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  1. cha.. all the sprites need to be in a .pcx form befor converting them to a .sff plus that thing about the transparency.. i was having problems with mine at first too (had to redo ALL the backgrounds on the eve sprite to get it to go clear) its important that whatever color you want as the transparency is number 0 on your palette (which is odd to figuer out because so many image editors start they're palette numbers differently.. but on adobe photoshop number 0 is the very bottom right color)

  2. thnx for the website! yeah im pretty sure i have one of those compressors around here somewhere (so many archiving applications i cant even remember whats what anymore, luckily all of them open .zip/.rar)

    fruits basket.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruits_Basket ..is totally the wrong manga i was thinking of, but bad pun made short, it was a joke at the gay communities expense


    lol.. sudden thought, eve is completely stolen down to the sprite.. >_<

  3. oh? do you have a link to ggx millia? I only have her for slash yeah the concept of robo-jam sounds fun in the first place, what can i suggest off the top of my head, some type of advancing air kick / projectile using her dragon kick animation and a rocket looking sprite? maybe a full screen grab special? (it IS mugen) --- whoa, not to sound jerky, but i was TOTALLY thinking you were a girl there for a while into girls.. in which case im totally down for that kind of homo shit... I am however a hansome guy (kind of like ein from doa, with the cut but without the bulk) Im not really into fruits basket :vbang:

  4. thats fairly hawt.. the whole liking girls thing.. especially since now i can put dizzy's face on it and its a fairly classy picture (and not the horrid eye-gaudge enducing shitting dick tit picture robochan put up at one hit combo) ya know i dont know where im going with this.. im pretty sure im just fucking stoked that your into chicks :psyduck::yaaay: we should steals the codex anyways and say we didnt, or say we did, i dont care, use the name 'psilocybe' its use to being face down in dirt and concerning your edit.. I play Millia, because it sounds kind of like Milla.. And I play May, I-No, and Baiken because I have issues with rape. :v:

  5. cheese and rice yar! I cant concentrate with that f'ing avatar of yours flashing cleavage half way down my opticals :v: yeah about that jam tho.. it shouldnt be difficult at all, especially if you start with the bits and peices of the other characters command/state notepads, hell even adding that over-heat system shouldnt be but a copy and paste of a few lines only thing sounds like it could be a bitch at this point is setting up the sprite sheet / animation files (since they are from scratch, prolly wont take more than a few hours) lemme know if you need help deciding optional color schemes!! :yaaay::keke:

  6. OMG, that is a BADASS looking ky!

    cant wait to see him and robo-jam as mugen characters.. sounds f'ing pimp

    i'd help but im a little swamped at the moment

    (also went to that spanish site, those gif's are phatty, i like hte one with all the mechanical parts that eject out of her)

    anyways, let me know when/if you find someone to make them for you, and totally keep this thread in touch with development


    on a related note: creation of Reimi Goddess is back in motion due to the conclusion of my half-life map entitled "psilos_bikinibottom", which can be found here: www.creepitall.com as soon as creep puts it up for download

  7. I found like, every character BESIDES the one your talking about on that page :/

    (highlights: I found another geese and a dan hibiki I didn't have ^_^)

    I have a doubt, i downloaded tendo gai, duolon and other chars but I cant play them, the screen goes black and says the character needs to be updated. what should I do? could someone explain to me...in details if posible???


    When it gives you the error, does it say WHICH character is broke (aka missing specific file) and WHICH file its missing?

    because it sounds like you just have a broken character, if thats the case, i'd just delete it, there are PLENTY of other characters to find and play with (other versions, better creators renditions, the list goes on)

    if you absolutely HAVE to play with the doulon your attempting too, you'll have to give me a better description than.. "the screen goes black" mugen isnt a how you say.. good game by any means.. mine crashes nearly every 15-20 minutes on average (however it has to load 400+ chars each time to run)

    i was wondering out of curiousity, but is it possible to create your own sprites to make your own fighter? and if so, how long would it take?

    that really all depends.. a mugen char is composed of a couple different elements (none of which alone are terribly difficult, however if your making them from scratch the workload can get somewhat exhausting) those files ARE:

    .def (definitions, like hp, name, what pallettes to use)

    .sff (the sprite sheet, only accepts .pcx images, best made with photoshop)

    .act (the pallettes themselves, also best made with photoshop)

    .air (animation files/hitboxes)

    .st/.cns (the state definitions, i.e. on ground, in air, above opponent, grapple, projectile)

    .cmd (the command files assigning what buttons do what)

    .snd (the sound files per frame)

    if you ARE intent on making a character i sincerly suggest you use Fighter Factory, found here: http://www.freewarefiles.com/Fighter-Factory_program_19675.html

    its just all around far simplified to trying to make each individual file in notepad, also whats tight about Fighter Factory is that there is an option to zoom in or out on your sprites from frame to frame, saving you the hassle of actually making a big sprite from the beginning, you can just making a smaller scaled sprite and enlarge it later

    As far as time frame... I've been working on eve from bible fight for a couple months now (total time actually working on her, nearly a week.. but thats including fighting bugs for about 3 days befor i had fighter factory) however, Eve is a small character with very few frames (including the required ones, if you dont know what those are, theres an ENTIRE tutorial in the doc folder of your mugen directory on making chars and backgrounds)

    On the other hand, I'm also making a character called Reimi Goddess, who's sprite sheet alone is yet to be completed, and I've been on that for nearly a month in total now

    may have been a bit long winded,

    hope that helps everyone :eng101::v:

