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    [CSE] TK Hirentotsu/TK Loop FAQ and Guide

    ooh, another pad user what i do is 963214 during 2c. u don't have to press b for the hirentotsu too fast. just roll your fingers along the dpad in that motion and press b afterwards and it should come out smoothly.
  2. Buddy

    [CSE] TK Hirentotsu/TK Loop FAQ and Guide

    try buffering ur 5c if u still can't do it don't mash, mashing is bad hit 5c after u see ur opponent hit the ground after the hirentotsu (since it's also the time ur supposed to buffer the dash) it'll guarantee that ur 5c comes out in time
  3. Buddy

    [CSE] TK Hirentotsu/TK Loop FAQ and Guide

    it shouldn't matter try landing it in the corner without the dash first, i still can't do it with the dash...maybe the psp isn't as responsive on inputs there's a rhythm to it, so once u find it, it won't be as hard good luck btw, a visual cue i use is when hazama's hands are all the way to the top from 5c and the atk is about to end, hope this helps
  4. Buddy

    [CSE] TK Hirentotsu/TK Loop FAQ and Guide

    alright, thanks i'm getting the dash more consistently now, but my 5c is always whiffing. i think i'm just not pressing the 5c fast enough since i'm getting a few frames of dash before the 5c comes out. guess i just gotta get used to doing it with the dash now...
  5. Buddy

    [CSE] TK Hirentotsu/TK Loop FAQ and Guide

    Hey guys I'm having lots of trouble getting the dash 5c in. I'm sure i'm delaying my 2c long enough, and i can do the loop pretty easily in the corner, but whenever i get the dash in, my 5c always whiffs or i end up doing 6c. i know i'm supposed to input the dash in advance, but i'm not too sure around what time i'm supposed to input it, since hirentotsu has a pretty long recovery. can anyone help me out here? if it's not too much trouble, can someone edit a video of hazama doing the tk loop and put a note on when the dash is supposed to be inputted? thanks