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  1. Kyle

    Reviving the jp speaking thread. THNX for all your help.

  2. Could you add somewhere, like near the beginning of one of the pages of your guide, that BlazBlue is a 60 frames per second game? Hello. I saw the guide you made at "http://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/" and I think its wonderful! Alot of things are very hard for me to get in BlazBlue, so having a guide with pictures is very helpful! Your guide is very in-depth and very very good! Thank you so much for the guide. I do have one request, could you state somewhere near the beginning of one of the pages that BlazBlue is a 60 frames per second type of game? Nobody ever told me how many FPS the game ran at, except the BB wiki which said it was 30fps, so I was confused. I timed how long I was in a danger state (10 seconds) after emptying barrier gauge, and since you said that lasts 600 frames I had to figure out from there that BlazBlue ran at 60fps. If you could, can you state somewhere in your guide that BlazBlue runs at 60fps, before you start talking about frame data? Thank you

  3. Thanks rtl, I'll just put the matches under tenchi, I haven't seen anyone else with such a high level red hakumen in cs2.

  4. it's ironic that Ray remembered me talking about Demon's Souls ages ago, because i ended up not buying the game.
  5. the name on his card (the name on the screen) says "arigatou... tsubaki" (Thank you... Tsubaki), but I can't find the player name elsewhere online. Sorry!

  6. rtl42

    Accent Core Players Guide

    it should be fine now. it's also accessible through the "Frame Data" link in the forum "menu" bar or w/e it's called (at the top of the page, just below the dustloop logo).
  7. what are UBC dust buttons? i'm just going through pictures and i will make a smaller "dustloop" batch, because i'm sure you guys don't need to see the endless pictures of me and my wife with all of the guests.
  8. oh and speaking of other unexpected gifts, we also got a nice paper bag from the shrine we had the wedding at, with our own little "shrine" for use at home, plus a few other things. kinda neat, i didn't realize we'd be getting anything from them, but more personally speaking, I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with a shrine in our apartment. it's like "the kami is watching yooooouuuuuu", and it might be kinda creepy, idk.
  9. thanks everyone! i don't think you meant anything by this, but nonetheless it worries me because perhaps it means that I didn't clearly announce when the wedding was to happen? i remember making a post about the wedding getting postponed, with a high likelihood to June 18th, but if i didn't post any follow-up to that, then i'm really really sorry! m(_ _)m on a side note: after the reception, while we were seeing off the guests and milling about in the event hall's lobby area, my wife and i were given a "piece" (?) of calligraphy from a friend of the event hall's manager, who apparently just happened to drop by to talk with the manager, and saw us. (he also just happened to be a decent calligrapher, too lol.) i'll post a picture later, but it says: 切 磋 琢 磨 which is read "sessa takuma"; it's a 4-character compound word (四字熟語) that means "learning/cultivation through diligence/diligent application (of oneself)", roughly speaking. ... so yeah, random calligraphy on my wedding day. (the ink looked like it was still a bit wet when we got it, too, which made us wonder if he was just carrying a blank board and a brush + ink in his back pocket or something lol.)
  10. JUST MARRIED (two weeks ago) i took the weekend off to just relax, but my family was in town until this past Saturday, and these past two weeks were really hectic. now my schedule is finally back to normal, and it kinda feels good -- you can only do so much sightseeing before it gets a bit tiring, i guess. but yeah, the wedding went off without a hitch, and i guess if people want to, i'll put up pictures or something. might take some time, though, because we got LOTS of pictures from the photographer, and we also recorded the ceremony & reception, so i'll have to go through that and edit it.
  11. rtl42

    [CSE] Hakumen Video Thread

    i googled the phone number, it's apparently some anime reference. no big surprise there.
  12. rtl42

    Guilty Gear Videos on YouTube

    i agree, it deserves its own thread!
  13. rtl42

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    yes, from 90 to 100. h ttp://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/frameData/hakumen.html h ttp://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs/frameData/hakumen.html