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  1. thank you hikari.. that was a very informative recapping of current event.

    ...uhm... still waiting on that juggernaut confirmation I suppose.

    ALSO.. if it isn't too late.. I had an awkward Idea.. of asking the companies involved.. if they would leave about 200mb space on the game disk for custom input (my reasons~!) and maybe a user-friendly skeletal positioning/custom model interpretation engine... for you know.. the characters they might accidentally leave out.

    Perhaps this is a selfish idea, and I should just wait for a console version of M.U.G.E.N. make your own fighter.

  2. I wanted to delete the old one anyways because it was a monster thread.

    I don't really mind the off topic banter that can happen here, can be sometimes inspirational, heh.

    Please, a special segment for Rachel, like an advice colomn, or something.

    also, @last comic... MUA HAHA HAHA HAHA H AHAHAHAHHAHA HAHAHAHA... she'll never see it coming now~!! (no pun intended)

  3. Ahh. Don't mention it. I hadn't meant to come off as disrespectful or anything. I was just sort of preoccupied when I was responding previously.

    My damned robits are retarded, I fear. :psyduck::vbang:

    Thanks for attempting to find my character though :thumbsup:. I totally just now have gotten Sakura (card captor) for Mugen+Plus, haven't tested her yet however.

  4. Let's hope this Hybrid has a more accurate Jin counter part. You do realize Jin's particle effects have been ripped, and it's not that hard to create a white fog effect.

    @2nd God: Quit smoking pot. :(

    Yeah, or an actual 'freezing' system (heck, even just copy paste the code from sub-zero). Nice meeting you though Ares, always nice to have some new blood.

    @Blade - What a co-incidence, I actually have stopped smoking pot (and cigarettes for that matter) now if I can only stop drinking, I'll be a model citizen morman-eske style.

    so excuse me for have late night dreams of sliding slightly forward without any walk animation then a full 6 button inventory of combo-ing barks that deal '0'dmg.

    Awkwardly related note, anyone know where to find the Obama character?

  5. Hmm.. sounds like it can't read the file names from the .def

    Maybe it got translated awkwardly (thinks the text characters are something different than what they are) ??

    Try renaming all the actual files that it loads (.cns, .act, .cmd, ect. ect.), then opening the .def (definition) and editing the areas it needs to be so that it uses the same names as the files you just renamed

    (might want to make a back-up of the original files just in case this doesn't work though)

  6. Jam, I have no idea what to do to Noel. UGGGGGH ;___; It's not done yet, but maybe you looking at it you can give me some ideas...


    Unless someone else wants the PSD to try it out themselves.

    Hmm.. How about.. with her back (butt part) facing the camera, and her turning around slightly while smoking a cigarette and looking all interested/curious as to what makoto is smiling at.


  7. Should I start a new thread for MUGEN Fanarts? What do you guys think?

    I think that's what makes MUGEN even more fun. With the Fanarts and Fanfictions and all.

    I'll fukk you up~!

    Also, I don't see what's so detrimental about just posting fanart in this thread..

    Not like theres even mour than 6 people that look at it anyhow.

  8. May I make a silly request?


    How about the cast of K-On! all cosplayed up like the Legendary 6. (well, except for dead tarumi)

    Reference Pictures: http://kazasou.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/konachan-com-51573-akiyama_mio-hirasawa_yui-japanese_clothes-k-on-kotobuki_tsumugi-nakano_azusa-tainaka_ritsu.jpg


    /edits. And little Azusa has to be the old cat-man.

  9. Thanks buddy, your a real pal. :thumbup:

    @Blade - These guys should help you get a better grasp of clsn boxes, ect. ( http://mugenguild.com/ ) They've even gotten specialty code threads for situations like 'bursting', 'instant kills' and 'triangle wall jumping' .


    Hey Penguin... What version of mugen are these for? I'm running High-Resolution (Mugen+Plus) and I can't get any of them to work.

    Also, the Jin you have hosted in that download is Jin from MvC2 (not the kisaragi from bb)