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  1. gamester

    [CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

    (I'll try and directly add video links into the main posts as time goes by and post a message on Discord about any updates rather than make a fresh post here every time). (I also can't promise to do all this regularly, I want to play this game as well and not get burned out, the video threads was killing a lot of my free time and part of the reason I left the game for roughly almost 2 years. the videos will come secondary this time around. Especially these days thanks to Dustloop being horrible when it comes to posting video links, it sure isn't as easy as it used to be... Ah I miss those days). Anyway I have managed to add some links in the main posts above. Hope it helps. The layout may change as time goes on because I will be trying to do this to make it easier on myself. Compiling all these links, sifting through them and touching them up takes a lot of time but hey, if you've got match videos to share. Do post them and I will include them. Any info on players etc. is much appreciated. So far I've merged the links with the text but I will probably change that as Dustloop can be very, very slow at times so I may just slap the links on next to the = you see next to matches. I can always tidy it up if I ever find the additional time later and I can't promise I will be adding hyperlinks either. So you may find yourself doing a copy and paste job. Sorry for those on mobile phones >__< Seriously I would like to keep trying with this as I do miss it in a way and I'm trying to watch every single match myself as I get the links. Which in a way is making it more time consuming but I want to learn too! Throw suggestions and me and if you need to find any more videos if there is a period where I haven't been able to update this place in a while, check out https://keeponblaz.in/?char1=rc
  2. gamester

    [CF] Rachel Alucard Matchup Doc (Work in Progress)

    BBCF1 Trying to archive pinned messages from the Rachel Discord and believe the following to be MU related post/s: Message by Most: ( Message Link ) https://youtu.be/0AO2f6J7W_o?t=1358 If anyone finds any more info from CF1 feel free to place it here alongside this snazzy matchup document : )
  3. gamester

    [CF] Rachel Combo Theory/Discussion

    For BBCF1. Combo related information from the Rachel Discord Pinned Messages: Info dump the following: (There should be links that take you to the post so I will try and add those as well, if anyone wishes to help out adding info here or something to add please do.) Message by Most: ( Message Link ) Throw 7d dash j[c]bc land 6a 4b 5cc 236c3d 9djump Iris land 236b9d 6a ivy 3c bbl(edited) You can do one rep of iad loop too but that's not guaranteed from longer midscreen ranges Message by Pokemonblaze234: ( Message Link) Note: This one is more difficult as it is a picture. Will try and sort something out asap. Message by Arm: ( Message Link ) corner: 5cc > frog, 3c > lotus, 5cc 236b 9d > frog near corner: 5cc > frog > 236a 9d, 5cc > frog > j3db midscreen: 4b > frog in most of the frog drop setups you want to tap 2a to catch forward rolls Message by Most: ( Message Link ) https://twitter.com/most_rachel/status/875163390900977664 Message by Arm: ( Message Link ) nah you do 5cdc slight delay 3c (whiff) 5d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRTJBQIt7NE Message by Noire: ( Message Link ) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qgv39hgAfWCOLLVCvMvGdvy44IlRnR0PfS-4C069C2k/edit#gid=0 Message by Most: ( Message Link ) https://twitter.com/most_rachel/status/866834041676288000 Message by Most: ( Message Link ) that was a thing yeah for corner mostly though and i found that you can get 236B to just catch normally vs certain specific characters lotus picks up ragna rachel hakumen litchi tager susano hazama terumi tsubaki nine https://twitter.com/most_rachel/status/841146970580254720 Message by Most: ( Message Link ) spent hours labbing and i found this: https://twitter.com/most_rachel/status/863627816931217408 Message by Most: ( Message Link ) ehhh you can't get a double ivy off of that route from 5A anyway just tried it and it won't give you the long wall stic for 5C @Noir https://twitter.com/most_rachel/status/856386017418334208 Message by ShadowClawZERO ( Message Link ) I did a thing. https://twitter.com/ShadowClawZERO/status/864940571173023744 That's all I could find of the pinned messages on the Discord. Tried to get them archived here the best I could.
  4. gamester

    [CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

    Match Ups: Part 5 (Taokaka - Valkenhayn) - Taokaka: [08/06/2017] [RC (Yomi) Vs TK (?)] = - Terumi: [08/06/2017] x3 TM (13 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) = - Tsubaki: [MM/DD/YY] - Valkenhayn: [MM/DD/YY] - Vs Possible DLC Character: [MM/DD/YY]
  5. gamester