  8. shur thang.. just let me know what you need done with it I've all for the most part have fighter factory down myself.. it seems to be exactly like a simplified version of notepad's system for editing (gotta love that .sff converter and the auto "run in-game" button) as long as it isnt setting states or anything.. thats why im not releasing Eve with this post, cause i'm so fucking lazy i just quit half way through the .cns (only part she needs done, well, that and a portrait)

  9. lol... that lil chibi is so damn kawaii... reminds me of.. uh.. me.. if i was an 8 year old girl and you represented the only word she says as a spoof of pokemon in representation to the only thing on my mind (in example: pikachu says.. pika, and chu)

    gawd, im going to love having children..


    anyways, more on track..

    the ONLY disc i had with all those edited reimi jyahana sprites has some kind of ("data redundancy: error") so I cant even access them.. (in other words, expect delays on reimi goddess)

    how ever, her completed movelist.. looks as stands:

    - all dashes, jumps (including double, super)

    - 99 ground techniques

    - 16 ground specials

    - 75 air techniques

    - 11 air specials

    - 40 recovery techniques (including ground and air, acts like a roman cancel)

    - 6 optional color schemes (not including her standard select original color scheme)

    also, I've started on my mugen exclusive char "psilo", I'm to the point I've decided he's going to have 4 optional play styles based on button used to select him (a forfeit style, human mode, nemesis form, and a devil wing style [cheapo style] )


    aaanyways, Bible Fight's, Eve is practically done and made (just had a liiiittle problem compiling a .sff) but i have internet back AGAIN, soo I'm about to try this other compiling program called Fighter Factory, which i hear from ALOT of people is really the only thing you should be using to make .sff / .air files

    so i'll let you know how that goes, and get screenshots / download link of Eve up here as soon as i'm capable of


  10. 2 quote.

    tribute 2 loli monsters, including this card (i.e. Ryu and Capcom / Sol and Sammy) to special summon 1 "skilled mystical loli token" (m.u.g.e.n. creators) spellcaster-type/light/level 8/ATK ?/DEF 2300 (system-for/os running/ai skill tested on/my reaction to your slander/name for future e3) The original attack of this token (play level of generic character) equal to the combined original ATK of the 2 monsters you tributed (= better more worldy token character) for "mystical loli" effect (my F*** level)

    copyright 1996 Kazuki Takashi (not the guy who drew the above card)

  11. Well....that's the thing....you can't just mix up a bunch of characters imported from a bunch of different games if you don't properly balance them. Something that "mugenites" seem to over look....

    Remember what happened to Capcom Fighting Jam?

    Posted Image

    I believe I've made my point.

  12. not broken.. :mad:

    no.. its 5p(or 2p), 5s, 6h (3 hit combo)

    /edits - wait maybe its a 4 hit and you have to tap the first attack twice

    also, in xx, you get frame delay to stand execpt for character specific action. thats why if they are caught in millia's special when they begin stand, they'll more than likely NOT be able to block... (try's it with your feet.. hold block the whole time!, hell even practice mode, set bot on block)

  13. heh.. crap i dont think i even have that ryu.. on that latter tho,

    those stages are pretty phat!



    @ Rift - (i mainly play ggxx so im not too familiar if this also works with the other games) but next time you feel the necessity to explain how ik modes are impossible to land.. try this in game..

    select Millia Rage

    Opening move, go strait into IK Mode (you'll take damage, but its xx, so if they arnt mimicing you theres no way they can drop your life bar to 0

    second you get a chance to land an attack, use a 3 hit, standing (or ducking jab[punch]), then a standing slash.. then the forward/running Heavy slash that knocks them to the ground..

    befor your frames disperse (and after connecting) begin motion for the instant kill (double fireball motion forward) and complete technique just as your frames end..

    Millia will begin preforming the Ik.. and since its millia's Ik and so very close range, NO CHARACTER (except for the exception of kliff i've seen) will be able to block in time with they're delayed frames during stand befor her IK will land.

    and so i dont have to remind you later..

    And instant kills are the opposite of broken. I'll literally give you a thousand dollars and a handjob if you land an IK on me. Try it.

    YOU posted that.

  14. M.U.G.E.N. Isn't Broken! .. It's more balanced than ANY GG ever made! also Sol Sucks for mugen.. Like he sucks for gg.. like he sucks for bridget in the backalley of a truckstop! except for maybe his air cancels.. which are like G'DAMN dont even appear on the screen by the time he's attacking again, Sol can take a rest on the bench of failure and shame. plus the junky videos I have are not even of the cap v snk 2 Ryu (the hardest ryu for mugen) and his unbelievable chaining 26 hits (without specials).. sol wouldnt be moving much! plus sol's movelist is just unbelievably garbage.. as far as the mugen engiene works for him.. the only thing that is EXCEPTIONAL to the gg engiene is that, sol will more than likely recieve double to triple the amount of specials he'd normally recieve, and he cant parry (attack-cancel.. whatever..) the enemies attack if it connects with his hitbox.. besides taht.. lets break down the characters.. lets just say, from the supernatural broken game you say has such a fantasticly overpowered engiene, Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Ryu's(mvc2) points over Sol(any game of series): - Higher super Jump - Twice as many specials (1 of which mimic sol's) - nearly 7 TIMES the movelist for attack commands - the SAME amount of cancels (if you count his special cancel as a different cancel) - Air Dodges - Off the ground rolls - 3 times as many grabs (all of which cancelable into attacks) - a WAAAY cooler taunt - Twice the life bar (and not like its that damned important) - but the ability to switch in and out with team-mates and knock opponents off of the playing screen so in all fairness.. Sol Badguy's points over Ryu: - well.. lemme think.. hmm... a red head band? NOPE Ryu has that too!