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  1. HGhaleon

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    They honestly could just reuse all the existing English dubover dialogue from P4AU and BBCP and just add on that. Be a lot cheaper for them. Hope it's all the same VAs from those games. Also, bring back Hazama from BBCS. That was the best one imo.
  2. HGhaleon

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Also calling the cast of 40 to be: 16 BB Characters: 10 UNIB 10 P4A 4 RWBY Pretty sure for P4A looking at the whole investigation team (Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiku, Kanji, Naoto, Teddie, & Rise) and probably a choice between the pool of Adachi, Sho, Marie, Elizabeth or Labrys for the final 2 slots. Lastly, if the game does well, maybe well see even more DLC characters. Would love to see everyone come back for the biggest crossover ever. And bring in Guilty Gear >.>
  3. HGhaleon

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Thank you ASW. You made right on this. The pricing is fair and the full english dub is a great treat. Definitely giving them my money this time around. Please consider bringing back dubs into your IPs. To be this has a lot of perceived value and shows that you really care about the product. Go that extra mila.
  4. HGhaleon

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    New article on Gematsu: https://gematsu.com/2018/01/blazblue-cross-tag-battle-producer-discusses-lack-arcade-version-dlc-pricing Seems DLC with either (based on translation) 1) DLC will be as much $30-40 for the bundle pack or 2) Game and DLC will probably be around $70-80 total (he said not much more than the price of a full game) if you purchase together. This is better news but hoping for something along the lines of $60 total for everything then it would be reasonable (this is me being generous as 80% of the game being rehash) Another question as well is has anyone figured out what the extra characters/silhouettes are in the latest trailer?
  5. HGhaleon

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Just plain sad how this game is going down. This probably what the pricing is going to look like and it's gonna be the ugliest yet: Base Game: $40 First and 2nd DLC RWBY Character - $7.99 each (first dlc free if you preorder the base game) DLC Character Packs (6 of them) - $19.99 each (or pay $99.99 for the complete DLC bundle pack) So we are looking at around $40 + $8 x 2 + $20 x 6 for a total of $176.00 which is fucking insane. Probably the Collector's Edition with DLC Bundle will be $149.99 with preorder (still outrageous). Only way this shit is gonna work is if the base game is $40 and the complete DLC pack (season pass) for all 20 DLC characters is $29.99 for a total of $70 which would be reasonable. Anything beyond that is not cool as 80% of the game's source material is all reused sprites, music and background. Really dropping the ball ASW. First you do the DLC shit with DBZ and now this. You really want to become the new Capcom don't you?
  6. Probably not the best place to ask this but apparently there is a mod on PC BBCF that allows you to change the stages for the game or was custom DLC provided to have backgrounds from other Arc games? I saw someone streaming the game that had the Persona 4 Ultimax backgrounds while fighting. Unless I didn't know about this as a normal stage in this game. Any insight on this is appreciated as I haven't seen this anywhere before on the net.
  7. HGhaleon

    [Xrd] Video Posting Thread

    Made a handful of combo videos for Rev 2 from the demo for May, Potemkin, Answer, Baiken and Jam. Enjoy!
  8. Digital upgrade is $20, not $15. I believe the upgrade will add any missing characters from Rev 1 but don't quote me on this as there is no direct confirmation. As for the trophies, I believe Aksys Games said they are not sure if they carry over. More than likely they would in my opinion but take that with a grain of salt.
  9. I'd like for Force Break moves to come back as long as they balance it right. I felt Accent Core + got a little too BS at times because of a lot of the loops that existed due to the changed system. I wonder if they would ever make throws a 2 button press instead of forward + HS so you have a throw wiff animation. I think that would be a good change of pace to make throws a little more difficult to land with actual throw breaks (not pseudo throw breaks which only occur when both players throw at the same time, maybe make the window 2-3 frames). Sometimes the whole air throw using as an anti air seems kind of silly because of the huge vacuum grab box. Also, would having ground wake up options such as delayed wake up, tech roll, etc be detrimental for the game? Lastly, I think all supers should be burst enhancable (not just cinematic). Burst supers should have a newer/updated animations/cutscene to make them look more devastating. A nice added touch imo. Any thoughts?
  10. Just played online for PC and it seems the same people from PS4 are playing. Just people bodying everyone in the rooms and taking off. Sigh. This game is serious cancer. My like for this game has been slowly turning into strong dislike. At least with Guilty Gear Xrd, I feel it isn't just a lop sided fuck fest.
  11. If anything, most "tourney" players want their games to be unbalanced so they can maintain control. God forbid we have balance in fighting games. Apparently, people like seeing the same characters/players always win so those people keep racking in those earnings, no one challenges their throne and maintain those easy wins. Take away that advantage and people call foul. Most games on main EVO stage are pretty unbalanced overall (blazblue, marvel, smash bros, etc). If you don't have some dishonest/lockdown gimmick to keep your character ahead, you probably won't get far at all. Granted, yes anything goes that is in the game and it does come down to skill as well but broken characters pushes the win in that direction. When it comes to playing strictly to win, it's all about playing odds in your favor and nothing more. Please note that I'm all for character/game balance to keep the variety healthy and things interesting and not fall into the victim pit of the "meta" play where only select characters will always be used in tournaments which BlazBlue is definitely plagued with.
  12. HGhaleon

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Just wanted to share this. Custom made version of Rev 2 Opening theme full version made with love. Until the official full version comes out, this will do. Check on Youtube for listening since I can't post link. Not hard to find.
  13. Unfortunately, this is not true for PC. PC will not be coming out same day as PS4/PS3. They said unknown release date at this time. Same article has confirmed this. I have a feeling best case scenario it's coming to PC same time as the US version for console or it's going to be delayed for a month from the US version. Sigh, Arc System Works. Getting PC peeps hopes up. Hopefully it's just a small wait.
  14. Does anyone know if any high resolution images of the characters exist for their artwork portraits in GGXrd Rev? Particularly the newer characters (Dizzy, Raven, Kum, etc). I can't seem to find anything above 600 x 500 resolution which is terrible for wallpapers. Any help would be appreciated. Also, thanks for that font and render images. Also, that Jam statues is mine day 1 :P. P.S. Actually, The official console web site has some good sized images. I'll have to trim the red outlining on it to have a good sized image. If anyone has any larger or clean high resolution images of all the character artwork specifically from Revelator, please let me know on this topic. Thanks! Dizzy cleaned up image:
  15. Jam seems about the same. Slight damage buffs. Slighter faster charges on cards. Extended frames on her fireball + slash move (extended input on follow ups I believe). Other than that, just that dumb loop which honestly looks like a total mistake of a glitch. That doesn't look intentional at all.