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  1. http://www.watchanimeon.com/k-on-season-2-episode-14/ :D The new intro has something cute about mugi in it.. however, the end credits are freaking AWESOME now~! (like they usually are, I guess.. @_@) Sorry, If this is old news, I just now found the stream.
  2. :) Yes, of course.. However, I have become ill for the moment and must remain indoors/bed. 'n'
  3. -QUOTE=Amadeous;832420- People on the internet learned Sesame's a girl. -/QUOTE- junked.jpg

  4. :D Quit ripping on my little Noel~! She's.. err.. eheeeuuuhm... exceptional.

  5. :D If you screen shot and use the frame I'm thinking of from the new episode as your avatar.. I'm going to consider punching at you. But seriously.. Mugi, no lines. Yui's an ugly fat b*tch. It's a sick sad world.

  6. ' v ' ....huwut? so you build robots and stuff huh? That's a pretty secksy job for a lady. It's okay to be lazy though.. I was lazy all day today and I plan on being lazy all night. Uhm.. this might be forward. How about.. what type of guys do you like, usually?

  7. +* v *+ Kawaii... I'm not use to it, I'll try not to be too strenuous for you. I can realize how much of a brute I may appear sometimes, perhaps just some light caressing for starters. Also, Cooking is that thing that someone is going to do either before or after I have to preform gently. Hey, sometimes a man works up an appetite you know. Uhmu... do desho. Is your hair.. maybe, just like by a chance.. really amazingly awesome long? The kind you can curl up in and disappear like a cloak?

  8. Are you not alloud to have avatar's because you could hurt yourself on the sharp edges? Ooh, wait! Should I be giving you pm like this, so close to dinner?

  9. Can't help it.. something in my mind.. I just see little konata.. and associate her with taking guile in 1 kick.. and something just ticks in my little mind.. >_

  10. Cool~!.. I like kenshin.. that's a cool one. I watched GitS movie 2: Innocence last night.. was alright. OOOH, my 2nd season of K-On! has been playing recently on the mega video (so cool!) I'm like.. addicted to the soundtrack from that series. So far they are up to episode 11... previews for next episode look pretty cool too. Of course, I'm a sucker for the whole girl-band scene to begin with.

  11. dat fyne ass. :D (sry about not getting back to you on the psn.. i lost internet at the place my ps3 is.)

  12. Hah.. you naughty little tart~! you'll be deserving punishment for ordering me around so carelessly. I'll tan your ass red~!

  13. Hahaha.. whoops.

  14. Hahaha.. you must play kind of rough if you already need a shower.. Actually, I just awoken, so I probably need a shower too. Also.. I'm totally going to have a big bowl of Icecream sometime today, it's inevitable. All that's left over from the cook-out is about 4 gallons of Icecream. Maybe I should get some beer for the fireworks as well? Could be fun. Oh, is it your birthday? Happy birthday, Miss Yumi.

  15. HAHAHAH.. Your avatar.. just... what the... just... HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  16. Hahahaha.. dood you gotta stop messing with me. That avatar is far too much.

  17. heh.. sup kiddo. I'm here too (for the time being) how are you?

  18. Hey! Have I ever asked if you liked the band "Puffy Ami Yumi" ??

  19. HIIIII.. Your name's cute, are you famous?

  20. HIIIII~! So your like.. pretty cool, huh?

  21. Hmm.. I like final fantasy series!! .. my all time favorite is ff8 (just because it's centered around a love story, and i'm a sucker for the bad-boy gets his dream-girl kind of trashy scenarios) I usually like shooters, like Half-Life.. except I only get my butt kicked at them mostly.. So I've been slowly straying away from those into mour family safe 'adventure' and 'strategy' titles. V_V lol. I also play the pwi and grandchase mmorpg's however, personally on a whole, I don't think I like video games at all. :( sooo.. ever attend a college, chick?

  22. Hmm.. so it's a secrete huh? That just makes me even mour curious about it. Maybe you can pm me someday about it? Hah~! Wow, your kind of picky.. well, not really. I suppose I'm just kind of upset that I don't meet any of your criteria. :( Well.. except the video games part. I would be able to handle you playing around on your 'little games' .. just as long as they were not completely terrible. Then you may get annoyed with me ripping on it every so often. Hey uhm.. want to have a picture exchange? I have some pictures of me hosted on the myspace website: www.myspace.com/kingpsilocybe (thats me if you can see them)

  23. Hmm.. that's pretty cool. I like to drawl too sometimes, although I'm not very proficient at it. :/ (At least I think I can texture.. or I'd never get anything done). You know, I really should start paying mour attention to who the artist are in all the fanart threads. It would be nice sometimes to be able to recognize talent, would you agree? So.. What are your studies? Going to school for any particular reason? Let me guess.. your one of those 'got everything in life' planned out type girls? Maybe I'm just stereotyping. >_< What's work like? Something interesting? (and if you say your a professional manga artist or something close to that, I may literally catch a nose-bleed.) I don't go out that often either, actually. I only know a few people.. and they are not really the bar-fly type. *'-'*