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  1. you wont have to thank me.. its a given.. I appreciate you enjoy the avatar. Sorry I could not get the entire animation into it.. its ... you should bring it up with traggic, tell him the limitations are bogus and psi is gonna hunt him (in missouri) down... lol.. just playing.. but yeah.. tell him to raise the file size limit.. anyways.. glad you like your avatar... LATER

  2. That's good for you to stand and face your dilemma. Everything is going to be alright. It will be okay from here on.. (btw, like the new avatar?)

  3. This is nothing of my concern! You will surrender your BEST evening dress, for it's a formal occasion. If you dress casual.. you WILL hail a cab yourself.

  4. I'll wreck your best evening gown.

  5. Je suis le poids lourd.