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    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    Ah thanks a lot on that.
  2. DropGate

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    What can OS use as oki? I'm mainly asking this because most of the people I play aren't exactly afraid the oki game either throwing out a shoryuken (mainly the chipp player) or somehow grabbing me when I know I'm outside the throw range (I use 2S to measure/set-up a lot).
  3. DropGate

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Matchup Thread

    I was playing a friend yesterday and he started off picking johnny, I had quite a lot of trouble since I never really used hos against johnny. I was wondering what would be best against him?
  4. DropGate

    Put yourself on the COMPETITION MAP!

    Put myself on there, also got my IM info in my profile. Probably won't be around tomorrow or wednsday. o.O