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  1. HEY, question just off the wall throwin it out there..

    would anyone be kind enough/willing to make me a custom intro for mugen?

    I was thinking the intro screen should read: "Microsoft VS Capcom"

    and at start-up it should flash bill gates face saying "Don't Do Drugs."

    heres some materia:





    n e body? XD

  2. Current M.U.G.E.N. Project Progress..

    "King Psilocybe"

    Posted Image


    /=/Spamming Serenade/=/

    (note: this special requires you to have a full special bar of 5 or more)

    1- begin the combo will a well placed '"wheres my face" devistating custom 9-hit' combo special /=/ 9-hits

    2- just as charector recieves damage from the 9th hit, preform a 'not the correct use of a guitar' special

    make sure to cancel just befor the second hit.. repeat this twice /=/ 2-hits

    3- preform another 'not the correct use of a guitar' as your 4th special in the chain, but this time let the second hit connect /=/ 2-hits

    4- just as the charector recieves damage from the previous special, jump towards them and quickly preform a mid-air 'standing dragon kick' special /=/ 3-hits

    completely depleting your 5 specials for a finishing attack of "16-hits", totalling a damage of "undecided"


  3. I'l try that.

    i have all the same GG chars as yar if you already have msn or yahoo and dont wanna install aim.

    yeah that would be awesome.. hold on i'll pm you my email


    should my next mugen project be a reimi remake with a 1 button projectile that combo's for 4-hits?

    I'm thinking about naming her: Reimi Goddess

    Posted Image

    [original sprite screenie... not original color scheme]


    Has anyone ever gotten the warning: "Billy Counter!!!" then double dragon billy jump into the screen and drill you with an unblockable spinning air kick that hits 6 times?!?

    It happen to me just moments ago playing hayato vs. captain commando after commando cancel-blocked a 6-hit i was landing on him

    if it happens again i'll try and screenie it~

  4. drat,

    and the -w thing didn't work and i couldn't find it in the options for mugen either....:P



    change screen size:

    -in data/mugen.cfg

    -scroll down to "video win"

    -edit as you please


    @YaR 1030 - cool, i'll get around to installing aim whenever.. maybe a day or 2

  5. this thread needs more love.

    I update my character lists whenever I find something so check back previous pages for a character you might find you want.

    KOF list usually.

    can I get some UNBROKEN gg charectors from you?

    i have ky and may from X

  6. its really simple for xp/2000/98 users... in your shortcut properties on the line called target add.. -w ..at the end [make sure to space after whatever else is there] other than that i think theres an toggle in the mugen option screen for it

  7. i'll post my select list.. try to limit your selections and not bomb me tho


    cody, stages/random.def

    cvscammy, stages/random.def

    cvschunli, stages/random.def

    00dudley, stages/random.def

    cvsguile, stages/random.def

    ryu-x, stages/random.def

    cvsryu, stages/random.def

    svcryu, stages/random.def

    cvseryu, stages/random.def

    Karin, stages/random.def

    ken-x, stages/random.def

    cvsken, stages/random.def

    Svc_ken, stages/random.def

    evilken, stages/random.def

    sgouki, stages/random.def

    sfz3gouki, stages/random.def

    sagat, stages/random.def

    SakuraPlus, stages/random.def

    04sakura, stages/random.def

    kasugano, stages/random.def

    sodom, stages/random.def

    thawk, stages/random.def

    vega, stages/random.def

    balrog, stages/random.def

    bison, stages/random.def

    feilong, stages/random.def

    honda, stages/random.def

    zangief, stages/random.def

    hondasf2, stages/random.def

    dhalsim, stages/random.def

    blanka, stages/random.def

    [neo geo/ snk]

    cvsmai, stages/random.def

    mai00, stages/random.def

    maiact, stages/random.def

    cvsathena, stages/random.def

    cvsgeese, stages/random.def

    cvshibiki, stages/random.def

    MF_Kim, stages/random.def

    cvskyo, stages/random.def

    cvsryo, stages/random.def

    cvsterry, stages/random.def

    cvsyuri, stages/random.def

    birdie, stages/random.def

    chang, stages/random.def

    adel, stages/random.def

    duolon, stages/random.def

    foxy, stages/random.def

    k, stages/random.def

    kasumi, stages/random.def

    king, stages/random.def

    king03act, stages/random.def

    kof_joe, stages/random.def

    kof_yamazaki, stages/random.def

    yamazaki_xi, stages/random.def

    krauser, stages/random.def

    ccikrauser, stages/random.def

    malin, stages/random.def

    mature, stages/random.def

    omegarugal, stages/random.def

    rugalb, stages/random.def

    vice, stages/random.def

    yuki, stages/random.def

    J_angel, stages/random.def

    leona_akof, stages/random.def

    maylee, stages/random.def

    shermie, stages/random.def

    00shiki, stages/random.def

    robert03act, stages/random.def

    whip, stages/random.def

    [super heros]

