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  1. LiamManTheAngry

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    If you land an air throw against a cornered opponent you can follow up with a dashing Messenga (412366C) Air Throw > land > 6641236C > 66 > 5B > 5C[2] > 3C > 6D > 236D > (63214B) DMG: 3545 (4206) HEAT: [37]-50 ([37]-100) Useful since the only other way to combo after a corner air throw seems to be OD canceling the throw before it knocks the opponent away. Bear in mind the dashing Messenga input can be a little tricky.
  2. LiamManTheAngry

    [CP] Yuuki Terumi Combo Thread

    If you're at a certain distance from the corner when doing 22C, the opponent will soar for a bit before wallbouncing at the corner. This allows you to dash and connect a 2D afterwards. i.e. 5B > 3C > 22C > 66 > 2D > 5C(2) > 3C > 6D > 236D Does about 100 less damage than the regular combo I've been using in this situation (5B > 3C > 22C > 66 > 2C > 5C(2) > 3C > 6D > 236D) but gains 71 heat (11 more than the regular combo)
  3. LiamManTheAngry

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    This should cover the character specifics of what you can do after a corner 236B. [i'm assuming the table says 236B > Standing 5B doesn't work for Haku because the only feasible follow up is 5B 2C[2 hits]. This makes pulling off the TK after 2C to get a combo kinda tricky. You'd be better off just doing dash 5A/5B > 6A combos which do the same or more damage for less effort.] fyi the 236C section refers to comboing 236D after 236C midscreen and whether or not you have to do a dashing 236D(2366D) to connect it. (Forget who made this table originally but muchas gracias to them )
  4. LiamManTheAngry

    [CP](Pre-Release) ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    It looks like Naga qualified at this qualifier. Sadness at the apparent lack of Protos.
  5. LiamManTheAngry

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    For 2C > 5C > 4B[2] I think being about a character length away from the opponent when you hit with 2C helps the 1st hit of 4B to miss. Delaying the hits of 5C a little can also help to make the 1st hit of 4B whiff. Mess around with it in training to get the spacing/timing right. Personally never do this in matches though. The damage you get for doing it isn't worth the risk of dropping your combo ender imo
  6. LiamManTheAngry

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    On characters where 6B followup works without dashing you can do 5BB 3C 236B 6B 5C(1 hit) 6C 236D 214D~C 236C cross under 4B(2) 2DD TK 6DD 2DD D aerial combo for about 4.5k iirc. Maybe a little less than that. Either way it's great meterless damage if you can get a good starter in the corner.
  7. LiamManTheAngry

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    Well if you're talking corner. Tech forward = Caught by Bubble. (This goes for midscreen too) Tech backwards = Caught by bubble. Neutral Tech = Forced to block bubble and bubble will interupt any attempt at a reversal. So yeah, it's actually very powerful in the corner. Just gotta work on blocking well and finding a way out. Since you wont be reversal supering very much at all I guess you could try and save meter for a CA if you were really dreading this situation but apart from that I think it comes down to good honest blocking lol
  8. LiamManTheAngry

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    It might be worth noting that after a 5D-D chain pull on block I think he can space a J.B well enough to hit Lambda while keeping himself out of the way of 6A. Also if you normal block a 5D-D chain pull I think he can mash J.A and it hits before you can get a 6A out in certain circumstances. And if the haz really knows their stuff they can bait someone who's auto-pioting 6A by canceling the 5D-D chain pull with a normal while zooming towards you, which causes Haz to land on the ground just within his 3C range. You do 6A, he gets 3C CH. lol You gotta react to where he's pulling himself from, what height, what chain pull type. His approaches from the air are even more diverse. Try messing around with it in training and see what scenario's let you 6A him out of things and where you get hit too early or miss. And then it's down to reacting and punishing it. (I'm sorta new btw lol I hope Hexa will vouch that I'm not talking nonsese )
  9. LiamManTheAngry

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Wheee. I've always wanted to learn this game properly but never had a reason to because of having nobody to play it with :V If it makes it to 3rd gen with online play that'd be awesome. Still not much info to go on though so I'll try not to get too hyped....yet.