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  1. Guys, I fucked up. I saw that PS4 Revelator was on HK PSN so I bought a HK point card. But PS3 version isn't there. It's on JP PSN only. RIP
  2. I buffer 6A way in advance so I can just time a 236 when 6A actually hits.
  3. You gotta do 6H hella preemptively though. It's not really something that you can do in reaction to most jump ins. Once it's out, it's jokes though.
  4. After blocked f.S, I usually toss grenade if I have one ready, 2H, or disengage. 214K is decent too, 'cause it's usually far enough that it's safe. You can combo into 2H for a ton more damage on crouches or on CH. On block, it really grinds up the guard bar, which is hella jokes. It's just tight. As far as I know, there isn't an easier way of doing it.
  5. Jump cancel and airthrow. Steal his soul.
  6. I haven't noticed any difference.
  7. If your combo before doing that is short enough and you hit them when they're high enough so that they don't land before you can j.S after j.236P, it'll connect.
  8. C'mon, Chibi, there's like two pages to this thread. Just read it over. Don't be a 9.
  9. You don't get air combos from sweep on all characters.
  10. CH 2H is a weird launch to do this combo from. It's still possible, though. Just hit c.S as high as you can. EDIT: I made a video to show the timing, but you're gonna have to wait for my terrible internet to upload it. :v EDIT: Here it is.
  11. Who are you doing the combo on? And what exactly are you doing?
  12. Microdash c.5S, dash under, or Blitz Shield are decent options when used sparingly and against people who don't expect them. Generally best to just block if you don't think you can anti air easily, though.