, some of these have been mentioned before. I'm gonna try going back again tomorrow. If there's anything specific you guys want me to test out, lemme know.
  2. Hey guys, I'm gonna be near Akihabara this weekend, which just happens to be the same time as the loketest. According to the picture below, the loketest is announced for the coming sunday and monday. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJwT4NgUsAAybEZ.jpg:large But there's a 体験会 on Friday and I don't know what that is. Is it like some kind of event? I might check it out, it has free-play apparently.
  3. Watermelonz

    [CSE] Arakune Technical & Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Okay, so here’s a combo that I often use to go into Arakune’s astral and it works for more than 95% of the time, and it covers all four versions of his astral. Basically, it starts with: 2A > 2A > A-bug > 5C > 4D (no hit) > C-bug > 632146D > D-bug > when D-bug is about chest height, 4A > rising D-bug > situation #1/2/3 (below) After activating the astral and Arakune disappears, one of two things will happen. Most of the time, Arakune will reappear on the same side he was on and go into one of three versions of his astral, or he will reappear on the opposite side and go into the fourth version of his astral. If Arakune reappears on the same side he was on, go into situation #1. Situation #1, which is the easiest and happen about half the time, covers two versions of Arakune’s astral: the 2-bounce and the horizontal dash. Situation #2 is basically an extended version of situation #1, and will cover the version where Arakune does three vertical drops. Lastly, if Arakune reappear on the opposite side after activation the astral, go into situation #3. This will cover the version where Arakune does 3 bounces. The three situations: Situation #1: after a-bug bounces, 5D > A-bug > D-bug > rising D-bug > Astral Finish or go into situation #2 Situation #2: rising D-bug from situation #1 > 4A (optional 4C) > mash 4D > A-bug (optional C-bug) > D-bug > Astral Finish Situation #3: 4D > A-bug > D-bug > when D-bug is about head height, 4C > C-bug > 4A > A-bug > 4B B-bug> Astral Finish These combos can also be altered when in the corner. Instead of using 5A/B/C/D to summon bugs use 6/A/B/C/D, and instead of using 4A/B/C/D to summon bugs use 5A/B/C/D. The vertical drop version of the astral may actually be easier in the corner.