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  1. Ayashii

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to SpeedtestOnReaction
  2. Ayashii

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to all I played. Also 1. You double posted lol 2. During your very first post and this last post, you try to play the good guy yet you were just as involved, if not more so in the argument than Biscuits, so please stop that. 3. Based on what I know, Biscuits told me you called him a shitty player after he kicked you due to inactivity, so wouldn't that mean you started the shit talk in the first place? 4. Biscuits doesn't take netplay seriously at all lmao, especially when it's laggy (shouldn't be taken seriously at this point in general tbh) To say "you're garbage, I'M BETTER THAN YOU" is baseless, yet proclaim that immediately after is hypocrisy as well too. If you are a player at a low level, then you should ask for help. Some players like Biscuits will be honest; brutally honest, in fact, but does it really matter if it helps highlight your mistakes? He jokes around/shit talks a lot, but the points he makes are usually pretty valid, so yeah. But worst of all, never proclaim someone else is terrible after putting yourself down. It's two-faced and it really makes it difficult for anyone to want to help you. Sorry for bringing this back up, there was just too much wrong with what I saw. I'll stop with this and just PM if necessary (And hold the infraction if need be lol)
  3. Ayashii

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    lolwut? sword normals ruin everyone else's day
  4. Ayashii

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Lol kinda like me and SRZ, I only play Jin when the situation calls for it (ie: actually turning my brain on) and SRZ is "Jin specialist" (AKA shoto scrub), except SRZ knows real combos too [EDIT]: Star Demon, if you didn't have fun that's your own damn business but a good game signifies that the other player enjoyed it. So don't tell others it was an awful game, you have no control of their reactions to anything. GGS to Star, NeoGio0o, and the other people.
  5. ...my sig's still better. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  6. We are both sharing the best post ever made on dustloop as our sigs I see

  7. Ayashii

    (CSEX) (XBL) FT10 interest thread

    I obviously have to start actually trying in rooms then so you don't gauge me playing with speed wheel and shit ...Nah fuck that.
  8. Ayashii

    (CSEX) (XBL) FT10 interest thread

    1. That's still really bad. 2. Please don't be michigan and add numbers lmao, it was 10-1 and Eevee watched so yeah... 3. I can only end this or any conversation that may arise about this with this lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect[/url [EDIT] Also yeah what Mash/John said
  9. Ayashii

    (CSEX) (XBL) FT10 interest thread

    Didn't I beat you 10-1 in a FT10 without blocking? lol Damn, XBL is crazy
  10. Ayashii

    (CSEX) (XBL) FT10 interest thread

    Lol how bad did you get bodied that you actually think StayFree is good?
  11. If the prize for winning a tournament is bbcp preorder, I will actually use Jin and go 100% so that should be fun o:

  12. Because he's free. That would probably be best, most of this stuff is basic and important in the normal sense anyhow.
  13. I can not finish my internship application form due to locked. :(

  14. Ayashii

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    I only post up vids of my subs so I am glad to say I am not one of those Jins. GGs to people taking metalsonic's stylish mode tager so seriously they kick him out the room. Damnnn lol
  15. Ummm, doing this shit? I was being quite serious, I think Gio would add much needed help to the show. As far as your opinion, I am not going to argue with it, if you feel you have the experience with Gio to claim everything you are saying, then by all means, say it. But as far as the trolling goes, I was quite serious in my post. The fact that so many people joined, although in a silly manner, just testifies to how popular this decision would be, and how others feel about NeoGio0o, something you should consider before letting your own personal feelings overtake you. It is your own decision though, in the end. Something we'll all respect. P.S: Your Gio wasn't funny complaint is like a 1:100000000000 ratio, not even dickriding.