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  1. Kyle

    Reviving the jp speaking thread. THNX for all your help.

  2. Could you add somewhere, like near the beginning of one of the pages of your guide, that BlazBlue is a 60 frames per second game? Hello. I saw the guide you made at "http://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/" and I think its wonderful! Alot of things are very hard for me to get in BlazBlue, so having a guide with pictures is very helpful! Your guide is very in-depth and very very good! Thank you so much for the guide. I do have one request, could you state somewhere near the beginning of one of the pages that BlazBlue is a 60 frames per second type of game? Nobody ever told me how many FPS the game ran at, except the BB wiki which said it was 30fps, so I was confused. I timed how long I was in a danger state (10 seconds) after emptying barrier gauge, and since you said that lasts 600 frames I had to figure out from there that BlazBlue ran at 60fps. If you could, can you state somewhere in your guide that BlazBlue runs at 60fps, before you start talking about frame data? Thank you

  3. Thanks rtl, I'll just put the matches under tenchi, I haven't seen anyone else with such a high level red hakumen in cs2.

  4. the name on his card (the name on the screen) says "arigatou... tsubaki" (Thank you... Tsubaki), but I can't find the player name elsewhere online. Sorry!

  5. rtl42

    Accent Core Players Guide

    it should be fine now. it's also accessible through the "Frame Data" link in the forum "menu" bar or w/e it's called (at the top of the page, just below the dustloop logo).
  6. rtl42

    [CSE] Hakumen Video Thread

    i googled the phone number, it's apparently some anime reference. no big surprise there.
  7. rtl42

    Guilty Gear Videos on YouTube

    i agree, it deserves its own thread!
  8. rtl42

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    yes, from 90 to 100. h ttp://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs2/frameData/hakumen.html h ttp://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs/frameData/hakumen.html
  9. rtl42

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    Thanks to jourdal for re-upping this to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvLVbtnqf9A Any comments that I've inserted, which aren't in the original video text, are indicated by brackets []. ========================================== Summary of Glitches 1) Wallbounce Glitch [Example: Valk vs Bang.] Valk: No bug Valk: Uses bug The wallbounce glitch is a glitch where, if you satisfy certain conditions, attacks that would otherwise wallbounce the opponent will lose their ability to do so. Using Bang, I'll explain how this works in detail. Rule #1: If you put a grounded opponent into either hitstun or blockstun using an attack with the "pull-in" effect [here on, I'll just say "attacks that pull in"], then the opponent will be affected by the wallbounce glitch. While in this state, if the opponent is sent into the corner via getting hit by an attack that causes wallbounce, the bounce will not occur at all. This glitched state has a fixed duration, and once this duration is elapsed, the opponent will return to their normal, "un-glitched" state. [Example: Bang vs grounded Ragna in the corner. In both sequences, Ragna is affected by the glitch because Bang's j.4B pulls in.] Rule #2: If you put an aerial opponent into blockstun using an attack that pulls in, then the opponent will be affected by the wallbounce glitch. If the opponent doesn't block the attack while in midair, then they will not be affected by the glitch. [Example: Bang vs jumping Ragna in the corner, again using j.4B. On hit, bounces as usual; on block, doesn't bounce.] Rule #3: If the opponent is affected by the wallbounce glitch, and you then hit them (regardless of whether they successfully block or not), the glitch state will be removed. However, if you hit them with an attack that puts the opponent into midair, the glitch state continues. [Example: Bang vs standing Ragna in the corner. Bang puts Ragna into the glitch state using j.4B, but then hits him with a move that keeps Ragna "grounded", before knocking him into the corner, thus causing Ragna to wallbounce as normal. In the 2nd and 3rd sequences, Bang follows up j.4B using an attack that knocks Ragna into the air, so Ragna fails to wallbounce in this situation.] This concludes the explanation of the conditions for which the bug will occur. With that said, let's try to cause the bug to occur with several characters. [Example: Noel vs Arakune.] Noel: No bug Noel: Uses bug [Example: Lambda vs Hakumen.] Lambda: No bug Lambda: Uses bug [Example: Carl vs Tager] Carl: No bug Carl: Uses bug Follow-up Remark on using Carl to cause the wallbounce glitch: || [ = Nirvana; = Tager; = Carl; || = corner] In this situation, from Nirvana's POV, Carl's attacks appear to "pull in" (towards Nirvana), so this is why the glitch occurs. [Example: Bang vs Valk.] Bang: Uses bug Follow-up Remark on using Bang to cause the wallbounce glitch: When you remove a GP and then teleport behind the opponent, the knockback from stuff like IBing or throwbreaking makes it look like an attack that "pulls in" from Bang's POV [post-teleporting]. [Example: Bang vs Valk, starting from a throw break. 1st sequence shows the above remark in action. In the 2nd sequence, the bug does not occur.] 2) Camera Scroll Glitch This is a glitch where, if you cause the camera to move a lot right when the camera tries to return to its original/previous position after a super that causes the camera to move/shift (Arakune's "f of g", etc.), the camera won't scroll properly. Seeing it is probably easier/faster, so have a look. [Example: Arakune vs Valk.] Camera: no problems Camera: not scrolling correctly [Example: Bang vs Valk.] 3) D Confutatis Maledictis (236236D) Glitch [if there's a good abbreviation for the name "Confutatis Maledictis", plz let me know lol.] If you hit Tsubaki with very specific timing during 236236D, then only the attack's visual effects will remain [no hitboxes]. Courtesy of: tyty [Example: Tsubaki vs Litchi. Litchi uses Daisharin to interrupt Tsubaki just before the 2nd hit comes out, causing the glitch.] Doesn't look like there's any hitbox. You can even do it more than once. Follow-up Remark: On portable versions [i.e. PSP version I guess], possibly as a result of the device's processing capability, if you create too many orbs using the above glitch, [some sort of] processing errors will occur. The limit is more or less 10 orbs. On the arcade version, no errors occur with increasing number of orbs, and there doesn't appear to be any limit to the number of orbs. [Example: lol.] Created by hima
  10. yeah, it's CS2 data. look at the URL, the folder name says bbcs2, and the data is the CS2 data.
  11. rtl42