    [CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

    Match Ups: Part 4 (Noel - Tager) - Noel: [MM/DD/YY] - Nu (Nu-13): [MM/DD/YY] - Platinum: [MM/DD/YY] - Rachel (Mirror Match): [MM/DD/YY] - Ragna: [08/06/2017] x7 [RC (Yomi) Vs RG (10 Dan)] = [08/06/2017] x2 RC (Yomi) Vs RG (15 Dan) = - Relius: [08/06/2017] x5 [RL (20 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = [08/07/2017] RC (Yomi) Vs RL (10 Dan) = - Susanoo: [08/06/2017] x2 RC (Yomi) Vs SU = [08/06/2017] x12 RC (Yomi) Vs SU (13 Dan) = - Tager: [08/07/2017] TG (18 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =
  6. gamester

    [CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

    Match Ups: Part 3 (Kokonoe - Nine) - Kokonoe: [MM/DD/YY] - Lambda (A-11): [MM/DD/YY] - Litchi: [MM/DD/YY] - Mai: [08/06/2017] x2 MI (24 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) = [08/07/2017] RC (Yomi) Vs MI (17 Dan) = - Makoto: [MM/DD/YY] - Mu (Mu-12): [08/07/2017] x2 [MU (Dora) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)] = [08/08/2017] [RC (Chouro) Vs MU (24 Dan)] = - Naoto: [08/04/2017] [NA (Kenzaki) Vs RC (Hamu)] = [08/06/2017] [NA Vs RC (Yomi)] = - Nine: [MM/DD/YY]
  7. gamester

    [CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

    Match Ups: Part 2 (Hakumen - Kagura) - Hakumen: [08/04/2017] [RC (20 Dan) Vs HA (Aruto)] = [08/06/2017] [HA (15 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = [08/07/2017] x5 RC (Yomi) Vs HA (19 Dan) = - Hazama: [08/07/2017] x4 RC (Yomi) Vs HZ = [08/07/2017] HZ (22 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) = [08/08/2017] x2 [RC (Chouro) Vs HZ (20 Dan)] = - Hibiki: [08/04/2017] [HI (21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = (Part Match/Gets interrupted) [08/04/2017] x2 [HI (21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = [08/04/2017] HI [(21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = (Part match) - Izanami: [MM/DD/YY] - Izayoi: [MM/DD/YY] - (NEW Jubei): [08/06/2017] RC (Yomi) Vs JB (14 Dan) = [08/07/2017] x2 JB Vs RC (Yomi) = - Jin: [08/06/2017] [JN (13 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = - Kagura: [MM/DD/YY]
  8. gamester

