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  1. well I was expecting Raven or even Testa...but from the conversation between that man and raven it seems like he's not gonna step up yet and they'll leave jack-o to do her thing first
  2. Is this the game where Amane will finally be top tier where he belongs?
  3. How many loketests for Revelator are left? did they ever specify any number?
  4. Yeah that's probably it, for example there are some nutty Ky players who rush me down and I have troubles creating space for summoning since he's on my face the whole time
  5. I've got a gameplat related question: How do you play in a way that is conservative but still trying to control the opp and take adv of situations? I find it REALLY hard to control people who just go nuts with rushdown and keep attacking. It might be because I am not a high lv player but I do want to get there eventually. Any ideas?
  6. I know Elph is supposed to be a pressure based char with some zoning elements, but how do I play her in a way where I don't have to take too many risks aka play a strong neutral? are there any good examples of top Elph who play her like that?
  7. Diveman

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    Isa also plays Elphelt
  8. I asked this but I forgot to quote you lol how does Jack-O flow in real fights? as in, how does she work in tandem with her summons etc?
  9. So from what you've seen King of heart, how does Jack-O work? I mean we've all read what she does, but how does it look when everything is together in motion? (kinda hard to word this i hope you understand me)
  10. Diveman

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    I was actually gonna ask about that since I felt Mitsusu was pretty strong in 2.0 but now I think there's little reason to pick her over S.Mitsuru unless I'm missing something
  11. while I do agree Venom is quite good in 1.0, I wouldn't put him in the same league as zato, millia or ram
  12. Everyone in tournaments should, as soon as danger time happens, go to a corner, sit there, wait till it ends then continue the match.
  13. This more of a general gameplay question, but how do you deal with people who are nutty in the neutral game and are always doing stuff? I'm not talking about horrible players, they generally know their offensive game even if sometimes they autopilot hard, but in the neutral game they're always rushing down, trying to get in and apply pressure in general.
  14. are there gonna be any more loketests or this is the last one?