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  1. Oh yeah!! That's a good idea!! Completely didn't think of it... OR.. OR.. you could.. just delete the specific characters 'start' command.. (i'm asumming that the character in reference, movelist is based on pressing start to pause the game) that should work too.. what ever command opens the movelist should do. Jesus Idea sounds more fundamentally solid though.. just force the character to string command the whole game.

  2. Agreed. What is your obsession with turning a LEGIT thread into a flame war, anyhow? Nobody wants you here.. this is the 'cool kids' section. If you want to go be an unimportant jackass.. go spam a section that doesn't matter to anyone.. Like the Bridget or Justice sections.

  3. @jesus - I have problems with the .cmd and the uhm.. whatever is related to that.. They are troublesome for me. So.. Assist as in.. basically all the assigning attacks to the sprites @Blade - I don't think that kaede can transform.. i've never seen it do so

  4. OH is it?!

    Huh.. didn't know..

    This one doesn't ever pause/cease game play during play with him (the version in that screen shot) I can send it if you still want it

    Just pm me your email or something.

    Also Jesus, If your so smarty pantsed, maybe you wouldn't mind assisting with some characters for me..

    Current Works in Progress:

    EVE of AdultSwim.com 's 'Bible Fight'

    Reimi Goddess hardcore spoof of vr-120% 's 'Reimi Jyahana'

  5. Haven't seen the may ship..

    The files work fine.. I attempted recently, changing the compatability mode to Win 98/ whatever.. and it ran!!! :D but not perfectly.. it was horribly f*cking laggy, and in fact I believe you get 4 solid minutes of time you can actually maneuver (but that is quickly canceled the moment you get into the actual fighting portion of the game... so menus and stuff.. play great!)

    I was getting TERRIBLE frames.. and the inputs were not even registering, even if i stood completely still and smashed light punch.. i'd get maybe.. 1 input.. per 5 minutes.

    anyways.. heres how i got it to run in Win7 so far..

    right click shortcut > properties > compatability

    -/ Run this program in compatability mode for: Win98/Windows ME

    -/ Run in 256 Colours

    -/ Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution

    -/ Disable visual themes

    -/ Disable desktop visualization

    -/ Disable display settings on high DPI settings

    -/ Run this program as an administrator

    how to fix?! :/

    or does any of that have anything to do with my problem?

  6. Hmm.. Sprites for mugen? Seems something easily enough done, just pick up the program 'fighterfactory' and rip sprites right from the already made characters also, it's heavily based for the marvel vs capcom engiene.. so, no, in theory your combo's won't exactly connect correctly without some major baby-ing although, you can just turn down the ticks and give everyone an infinate jab button. ^_^ (lots of characters do that.. bb hood, about every snk ken/ryu i've played, hayato.. ect.)

  7. yeah, dragonclaw at times seems damn near invincible ... friggin alchi so.. wait.. will lynix m.u.g.e.n. work on windows 7? I tryed installing winmugen the other day and it only crashes consecutively, during load. someone can point me to a version of mugen that works on win7 ??