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  1. Give me back my tax dollars

  2. Get out while you still can.

  3. What is this place, I'm lost....

  4. I literally just saw this. Too bad I didn't buy any daki sleeves while I was there. I bought a blanket though haha

  5. be sure to hook me up with dat bang body pillow in jpanz


  7. Oh? If you have FB you should be able to view it. Also did you get back home safely? When Shin brought you back to the room I didn't hear that he said it was you! I just heard the story and I was like yoooo of course! Sorry if our room was a mess :<
  8. Tag yourself. Of course you will probably have to log on. Let me know if there are problems viewing the album. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.981769550734.2221736.194301738&type=3
  9. Room 720 poverty room too strong. Shoutouts to everyone that swung by the room. Shoutouts to regulating room using BB lobby phrases. Shoutouts to almost getting room banned. Shoutouts to everyone in 720 with me (Dsmoove, Tone, DarkTalon, ShinSyn, Orona) Shoutouts to those that passed out in my room every night (NC PAIN, Brandino, and Leonil) Shoutouts to Dokapon Kingdom making everyone salty. Shoutouts to DC teaching Japan how to cook. Shoutouts to everyone I met this weekend. Great weekend.
  10. Little Kaqn I will take watch in your father's stead. Now be a good An-chan to Dsmoove. On a serious note, I am willing to help chaperone my fellow anime children.
  11. Me, ShinSyn, Tone, Ds, DarkTalon, CeruleanEdge, and two others are all set. Flights and hotels booked for Fri-Mon. See everyone there!