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  1. that was simply amazing and it did gave me some crazy ideas thank you for you for sharing
  2. 2 really easy ones but need 100 meter and a corner 236k>RC>IK activation>236236hs 623p>5ppp>RC>IK activation>236236hs
  3. More daiji https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5ELWL8Cbzw 0:00, 5:48, 21:47 11:36 loxmonooki(Bedman) Vs kurodaiji(Ramlethal) 13:42 - 21:37 tights-1(Zato-1) Vs kurodaiji(Ramlethal) 25:23 uki_sol(Sol) Vs kurodaiji(Ramlethal) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyfpw1CwccY 2:00, 11:37 loxmonooki(Bedman) Vs kurodaiji(Ramlethal) 4:48 uki_sol(Sol) Vs kurodaiji(Ramlethal) 19:21 tights-1(Zato-1) Vs kurodaiji(Ramlethal) i think he did a bit better overall but it was pretty much the same result as last time. he also used more jD and raw dauro during neutral.
  4. Im all up for nico links in the video thread. Also our reversal just got like 3 times stronger may also have some more appliances with sildo destruo and cassius but that would need testing and i cant do it right now. but at the time i was writing this LK went and said on twitter that he dint get any specials during neutral using so maybe its just a training mode thing after all? shit needs more testing and if anybody wants to lab up or mythbust this shit with our girl that would be awesome.
  5. muerto

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    well unless im blind or im missing some conversion shit it is 30mm im guessing the guy who did my case just was feeling lazy at the time haha
  6. muerto

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    So a less expensive solution would be to just forget about the happ screws or take them out, and just put new ones for the seimitsu then? i think ill do that just need to see were to get somebody to lend me the tools. For your second paragraph i went and did some measurements, the control panel is actually 10mm tick and according to slagcoin if im reading everything correctly, that leaves me with 21.5mm to work with which i think should be ok, for the shaft hole my case got 30mm of diameter and the stick even at max throw distance got 3 extra millimeters to work with so again it should be fine. As for the last point ill bite the bullet, i dont think much things can be worst than the happ super haha. @00Bubbles00 Yes dual modding is when you get an extra pcb or circuitry to make a stick that only works in 1 console to work in both.
  7. muerto

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    So im looking into changing my happ super for a seimitsu LS-56, but since my case is made of wood and i got a bottom mounting like this, and i cant really modify it right now, to make it work im going to need a flat converter to put the seimitsu in place. Am i on the right track with this? or am i going to need a different converter and/or additional parts to make it work? or is there another japanese stick similar to the LS-56 that i could put "as if"? im sorta new to japanese sticks and i dont wanna buy something just to realize i need something else, or something completely different to make things work.
  8. thats just fuurama kaago her command grab, also the super we will be able to power up with burst is gonna be calvados
  9. am i the only one that thinks this subforum has been a bit messy as of late? had to go trough like 4 threads just to find the pain/daiji combo video because they werent in the combo thread, or the oki thread, and the video thread is actually half discussion, half videos during the whole last page... on another note just wanted to mention that ill transcribe all the 5kk oki options next week because they are quite important, nobody has done it, and i will finally be out in vacations (or at least done with finals).
  10. muerto

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    So they took everything that made rachel fun and nerfed it, that coupled with the fact that i'm not going to be putting much time in bbcpex because of Xrd made me seek for another char just for this version of the game, so guys who is the easier fundamental driven character in the game as of now? i though "oh jins the obvious one" but it seems that what makes him good in this game is just he having buttloads of damage? i also tried nu but her combos irritate me for some reason.
  11. kuni and daiji still play and shes still pretty good, just not ridiculous there's some videos on the ramlethal video thread in her subforum if you want to see it yourself
  12. muerto

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    2 execution questions: whats the input for airturn instant air back dash? and whats the timing for throwing 2 fans in the air? i have tried a bunch of things like pressing it asap or using the same rhythm that on land but its not working for some stupid reason
  13. it did, its actually part of her challenges in the current console version
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvazbcD4Ho4 part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvOehON8g88 part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffwfaNPtQ5A part 3 tons of daiji ram highlights that i remember from watching em yesterday night: kkp gives hard knockdown on airborne opponents air combo into j2D gives hard knockdown backdash>yrc>j2D is a thing an active sword shielded ram completely from slayers 5k pk dash pk dash ppp combo still there daiji loops still exist! her damage is shit even with the loops (looking at 4 to 5 combos for a kill instead of 2 and a half)
  15. http://horibuna.web.fc2.com/GGXrd/GGXrd_RA.html theres a bit here but you need a nico account for it