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  1. Satan... Is the name related to the guy from hell, or have you ever played Puyo Puyo? lol

  2. Yeah, I'll go in the lab either in a little bit or tomorrow.

  3. best option is to go into training mode, set the dummy to block at random and keep block switching option enabled. this will teach you how to immediately recognize if your moves are hitting or being blocked. after some practice, a little a day, you'll realize you've landed a hit right then a there. you'll kinda...feel it, i guess. Approsching is just using tools to get in on someone. certain tools are better than others depending on the character.

  4. Solid advice, thanks again! About my hits going un-combo'd/ended, that usually happens because I didn't expect to get that hit and by the time I notice it, it's too late to keep going. What you said still applies, though, as well as everything else (especially my defense...once I'm opened up, I'm done). I'll have to figure out how to get in because that's my main issue (imo). I also need to figure out some more mixups aside from the ones provided in the challenge mode (3-7).

  5. lastly appraoching, learn how to approach appropriately depending on the matchup, use block strings that are safe and effective. your mix up has the right idea learn to profit off them, dont let those stray hits stay stray hit, turn them into combos. so far yeah you have the right idea, dont focus on winning so much. focus more on bettering your game winning just goes hand in hand with that. hope to fight again soon. :)

  6. Alright this is what i got from playing you tonight. So far you do seem to have the general idea of how to play bang, but you let too many hits go combo-less, thus losing possible damage that could turn the match in your favor. blocking, block low, react to overheads. its not as easy as it sounds but it takes practice and patience. learn to anticipate, dont act on the anticipation, let it help with your reactions. Also about blocking and teching : Dont just tech and mash buttons as there are quite a few characters that can CH you out of it. generally when you tech you are at a disadvantage. learning how to block and learn when its your "turn" to take the offensive. your "turn" pops up when theres an exploitable hole in the enemies offensive. Dont know the holes? replicate the inputs in training mode and exploit the habits you see them use. Barrier blocking is your friend and can push them enemy off you, giving you space.

  7. I don't play Lambda yet, but I plan to when I get better feel for the game. I just love her looks, everything about her rules.

  8. so you play Lambda (judging by your avatar) and your name is Satan? as a Hellknight (and a Lambda player) I must offer my services my lord lol

  9. Yo dude, legit avatar!