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  1. Here's a quick combo showing the tipper 236a and j.214c blowback change:
  2. Generally, it sounds like her combo damage will be lower overall when using the current combo paths, particularly in the corner where 236a, 236b, and enhanced 214x are staples. The B stance > overhead changes seem like quality of life fixes. I recall particular things (5x~8a > 5aca) strangely dropping on counterhit vs normal hit, and it sounds like it'd be nice to get ~8a instead of ~6a with a ~9a input. Less blowback on 214b/c is likely a positive overall. While it cuts corner carry off an aerial ender, it'll give better oki positioning and a more-stable RC continuation without reaching the corner. Also, shockwaves will land more consistently at midscreen. The bigger wallbounce on hit and fatal starter on B stance > 6a could potentially lead to new routes. It currently doesn't seem to have much use outside of corner combo part, especially midscreen even with CH or RC. So this could change that up. Vacuum vs airborne opponent on tipper 236a could also lead to new midscreen routes but seems pretty situational. Mainly thinking that a meterless 5a pickup could be possible - maybe after something like max range 2bc > 236a?
  3. Kikirin

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    New PV for the upcoming console release with Enkidu and Erika snippets:
  4. Looks like I was sniped, but I do think no-stock makes the 20th.
  5. Kikirin

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    We have Amane notes! \o/ https://twitter.com/Shima3_shima3/status/623341096014209024 https://twitter.com/Shima3_shima3/status/623341143980244993 https://twitter.com/Shima3_shima3/status/623341218894757888 https://twitter.com/Shima3_shima3/status/623341282690084864 https://twitter.com/Shima3_shima3/status/623341325585219589
  6. Kikirin

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Reposting the changes to system mechanics here (w\ SMP info added).
  7. Is there a post somewhere covering / summarizing said system changes? I don't recall seeing one on DL yet, in either English or Moon Runes. Edit: nevermind, found it here: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php/topic/10979-cf-blazblue-central-fiction-news-and-gameplay-discussion/page-25#entry925887 SMP info got edited in after I'd read the post.
  8. Er, whoops. Yeah, it's 1C. Corrected it in my original post.
  9. Amane info from the Famitsu list. A new special "Gan Gan Senpu [Ginga]" (214C) is added. Fires a tornado-like projectile at mid-range. It blows the opponent back on counterhit for possible Gekiren (623C), etc. (and maybe C series) follow-ups. Also, 4C and 1C normals have been added. Each are slightly-shorter / more-compact versions of 5C and 2C. Control of the mid-range has been improved with these attacks.
  10. The Exceed Accel stuff doesn't seem like anything new. Just that it's basically a super move that comes out with ABCD during OD, and that it's special for each character and has big damage. The Active Flow stuff sounds interesting. Sounds like something of an equivalent for UNiB's vorpal or GG's meter gain on forward movement. Active Flow: Active Flow state is entered from maintaining aggression / playing actively. Offensive ability up and burst recovery boosted. Exceed Accel also strengthened and becomes flashier.
  11. Kikirin

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    YESSSSSSSSS! Will be looking forward to the Chemeti/Phonon details as they come in.
  12. Kikirin

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Whoa, whoa, whoa - where's the image from? I'm interested in seeing more of those side / scrapped / unused characters. Dat Chemeti!
  13. Maybe I'm confusing this with other ASW fighters, but doesn't air blocking reset your air options? So air dash would be possible after double-jump > block.
  14. Dunno about the HKD prices, but the nominal/retail JP prices for the console versions are 5800 yen for digital and ~6200 yen for physical. Vita is 4800 yen, digital only.