    [CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

    Match Ups: Part 1 (Amane - Es) - Amane: [MM/DD/YY] - Arakune: [08/06/2017] x10 AR (19 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) = [08/07/2017] AR (10 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) = [08/08/2017] [RC (Chouro) Vs AR (21 Dan)] = - Azrael: [08/06/2017] [RC (Yomi) Vs AZ (10 Dan)] = [08/06/2017] [RC (Yomi) Vs AZ (10 Dan)] = [08/07/2017] x2 AZ (21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) = - Bang: [08/07/2017] x4 [BA (Dora) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)] = [08/07/2017] [BA (Dora) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)] = - Bullet: [MM/DD/YY] - Carl: [MM/DD/YY] - Celica: [MM/DD/YY] - Es: [08/06/2017] x4 [RC (Yomi) Vs ES (13 Dan)] = [08/06/2017] x4 [RC (Yomi) Vs ES (12 Dan)] = [08/06/2017] x17 ES (14 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =
  9. Thanks Kurushii for the Header! Previous BBCF Video Thread (attempt 2) Link Here Notes: - If you would like to view matches from BlazBlue Central Fiction (before 2.0 patch), here is a link to the previous thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/12997-cf-rachel-video-and-analysis-thread-20/ - You can also view videos on the JP Video Database (Nico Videos) here: http://horibuna.web.fc2.com/BBCF/index.html - We also have KeepOnBlazing. This is the most likely future of video threads and anyone can chip in and help add matches, as well as watch them. Feel free to check it out and explore: https://keeponblaz.in/?char1=rc - Disclaimer: Can't guarantee to update the Main Match Up post every week but will do so when possible. I also don't understand JP Text but if you do could I ask for the player names, info and even their pallet colour, feel free to post the details as it will help me greatly and hopefully help you guys searching for specific players. I am going to give running a video thread one more shot but this could probably be my last video thread, as you know I haven't been updating things right for the last couple of years. If people want me to keep this going I'll see what I can do because it has also helped me doing these threads and I did enjoy working on them over the years. I just didn't want it becoming a second job and stressing me out lol. - Any feedback or problems you encounter please do not hesitate to contact me here, call me out on Discord and/or give me a shout on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gamester_BB Japanese Video Posting Thread only for BlazBlue Central Fiction (BBCF) Videos and Analysis Discussion General Guidelines for this thread: - Here we encourage the posting of Match Video links and even Combo Videos. Feel free to analyse videos of low or high levelled players and talk about what you feel is notable, like what the Rachel may have done right or wrong, what did you learn from watching the video in question. Break it down and describe your thoughts. - The purpose of the above is to learn how we take information from these videos and implement our shared findings into our own game through discussion. Here is an example to give you an idea of Video Analysis: InsterLinkHere (Need CF Videos) - When Posting Video Links please be sure to mention player names as well as the characters they play, the date of the video and for the link itself, the point where the match starts: If you are posting a link that is a Netplay (Online PSN/XBL) match, just let us know and I can add a * next to the date when I add it to the main posts. - Videos can also be found and watched on NicoNico Douga itself. To watch these videos you can use the Nico Re-director link here: http://www.mmcafe.com/nico.html You can now also create an English Account here: https://account.nicovideo.jp/register/email?sec=common_header&mode=landing Thread Content: - Notable Players (Keep an eye on these guys) - List of Analysed Videos (Links to the main post analysing the video in question) - CMVs (Combo Videos) - Vs. Match Ups (In alphabetical order across 5 posts) Notable Players: List of notable Japanese Rachel Players and their Players Guild Profiles (NESiCA): - Rin-Hime / Link / Pallet Colours - Momoiro / Link / Pallet Colours - N-O / Link / Pallet Colours: (Standard/1) - Tenkyo / Link / Pallet Colours - Ino / Link / Pallet Colours (Purple/) - Chourou / Link / Pallet Colours - Player 7 Name / Link / Pallet Colours List Analysed Videos: Here is a reference list to all posts that have analysed videos: (By Post Date Older - Newer) - Example Reference Post: InsertLinkHere (Need CF Videos) - Example Older Dated Post Link - Example In-Between from oldest to newest Post links go here - Example Newer Dated Post Link CMVs (Combo Videos) : Combo Video Listings: (By Date Oldest - Newest) - [MM/DD/YY] CMV link
  10. Hi there @swordiris and welcome back. I feel @RurouniLoneWolf CPEX - CF transition guide should be able to help you, even though you're coming from CSE [ Link Here ] The new things to you would be: Lotus (22A) and no more pumpkin (now replaced with this ivy blossom (214B)). It will take some getting used to if you used pumpkin a lot like I did, it still messes me up lol. However Lotus is now the tool we need to use for controlling space. Unless you are not in the know we're expecting a balance patch in a couple of months (CF 2.0) I believe so you may want to watch out for that : ) I also need to take this chance to apologise or the lack of board activity, I haven't been able to update this as much as I would of liked, a lot happened and everyone now uses Discord to talk about tech and learning. [ Here's a link to the Discord ]
