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  1. narga21

    [CF] Match Finder

    I got a room up if anyone wants to play. us east coast
  2. is the glitch only for us versions that pick her? cause i've been playing her off and on since she released.
  3. so apparently mai might be glitched? people have been saying she causes crashes online. any info about this?
  4. narga21

    [CF] Match Finder

    Us east coast room up if anyone is up this early
  5. OK sus is still locked in hk. I'm guessing cause of timezone difference. How long is the wait?
  6. narga21

    [CF] Match Finder

    Anyone wanna play ? Also what's the lobby everyone uses for USA?
  7. Pressure is gonna be rough with no jump cancels on block. You'd think 2c would have one. Also any word specifically on how much is in English for the HK ver. Of CF? I'm kinda confused since I thought they just sold the Japanese versions in the past. I'm at work so I can't check the store myself.
  8. Story is about 70ish minutes with full skipping. I think it's because there are less fights
  9. Thanks for the hard work. If I may ask a little bit more of you, could you add the inputs for the moves into your post please?
  10. Right so since this character is brand new, there's a lot to learn about him. If anyone wants to do some serious lab time with him, things we need to know first are: . What each specific Magatama move is . The differences between each level for each Magatama . Which moveshould to prioritize unlocking first to optimize the efficiency of play. . What moves have properties ( high, low, invulnerable, etc. ) I'd do this myself but I'm at work. Ifor he already has a sub forum, I'll move my post over there
  11. Rushing through story now. Is mashing circle the fastest way? I don't know moon runes but is there any way to skip scenes?
  12. Rushing through story now. Is mashing circle the fastest way? I don't know moon runes but is there any way to skip scenes?
  13. narga21

    [CF] Match Finder

    Online is back up. What's the designated English room? I'm on if anyone wants to play
  14. narga21

    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Nice Stuff So Far. I'm going through old match videos to find combos for specific situations. Stuff I've seen mabukapu do so far: Corner Burst bait 2c j.236c 2c 41236b 5b 2c j.b j.c j.236c~j.214a j.66 j.b j.c j.236c 4d 6a 3477|24|2000 Can be done with ignis in either state. Low ignis bar 100% 6a ODC 5c 6c 41236b 5b 2c 6c 236c~214a 3009|21|1000 OD recovers almost all of ignis bar because of the change. I think OD is gonna more useful. I don't remember exactly damage atm but I'll edit this post with exact numbers when home from work. EDIT more combos incoming. All midscreen stuff. I'll figure out fatals and counter hit punishes later. Throw > 41236b > 5b > 2c > 6c> 236c ~214a 2712|19|1000 Airthow 2c > 6c > 41236b > 5b > 2c > 6c > 236c~214a 2917|20|1000 6a > 6d > 5c(1) > 6c > 41236b > 5b > 2c > 6c> 236c~214a 2885|20|2300 5b > 3c > 236c~214c > 66 6c > delay 41236b > 5b > 2c > 6c > 236c~214a Ignis CT > 6d > 66 5b > 2c > 6d > 6c > 41236b > 5b > 2c > 6c > 236c~214a 2314|09|3600 236d > 6c > 41236b > 5b > 2c > 6c > 236c~214a 2612|18|2500
  15. i thought jubei and platinum were the same height