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  1. I hear it was your birthday and i missed it.... i blame new DL. Happy Late Birthday!!!!!!

    1. Goldchampion200


      I can comment on y own post? kewl

    2. mAc Chaos
  2. thank you thank you buddy ^^

  3. Feels like ive done something wrong lol :3. Nice job btw

  4. Yeah same thing happened to me, on top of that Comcast connection.

  5. I bought a ton of games when I went on vacation to north cal (yay holiday sales) and most were xbox games that I really wanted to play with some friends soo I started doing that for the longest of times and the fact that most ppl I know don't have ps3's contribute to my lack of playing also. Also lot off ppl I enjoy fighting against (lime, nemy etc) have ....below par connections with me now which saddens me greatly.

  6. > After almost an entire month of not playing cp ive finally come back to it (not that anyone noticed I was gone anyway). Ill be around if anyone needs me. Oh I thought you were always playing it. So you are like me. Why were you not playing?

  7. lol YOLO = you obviously love oreos :3 i couldn't resist making that joke xD

  8. E3vE3 said: of course I love oreos :D omg eevee that...That was really fucking funny :3.

  9. Ah, I see. Hope you have a good vacation then, Gold ^__^. Have a Merry Christmas, OK?

  10. Completely forgot to reply to this lol :3. I on vacation over at north cal and will be back next sunday maybe then.

  11. We should totally play when you get a chance, Gold ^__^! I loved playing you back in EX! I'm sure we can have even more fun matches in CP! Besides, I wanna see your amazing Makoto in action again!