    apocalypse, stages/random.def

    0senti, stages/random.def

    cyclops, stages/random.def

    jeanpx, stages/random.def

    iceman, stages/random.def

    psylocke, stages/random.def

    RogueSp, stages/random.def

    silversam, stages/random.def

    storm, stages/random.def

    spiderman, stages/random.def

    venom, stages/random.def

    Warmachine_mvc, stages/random.def

    Ironman, stages/random.def

    Wolverine_mc2, stages/random.def

    cable_mvc2, stages/random.def

    drdoom, stages/random.def

    gambit, stages/random.def

    hulk, stages/random.def

    jugg, stages/random.def

    justice, stages/random.def

    lobo, stages/random.def

    magneto, stages/random.def

    superman01, stages/random.def

    [capcom vs marvel exclusive]

    blackheart, stages/random.def

    anakaris, stages/random.def

    capcom, stages/random.def

    hayato, stages/random.def

    hiryu, stages/random.def

    jill, stages/random.def

    jin, stages/random.def

    roll, stages/random.def

    felicia, stages/random.def

    lilith, stages/random.def

    [dragon ball]

    nappa, stages/random.def

    android16, stages/outback.def

    cell, stages/bloom.def

    frieza, stages/random.def

    gohan, stages/outback.def

    piccolo, stages/random.def

    songoku, stages/random.def

    ssjsongoku, stages/random.def

    gogeta, stages/random.def

    vegeta, stages/random.def

    bebi, stages/random.def

    broly, stages/random.def

    brolyssj4, stages/random.def

    panchan, stages/random.def

    krilin, stages/random.def

    [samurai shodown]

    amakusa, stages/random.def

    jubei, stages/random.def

    basara, stages/random.def

    charlotte, stages/random.def

    cvshaohmaru, stages/random.def

    haohmaru, stages/random.def

    cvsnako, stages/random.def

    nako, stages/random.def

    newnako, stages/random.def

    rera, stages/random.def

    earthquake, stages/random.def

    hanzo, stages/random.def

    kuroko, stages/random.def

    kusaregedo, stages/random.def

    [mortal kombat]

    baraka, stages/random.def

    jax, stages/random.def

    kitana, stages/random.def

    liukang, stages/random.def

    sektor, stages/random.def

    sheeva, stages/random.def

    sub-zero, stages/random.def

    scorpion, stages/random.def

    [sailor moon]

    moon, stages/random.def

    sailor_jupiter, stages/random.def

    sailor_mars, stages/random.def

    sailor_mercury, stages/random.def

    sailor_venus, stages/random.def

    [guilty gear]

    ky_ggx, stages/random.def

    may_x, stages/random.def

    [melty shit]

    Hisui, stages/random.def

    Kohaku, stages/random.def

    [unsure/solo charectors]

    0414kagami, stages/random.def

    0414raiya, stages/random.def

    akira_h, stages/random.def

    alessi, stages/random.def

    andromeda, stages/random.def

    arina, stages/random.def

    asura_nbc, stages/random.def

    baldhead, stages/random.def

    big, stages/random.def

    bonuskun, stages/random.def

    buntaro, stages/random.def

    butt-head, stages/random.def

    car, stages/random.def

    chunlinude, stages/random.def

    nudecammy, stages/random.def

    nudejuli, stages/random.def

    cristal, stages/random.def

    dd_billy, stages/random.def

    fhd_feilin, stages/random.def

    gallon, stages/random.def

    genjuro, stages/random.def

    shenlong, stages/random.def

    gutsman, stages/random.def

    haiji, stages/random.def

    hinako, stages/random.def

    hinata, stages/random.def

    hiryu, stages/random.def

    ikki, stages/random.def

    ironakari, stages/random.def

    itigo, stages/random.def

    j, stages/random.def

    kaeda, stages/random.def

    karina_toyota, stages/random.def

    kt, stages/random.def

    kumi_okubo, stages/random.def

    lynn, stages/random.def

    metol, stages/random.def

    mizuchi, stages/random.def

    nana_owada, stages/random.def

    naruto-kun, stages/random.def

    neodio, stages/random.def

    nesmario, stages/random.def

    nesmegaman, stages/random.def

    oni, stages/random.def

    predator_w, stages/random.def

    ryoko, stages/random.def

    ryouga, stages/random.def

    seiya, stages/random.def

    shiryu, stages/random.def

    thin, stages/random.def

    tsunade, stages/random.def

    ukyo, stages/random.def

    ume_tane, stages/random.def

    winmorochi, stages/random.def

    winmsfaiori, stages/random.def

    yuki, stages/random.def

    zan, stages/random.def

    reimi, stages/random.def


    lee, stages/random.def

    [some of these glitch against each other]


    Posted Image

  8. To 2nd_God: that sounds good I would just find a average hieght character and build off of their standin sprite and jus go from there.

    well im making it from scratch.. and I don't believe I've made it as far into my tutorial as 'how to check existing charectors pixel sizes'

    can anyone give me like.. a rough estimate in pixels as to how tall it should be?