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  1. Can i ask questions in here?because I dropped some questions in the FAQ thread but clearly this is the more popular thread.
  2. Kingdetox

    [CSE] Platinum Q&A/FAQ Thread

    another question as well, what is the best way to relaunch after the first 22C because i can do the combo perfectly until after the 22C they always tech out before i can continue the combo
  3. Kingdetox

    [CSE] Platinum Q&A/FAQ Thread

    I am having a difficult time with the [bubble > 6C > TK swallow > air C > 2C] like in mission #10 . 2 questions. first can someone help me with getting the timing of the TK input because i always just input the second hit of the 6C instead of canceling into swallow. Secondly, is it even worth learning this because in most videos i watch most players just use the 22C combos instead of this.
  4. Kingdetox

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Sure, you're definitely better than I am, I'll add you tonight
  5. Kingdetox

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    thanks for the info would you happen to want to help me get better online ?
  6. Kingdetox

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Anybody want to help someone new to the series in live i LA county
  7. Looking for someone to do some player matches with someone who is new to the series, also and help or tutoring would be appreciated
  8. Im new to BlazBlue but not new to the fighting game genre, I have a fightstick. I just want someone on PSN (preferably in the Western part of the United States) to help me get better with Rachel. Totally a noob at BB any help will suffice. BTW my PSN ID : King_Detox Time Zone pacific PM Me if you want to help