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  1. This stuff is broken. My HowTo : - plug PS3 legacy controller - launch game - window will pop up saying "legacy controller detected" blabla - enter the main menu of the game with the PS4 controller - switch user of PS4 with the PS4 controller - your legacy controller will be used as the main controller for the game. If you want to join a room with a password, you will need a keyboard and link it to the user that launched the game. Yes, this is broken.
  2. They didn't fix the issue with PS3 legacy controller not being recognized correctly in menus... It works perfectly in GG... That's stupid.
  3. ArcSys netcodes are all pretty much the same. It does the job
  4. You have to press start on the stick when the pop up saying "a legacy controller has been detected blabla" is showing up. If you press start with your pad, it will be your pad set as the main controller for the menus This is how it worked before the update 4.0 of the PS4, not sure if it still work (I have the same issue with BBCF demo...). edit : just tested and it still work this way (Press X with your stick when the pop up shows up)
  5. She has barely any tissue on the top.... Hopefully she is stylish when she fights.
  6. It is not because this game contains some other mediocre characters that they have to do it for the newcomers as well. They created very good ones (Rachel, Tsubaki, Kokonoe...) so they don't have to feed us with this.
  7. Mai's design is absolutely hideous. It reeks of fanservice. At least Es is cute.
  8. Her oki is good. The fish is kinda annoying and allows her a somehow long pressing. But she truly lacks a standing overhead (other than dust obviously). Her pressure is weak, which is a shame. She can throw you alright but meh.
  9. Who cares about the story in a fighting game.
  10. I hope this is the last game for Ragna's Arc and they do a reboot for their next game (like Xrd) Blazblue has way too many characters today.. It is too annoying to learn all the matchups, especially when you consider the game last 1 year at best....
  11. Any character is viable in BB.
  12. It doesn't sound right but my heart is with you dude.
  13. Stages don't affect the lag. Because they don't synch over the network. Because there is no use to synch them as they are statics. Also, at least on PS4, I doubt any stage would make the game slow downs. Or prove me wrong.
  14. She looks pretty cool. Like, a lot.
  15. Wow. I didn't see that coming. Pretty good news. Maybe this will be the first time I buy a european version of the game lol. ... Probably not though, I'll buy the JP version :\