  11. @swordiris I have also had this feeling there the j.B doesn't seem to come out when you do IAD > j.B > j.C > etc. (Is this the combo route you are talking about) It sounds silly but you could be inputting j.B too fast in the above route. Give it some delay and it should come out and connect for you to then follow up with j.C etc. (Don't worry, I have hardly played any CF myself so I'm trying to learn again from sratch, a lot of people migrated to the Rachel Discord and I've hardly updated this Rachel board sorry)
  12. Sorry for the late reply but I haven't had much time to sit down and play Rachel yet. I asked around for you though on the first question. To Quote Arm: I'll ask about the list of characters, I'm curious myself EDIT: @GoBL1N Quick list made by Arm: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qgv39hgAfWCOLLVCvMvGdvy44IlRnR0PfS-4C069C2k/edit For the second question I am a little unsure, so don't quote me on this lol. I think you can do j.3DB > 5B > 6A > possibly 4B > oki for a shorter route??? But If you're going for an Ivy Blossom route or want to do something with stuff > 5CC >, depending on your distance you will need to use another wind stock to get close to connect 6C after the 5CC. I suppose if you're a little further away from the corner but just about in range where you can still connect 6C after 5CC. You could do that 6C > j.236B > land 5B and/or was it 5CC routes. Sorry I am not very helpful atm. I need to get round to learning CF Rachel myself >__< Any problems with the second question I'll ask around again, or when I get the time myself (hopefully soon) hit up training mode and figure things out
  13. Again. Sorry for the hold up keeping on top of these links. Anyway I have managed to catch up on both Acho and Jourdal video channel links so here they are. I now have 4 weeks off work or so, so hopefully I can actually play the game myself sometime lol. There are a few other channels I want to explore and see if there is anything else to add here but for now. Here it what I have managed. Jourdal's channel: *[11/12/2016] [SU (Poropiccho) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/SaezJa5KACU?t=33m26s *[11/12/2016] x2 [LT (Koike) Vs RC (Tenkyo)] https://youtu.be/SaezJa5KACU?t=40m26s *[11/12/2016] x2 [RG Vs RC (Chorou)] https://youtu.be/SaezJa5KACU?t=1h22m31s *[11/12/2016] x2 [AZ (Dogura) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/SaezJa5KACU?t=1h55m45s *[11/12/2016] [LT (Koike) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/SaezJa5KACU?t=2h9m53s *[11/12/2016] x2 [VH (Suya) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/sQ3KcrsSBkA?t=20s *[11/12/2016] x2 [CA (Itou Sae) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/sQ3KcrsSBkA?t=13m51s *[11/12/2016] x2 [VH (Suya) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/sQ3KcrsSBkA?t=25m14s *[11/12/2016] x2 [RC (N-O) Vs CA (Itou Sae)] https://youtu.be/sQ3KcrsSBkA?t=48m55s *[11/16/2016] [NI (Souji) Vs RC (AMEKO360)] https://youtu.be/_H8GVCmiPHQ?t=41m18s NOTE: Below is A-cho so these videos may get uploaded there soon. I will keep an eye out and see if there will become any duplicates or chose the links with the better vid quality if they appear that is. TEAM Arakune Vs TEAM Rachel: (I'll put Xdan to be a little bit more useful) I will need help with names if anyone wants to chip in, this is a snazzy set. GGs acho on running this. I've added individual links and if someone can help me identify the Rachel's at least that would be cool TEAM Arakune Vs TEAM Rachel below: [11/26/2016] [AR (Tarou) Vs RC (9dan) ] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=59m39s [11/26/2016] [AR (Tarou) Vs RC (21-24dan?) ] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h2m10s [11/26/2016] [AR (Tarou) Vs RC (21dan)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h5m52s [11/26/2016] [AR (Kazuma) Vs RC (24dan)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h9m13s [11/26/2016] [AR (Kazuma) Vs RC (21dan)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h13m10s [11/26/2016] [AR (Kazuma) Vs RC (24dan)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h16m49s [11/26/2016] [AR (Takujo) Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h19m56s [11/26/2016] [AR Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h23m35s [11/26/2016] [AR (Onawa) Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h26m57s [11/26/2016] [AR (Kimuchan) Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h31m22s [11/26/2016] [AR Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h35m37s [11/26/2016] [AR (Furimuki) Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/4ycS1MBrCTU?t=1h39m14s There was more matches played in the above set but were not on stream, Team Rachel wins but I hope to find those other matches on the main Acho channel if they get uploaded there. TEAM Relius Vs TEAM Rachel below: [11/26/2016] [RL Vs RC (21dan)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h6m44s (Part Match) [11/26/2016] [RL Vs RC (21-24dan?)