    AC Millia: Official Changes & Frame Data

    A revision of the Millia frame data has been done, according to the data listed in the AC complete guide (which supersedes the mook information, AFAIK), although most of the data was correct, and I only had to fix typos and inconsistent usage of notation. Actual errors/new info (from the guide) are listed as follows: j.D: Changed Cancel to "CJR". Throw: Changed Damage to 50. Lust Shaker: Changed Recovery to 5. Iron Savior: Changed Active to "Till reaches corner". Changed Recovery to "18 + landing 8". Silent Force (S) and (H): Changed Active to "1 (1) x n until hits ground or corner". Aerial Pretty Maze: Changed Recovery to: "landing 12". Winger: Changed Guard to: "HLF x5, HF". Changed Recovery to "landing 30". Gatling Table: Removed extraneous "5" notation for neutral attacks; renamed columns. Added K-D, 2H-D. Removed H-6K, 6H-6K, 6H-c.S, 6H-f.S, 6H-2S, 6H-H, 6H-2H, 6H-D, 6H-2D, j.K-j.H. 6H is not JCable. Aside from the above, although I can't say there were any errors in the original translation, several Comments were re-worded/-interpreted, and in a couple of instances I think some small bits of info were added (e.g. how the SD for certain moves are calculated). But like I said, the original was mostly correct, so this isn't a huge revision/update or anything.
  12. rtl42

    [CSE] Hakumen Video Thread

    some players actually suck, but don't forget that not all recorded matches are from tournaments, some are from casuals, so people will be more likely to screw around and maybe try something out that they wouldn't have tried in a tournament match. also, even if a Hakumen player is "good", they'll look like garbage if their opponent is much better (as a player) and outplays them the whole match. maybe you've been accounting for that, but just in case you haven't, i thought i'd post.
  13. rtl42

    [AC] May 101: A Primer for Newcomers

    (May mods, if this post is out of place, please let me know and I can move it elsewhere for you.) A revision of the May frame data has been done, according to the data listed in the AC complete guide (which supersedes the mook information, AFAIK), although most of the data was correct, and I only had to fix typos and inconsistent usage of notation. Actual errors/new info (to the guide) are listed as follows: j.P: Changed Cancel to CR. j.K: Changed Guard to HA. j.S: Changed Guard to HA. j.H: Changed Guard to HA. j.D: Changed Cancel to cCJR. Changed Guard to HA. Mr. Dolphin (Hor) (S) and (H): Added: "Untechable for 20F." Restive Rolling: added: "During the first 2 active frames, untechable time is 40F." Aerial Restive Rolling (H): Added: "SD is for the fastest possible RR from the ground (Startup 19)." Direction Change: Added: "Max of 3 consecutive Direction Changes possible." Hakushu de mukaete kudasai: Changed to "Applause for the Victim" as per the GGX2 manual. (This move is somehow missing from the AC manual.) Attack was re-classified into two attacks, as follows: (TG, GB+ and GB- values are based on the mook info; complete guide has no such values) Go, Mr. Dolphin! (Hor) (S) and (H): Added: "SD is based on the fastest possible case from right next to the opponent." Great Yamada Attack: Added: "For the 11 frames following the super-flash, the opponent is frozen. The whale goes through projectiles." Chouzetsu Monzetsu Kirimomi Daisenpuu: Changed name to "Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind" as per English manual. Added: "Dizzy modifier x0." Deluxe Tile Bomber: Added: "Goes through projectiles." May to Yukai na Nakama-tachi: Changed to "May and the Jolly Crew" as per English manual. Added: "Whiff animation: 23F. Can also be input as 6321463214H." Edited the footnotes: "*1 Landing recovery on whiff can be cancelled with anything except for ordinary movement. On hit or guard, landing recovery is 5, in crouching state. FRC window is 10-12 frames after hitting or being blocked. Minimum charge time of 30F." removed *2 due to breaking up Applause for the Victim into 2 attacks. Gatling Table [*]2K, H are not JCable. [*]2H is special-cancellable. [*]Added 2S-H, 2S-2H, 2H-D, 2H-2D.
  14. rtl42

    WANTED: Translators for BBCS2 Mook

    is this high enough resolution? h ttp://iplaywinner.com/storage/logos/blazblue-continuum-shift-2-arcade-logo.jpg