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  1. just look around on the net, or go a few pages back in this thread... there are melty blood chars for mugen everywhere, and you can tare down there .spr file with fighter factory, then you have all the frames there.. and yes.. the game play is DRASTICALLY different than in their original games. Mugen is COMPLETELY open source, and if you want it balanced you practically have to put in all the information (hitboxes, life/attack numbers, ect) yourself otherwise you get matches like.. mega man x's 'zero', with a double jump and 12 techniques.. vs fanfic made 'omega tom hanks' with 6 attacks and 1 hit box that blinks for a breif frame during crouch

  2. why yes there is..


    pick up the latest winrar compressor/decompressor there and fool around with it

    theres a fairly self-explainatory option

    of course another easy route to go would be to simply extract the charector to its own directory (inside the chars directory) then manually add the folders name to your mugen.cfg







    .def forces mugen to search for the definition file of whatever the chars folders name is.. not all that important.. but nice to know whats going on there with that none the less

  3. Me personally? step 1 - photoshop for quality (saves better resoluted sprites to .jpeg format) step 2 - paintbrush for re-sizing step 3 - anything besides the above mentioned programs for pallette actualizing step 4 - :psyduck: and/or :arg: multiplied to the square root of :yaaay: and divided by :kitty: presented as a fraction numenator over :vbang:

  4. FINALLY.. unbanned~!

    wow, that seemed like forever.

    ok.. not that im an exact expert in this feild.. but i've toyed with a few programs.. iDraw3 being one that stands out (if ONLY for the zoom in graphing feature that allows you to paint to the pixel)

    heres some info on it:



    they mention some other programs in the 9 posts that there are.. i havent encountered those programs although

    Heres a page that actually has a few links to some programs.. not to mention.. MANY.. MANY names:


    also, i came across this little tidbit while looking for a direct link to idraw3 for you:


    dunno yet, might be worth a look


    on 2nd_thought ... disregaurd that link to sprite2.0, as it is purely garbage (the one in quotation marks)

  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    > cyber shredder ( 2.o4 )


    Tsuki Nage When close, b / f + FP

    Aura Barrier Press NP + NK

    Aura Crusher Charge b,f + P

    Aura Crush Charge b,f + K

    Lightning Crusher When U.A.G. is full, press FP + FK


    f:vbang:ck i hate this game.

  6. looks nice -- as reguard to your earlier query, now that i understand the question mour thuroughly(sp?) you can use fighter factory to make an overlaying sprite by changing the background/foreground number (i forget specifically which numbers they are) but im fairly sure i read somewhere theres like, 4 layers they can appear in (check the cns? :v: )

  7. that justice is fucking rediculous.. any char that can 999 with the first attack is just cheap and overpowered.. im not downloading her :mad::vbang: @blade - far as flipping sprites go, in mugen you can only flip vertically or horizontally by adding a capital " H " or " V " to the end of the frame number in the .cmd (it explains it somewhere in the docs folder's files) btw, that ky looks fucking TIGHT.. it makes me want to hit the ground face first and surround myself in blue rings of rotation --- on a mour fuckier note, i've officially lost ALL my sprites for the reimi goddess (god damn my obsession with finding publishers) so i'll have to start them COMPLETELY OVER (which im doing tomorro) never the less, at this moment you can expect her complete either towards the end of this year or the beginning of the next ---- and if it hasn't been said in this thread yet.. "Lol, GG Sux."

  8. i haven't even played brawl.. and everyone i know who has is already bored with it next thing you know they'll be pics of custom soul cali chars spoofed as smash chars.. lol.. just thought of something that makes me solemnly laugh somewhere inside.. m.u.g.e.n. at e3

  9. i had a bad losing streak against ki2 orchid once vs holy ken (my main) she was doing shit like over laping the sound wavs with triple-master-ultra combos then launching into the air and doing it again for another 40-50 hit combo when is 3-d mugen :( (custom models :eng101: )


    that is a good idea tho.. ONLY microsoft or capcom would be able to do it.. i dont see any other company signing sammy, neogeo, snk, and bandai on the same project together

    they could make it really smooth tho if they put the effort into it.. i've already had fantasies about it myself.. a few improvements i thought of..

    - individual typed special counters/bars (char specific)

    - a priority system (there are just waaay too many full screen projectiles NOT to have one)

    - a more indept recovery system (besides the established 3 button roman-jiggle i've been calling it)

    - mugen EXCLUSIVE chars (like dragon claw, kfm, kfg, any other original chars that cameo in mugen make your own fighter)

    - retaining the original title: "M.U.G.E.N.: make your own fighter"

    - and of course, an indept system of sprite to hitbox assigning so you can load images (maybe .bmp if its easy) to your harddrive and MAKE YOUR OWN FIGHTERS with enough space for like.. 200 extra characters (including the ability to transfer via savecard or something chars from machiene, or if its on 360, ability to share/download them on live)

    but a project of that size would take a year and a half (+ 1 million dollars in employement salary) for it to ever happen :(

    on a much more realistic note.. using the doa4 engiene, my fantasy pick 2on2 team for 3d Mugen, stands as thusly:

    Nightmare (sc3) & Ironman (from new ironman game)


    Superman (supermangame) & Pyramid Head (silent hill 3) /or/ the black guy from gta3

    seems like a good fight, in all cases i'ma have to call it, gordan freeman 4 the win

  11. yeah, i dont even have it installed on this computer >_<, i might get it back eventually.. a buddy of mine had almost talked me into finishing those chars for it.. i've just been swamped with all this shitty half-life maps and stuff.. i havent even drawn anything in like.. weeks.. heh, im going to end up poor in the dog house becuase "no body is going to give me anything for free" other than that, i'd like to share with you a 8 point composed list of things that are far more superiour to mugen, make your own fighter. 1. breaking things 2. getting stoned 3. bitching about getting stoned, breaking something, then setteling for a half burnt bowl of old cigarette butts 4. staring at hott bitches you'll never have the opportunity to meet 5. killing people 6. pretending your in invisible handcuffs in order to get a point across to a self-fish kidnapping dictatious bastard in representation that you have been imprissoned by a mind-altering robot 7. finding the clitorus wrapped in venarial diseases 8. finding god im sure theres others, my fingers are just cramped from the electrical impulse of niggerian mental illness