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  1. Hey man! I think I used to see you around the Tsubaki Yayoi forums during late CS2/early CSE back in the day.

    How have you been? It's a shame that Dustloop is now a ghost town. :(

  2. NOTE: I will do my best to update this thread whenever a new Mobile Suit unlock or new information regarding Extreme Vs. 2 has been posted. Official Site Release Date: October 30, 2018 New Units Mobile Suit Gundam: Guncannon - Cost 1500 Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans: Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex - Cost 3000 Gundam Kimaris Vidar - Cost 3000 Gundam: Reconguista in G: Montero - Cost 2000 G-Lucifer - Cost 1500 Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Gundam AGE-1 Full Glansa - Cost 2500 Fawn Farsia - Cost 2500 Gundam Build Fighters: Amazing Zaku - Cost 2000 Gundam X Maoh - Cost 2000 Wing Gundam Fenice - Cost 2500 Gundam Build Fighters Try: Try Burning Gundam - Cost 2500 Lightning Gundam Full Burnern - Cost 2500 Star Winning Gundam - Cost 2500 Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Gundam Maxter - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray: Gundam Astray Blue Frame D - Cost 2500 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Aegis Gundam - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Gundam Virtue - Cost 2000 Gundam Kyrios - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Daryl's Acguy - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link: Pale Rider - Cost 2000 SD Gundam Gaiden/Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3: Knight Gundam - Cost 2500 After War Gundam X: Bertigo - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ: Doven Wolf - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative): Narrative Gundam - Cost 2000 Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: Jagd Arche Gundam - Cost 3000 Cost Changes Seven cost changes are applied to the following mobile suits between Maxi Boost ON, Gundam Versus, and this game; with two formerly being part of a pair with another. Guncannon - Demoted to Cost 1500 Pale Rider - Demoted to Cost 2000 Marasai - Now separated from Gabthely and demoted to Cost 1500; Gabthely however, remains a Cost 2000 unit Crossbone Gundam X2 - Promoted back to Cost 2500 (Original cost prior to Full Boost) Gundam Virsago Chest Break - Promoted to Cost 3000 Tallgeese III - Promoted to Cost 3000 Kapool - Now separated from Corin's Kapool and demoted to Cost 1500; like Gabthely, Corin's Kapool remains a Cost 2000 unit.
  3. BBCTB System Voice: Sachiko Hara
  4. MikelAL93

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I have to agree here. With the fact that the majority of the BlazBlue cast have sprites that come from a game that's 10 years old, the price ASW is charging for the DLC packs is unjustifiable, especially for sprites that are extremely dated by today's standards (for example, look at Morrigan from Darkstalkers, she has had the same set of sprites for every 2D game she was in, but one of the few rare cases where she had new sprites was in Cross Edge because it was by a different developer), as well as after what happened with Street Fighter x Tekken back in 2012. As for the apparent lack of a dub, aren't the RWBY characters getting English voices, though? I could have sworn so since the game was announced.
  5. It seems Behind the Voice Actors might finally have identified who voiced Sol, with the person in question being David Forseth. Watched a sample of his voice work as James MacAllen in Titanfall, where his gruff voice kind of sounds similar to Sol's voice in Xrd. He was also credited in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, so perhaps he could be the one that voiced him the whole time?
  6. MikelAL93

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    That's Heine's GOUF Ignited, and its PV was released on Monday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGABQYHs9DI
  7. MikelAL93

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    What I can gather from the Legilis PV so far: csA is a non-vernier gerobi works exactly like Wing Zero (TV)'s csA, Harute's GN Sword Rifle in its charged state, and Wing Zero (EW)'s Buster RifleFawn Farsia can be summoned as an assist, and based on its image, it seems to have two attacks:Fawn Farsia summons flower bits to attack the playerThe other attack I'm not sure of right nowLegilis seems to have an "Awakening" mode (this possibly has to do with Zeheart's X-Rounder abilities?). In said state, the following will be applied (based on what I saw so far):180 Legilis Bits instead of 100Two Beam Buster Gerobi shots instead of oneLegilis will now have a csB attack as well.
  8. MikelAL93

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Gundam Legilis will be next month's unlock. Piloted by Zeheart Galette and will be 3000 cost.
  9. MikelAL93

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    Phonon 6k combo by "コル" (Coll) Yuzuriha combos by "アンネローゼ++" (An'neroze ++) EDIT: Phonon combos by "コル" (Coll)
  10. MikelAL93

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Is it just me, or am I seeing something that looks like Sinanju Stein alongside of the Nightingale as one of its assists?
  11. MikelAL93

    [CP/EX] Kagura Mutsuki - FAQ/Q&A thread

    Not much has been said on the frame data for Kagura in CPEX as of yet, but yes, he does have two versions of his DP now.
  12. Hiya fellow Margaret player! It's nice to meet you. ^^

    1. so-called-chaos-2


      Hi there! thanks, nice meeting you too! ^^

    2. MikelAL93


      Thank you too! I hope we can talk some time if you want to. ^^

    3. so-called-chaos-2


      Oh sure haha! its absolutely cool ofc

  13. Well, it turns out I'm getting the PS3 version of CPE instead of the PS4 version, since I hope to pre-order my copy this week. :)

  14. I can't believe its been a long time since I did one of these, so without further ado... here's Rachel with Kokonoe's colors!
  15. Yep, TE2 is one of the few cross console arcade sticks on PS3/PS4. Hopefully if I get a job I applied for, I will save up the cash for one and apply some arcade stick artwork that I did a while back to it.