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  1. Hey there man, everything great with you?

  2. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Just a sub. Will never cheat on Bang...ever. *glares at MakotoCamaro/Huey/Dacidbro* Mac, you do realize you've played me recently on various accounts, right?
  3. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    He ever say why he was against the idea?
  4. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Kinda pissed the rumors about how the next installment would be a tag team game were just that, rumors. I really do feel that ths series isn't evolving fast enough.
  5. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    I did. ( -_-)
  6. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    ggs to my peeps Zong_One and Akira_Shiro
  7. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    whaa, the bb netplay thread still lives!? memmorrriesss... Hopping on bb right now. Anyone on? (WC/MW preferred)
  8. StayFree has the best Bang ( ' 3')

  9. [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I'm curious to know what you guys think of Teddie after AX (n*gga broken). btw, they'll be people from the QA team at AX to walk you guys through the changes in the game.
  10. Still up for the gfaqs vs dloop thing?

  11. got me salty. good games anyway.

  12. Yay ;-; I missed you so. Hold me tight (>;_; )>