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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to remove subtitles from PC Xrd by editing a file or smth? Would really like to get rid of those for video recording purposes.
  2. The wiki states that while the risc gauge is filled no damage scaling exists (apart from guts and initial or forced proration) and when it's empty normal damage scaling starts to kick in, but it doesn't mention how normal damage scaling works. Does anyone know? Regarding ac+r tierlist: think zappa, dizzy and millia were considered the top3 characters, justice was considered the worst. Everyone else is somewhere in between. Sorry i can't give a more concise answer.
  3. I heard Machaboo was coaching Daigo, maybe that's why.
  4. Out of interest, does anyone know how jump installing works? I know what it does and how to do it, but I want to know the engine intricacies behind it.
  5. New rumored loketest change: Slayer instant kill now hits fullscreen. On both sides. And comboes as OTG hit.
  6. Theres 4 5 layouts to choose from, I don't remember them from the top of my head though. The original layout is KSH P-D
  7. Yes that's cause no archives were made for any game on srkevo3 to srkevo7. They only fixed it after saturday.
  8. So the notes on the right side are more general gameplay reminders instead of character/player specific notes?
  9. And you could've at least put this into spoiler tags in case someone hasn't watched the bracket yet and doesn't want to know who is in top8.
  10. Combos look like they will last forever while dealing no damage again, and Jubei is still not playable. 2/10
  11. I do play Melee in a competitive setting (although it's by far the game I'm worst at) and picked it up 2014. It's actually my favorite game to watch, I can't name you a specific reason though. It's just a lot of fun watching skilled players utilize game mechanics in a way that allows for the biggest freedom of movement I've ever seen - even if I probably most of the time don't know the inputs behind it. The zoning/spacing game is fast-paced and still very simple at its core, the mechanic for winning (knocking off of the stage instead of doing a fixed amount of damage) is interesting and unique and edgeguarding feels very rewarding. Probably the biggest reason that's making we want to get better at Melee though is the community. We have more Melee players than players of all other games combined, and some of them are real killers even on an international level (compared to our best players in other games).
  12. Rele

    ACR Millia - Combo Lists & Discussion

    Some more stuff cause I was bored: BnBs vs Kliff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3d3EBHWrR4 Universal BnBs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjfBKcghyPc Koichi Kick/Woshige Kick Tutorial http://youtube.com/watch?v=ydIqrIJ4DE8
  13. Stick hitboxes in their faces. If they run straight at you, do something like 6H/f.S/2D/stinger aim. If they jump at you, 2H/6P. You need to make them respect the angles Venom is good at covering.
  14. Rele

    ACR Millia - Combo Lists & Discussion

    vs Baiken (fuck this character) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eqL8VaPGIU