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h8m [11/26/2016] [RL (Okure Nisan) Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h10m52s [11/26/2016] [RL Vs RC (Aruken)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h14m22s [11/26/2016] [RL (Okure Nisan) Vs RC (Hamu)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h18m40s (Hope the player names are right) [11/26/2016] [RL (Mokemoke) Vs RC (Hamu)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h22m37s [11/26/2016] [RL (Mokemoke) Vs RC (Zero Rikka)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h26m15s [11/26/2016] [RL (Mokemoke) Vs RC (Chorou)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h30m59s [11/26/2016] [RL (Mokemoke) Vs RC (N-O)] https://youtu.be/RvNh51c0GZE?t=1h36m2s TEAM Rachel Vs TEAM Izanami FINALS below: [11/26/2016] [RC (9dan) Vs IN (Pittan)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=26s [11/26/2016] [RC (21dan) Vs IN (Pittan)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=4m5s [11/26/2016] [RC (21dan) Vs IN (Maohara)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=8m20s [11/26/2016] [RC (21dan) Vs IN (Hayate)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=14m32s [11/26/2016] [RC (21dan) Vs IN (Hayate)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=17m56s [11/26/2016] [RC (22dan) Vs IN (Sadie)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=23m1s [11/26/2016] [RC (21dan) Vs IN (Sadie)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=26m40s [11/26/2016] [RC (Aruken) Vs IN (Sadie)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=29m50s [11/26/2016] [RC (Tenkyo) Vs IN (Sadie)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=34m35s [11/26/2016] [RC (Hamu) VS IN (Sadie)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=38m18s [11/26/2016] [RC (Hamu) Vs IN (Monster)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=42m21s [11/26/2016] [RC (Zero Rikka) Vs IN (Monster)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=48m19s [11/26/2016] [RC (Chorou) Vs IN (Monster)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=51m43s [11/26/2016] [RC (Minoru) Vs IN (Monster)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=56m14s [11/26/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs IN (Monster)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=1h7m19s [11/26/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs IN (Rikutoe)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=1h10m54s [11/26/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs IN (Tenchi)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=1h17m43s [11/26/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs IN (Minami)] https://youtu.be/GHfvi6x1KmQ?t=1h21m35s Rachel is the best. [11/27/2016] [NA (Gonzalez) Vs RC (Tatsuya)] https://youtu.be/cSmEa3IfIcg?t=45m24s [11/27/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs JN (Fenrich)] https://youtu.be/cSmEa3IfIcg?t=1h34m46s [11/27/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs RL (LEO)] https://youtu.be/cSmEa3IfIcg?t=1h59m36s [11/27/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs NA (Tahichi)] https://youtu.be/cSmEa3IfIcg?t=2h3m55s [11/27/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs TM (Noze)] https://youtu.be/cSmEa3IfIcg?t=2h6m36s [11/27/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs AZ (Ikamen)] https://youtu.be/cSmEa3IfIcg?t=2h11m30s [11/27/2016] [HZ (J Anson) Vs RC (Masa)] https://youtu.be/mvl0ScsrQhc?t=29m56s [11/27/2016] [RC (Hime Sama) Vs AZ (Mato)] https://youtu.be/mvl0ScsrQhc?t=1h5m54s [11/27/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs CE (Ronitta)] https://youtu.be/RuN7neURYkU?t=23m31s [11/27/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs NI (Fumi)] https://youtu.be/RuN7neURYkU?t=28m33s [11/27/2016] [AR (Kitsune) Vs RC (Rin-Hime)] https://youtu.be/RuN7neURYkU?t=52m9s [11/27/2016] [AZ (Zexo) Vs RC (Rin-Hime)] https://youtu.be/RuN7neURYkU?t=54m47s [11/27/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs AZ (Zexo)] https://youtu.be/RuN7neURYkU?t=1h46m35s END of A-Cho related videos. This will be good reference for naming the actual Acho vids if they are uploaded. [12/02/2016] [RC Vs MK] https://youtu.be/t7mZB24tcRk?t=13m47s [12/02/2016] [RC Vs CA] https://youtu.be/t7mZB24tcRk?t=15m45s A-Cho Channel: [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs HA] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=14m48s [11/26/2016] x3 [RC (N-O) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=18m56s [11/26/2016] [RC (Chorou) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=36m47s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=39m41s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs PT] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=45m18s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=51m12s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs PT] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=56m56s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=1h1m41s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs PT] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=1h5m33s [11/26/2016] [RC (N-O) Vs TM] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=1h11m9s [11/26/2016] x2 [RC (N-O) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/a2_WCwIck70?t=1h14m23s [11/27/2016] x2 [RC (25dan) Vs AZ] https://youtu.be/2-ki53WDpHQ?t=38m45s [11/27/2016] [NO Vs RC (???)] https://youtu.be/2-ki53WDpHQ?t=1h32m2s [11/27/2016] [KK Vs RC (???)] https://youtu.be/2-ki53WDpHQ?t=1h35m29s [11/27/2016] [RC (???) Vs NU] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=16m39s [11/27/2016] [RC (???) Vs LT] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=35m34s [11/27/2016] [RC (???) Vs TB] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=37m44s [11/27/2016] [RC (???) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=40m29s [11/27/2016] [HA Vs RC] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=44m56s [11/27/2016] [AZ Vs RC] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=47m33s [11/27/2016] [PT Vs RC] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=51m1s [11/27/2016] [BU Vs RC] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=54m9s [11/27/2016] [HZ Vs RC] https://youtu.be/WzxrBNoZFkk?t=57m54s Hope this helps. I want to try and get all of the above added soon into the main post. I will see what I can do.
  14. I fell behind really quickly but just managed to catch up a bit more. Got a lot of stuff going on and whatnot. Either way here are some of the latest videos I have managed to list together. *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/peuKLcpok0U?t=10m49s *[10/31/2016] [RC Vs MA (Dora)] https://youtu.be/peuKLcpok0U?t=24m16s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/peuKLcpok0U?t=41m42s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/peuKLcpok0U?t=46m9s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/peuKLcpok0U?t=59m20s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/JvsXeJhW6cU *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/JvsXeJhW6cU?t=4m34s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/JvsXeJhW6cU?t=28m2s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/JvsXeJhW6cU?t=37m51s *[10/31/2016] [MA (Dora) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/JvsXeJhW6cU?t=1h4m38s [10/30/2016] [RC (Chourou) Vs AR (Kimuchan)] https://youtu.be/ue1N7q1gagQ?t=1h8m10s [10/30/2016] [RC (Chourou) Vs CA (Itou Sae)] https://youtu.be/ue1N7q1gagQ?t=1h14m36s [10/30/2016] [HA (Poropiccho) Vs RC (Chourou)] https://youtu.be/9y4mjspUHuY?t=43m36s [11/03/2016] [RC (Tatsuya?) Vs NA (A92)] https://youtu.be/dKgjiMyELF8?t=17m55s [11/03/2016] [RC (Tatsuya?) Vs NA (A92)] https://youtu.be/dKgjiMyELF8?t=27m18s [11/03/2016] [RC (Tatsuya?) Vs NA (A92)] https://youtu.be/dKgjiMyELF8?t=34m2s [11/03/2016] [RC (Tatsuya) Vs NI (WIZ)] https://youtu.be/WaAR4ZFSftA?t=29m16s [11/03/2016] [NA (A92) Vs RC (Tatsuya)] https://youtu.be/WaAR4ZFSftA?t=43m50s *[11/2-6/2016] [MA (DISA) Vs RC] https://youtu.be/QuXS0Dsjcto?t=6m38s [11/06/2016] [HZ Vs RC (Tatsuya)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=24m19s [11/06/2016] [MU (Elive) Vs RC (Tatsuya)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=29m12s [11/06/2016] [TB (Konan) Vs RC (Minoru)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=2h24m43s [11/06/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs AR (Giketomato)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=2h42m10s [11/06/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs NI (Hikaru)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=2h45m50s [11/06/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs IZ (Koreru)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=2h50m53s [11/06/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs NI (Fumi)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=3h11m42s [11/06/2016] [RC (Momoiro) Vs TB (Konan)] https://youtu.be/AE8q_6IZfNE?t=3h16m40s [11/05/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs RL (Mabukapu)] https://youtu.be/xEo_hJfQCYU [11/05/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs RG (Denpo)] https://youtu.be/xEo_hJfQCYU?t=5m49s [11/05/2016] x2 [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs RL (Mabukapu)] https://youtu.be/xEo_hJfQCYU?t=10m26s [11/05/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs NA] https://youtu.be/xEo_hJfQCYU?t=21m16s [11/05/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs TB (Konan)] https://youtu.be/xEo_hJfQCYU?t=24m45s [11/05/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs RL (Mabukapu)] https://youtu.be/xEo_hJfQCYU?t=29m2s [11/05/2016] [MK (Matsu) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)] https://youtu.be/7vZh1Ww-0JA?t=23m19s [11/05/2016] x5 [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs MK (Matsu)] https://youtu.be/7vZh1Ww-0JA?t=48m9s [11/06/2016] [RC (Tetsuwo) Vs NI (Fumi)] https://youtu.be/S2db35DA5tQ?t=38m58s [11/03/2016] [JN (Fenrich) Vs RC (Hiyunka)] https://youtu.be/v_qUw6-vb5I?t=29m55s Hope this helps.
  15. Hey all. Looks like some sort of hitbox viewer has recently come to light. I haven't figured it out yet but thought I would put the link here for you guys to mess around with http://boxdox-bb.dantarion.com/#/viewer/bbcf/rc/CmnActStand/1